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Review of the Effectiveness of Communication in Relation to the Implementation of the Review of Public Administration in Health and Social Care. MARIE MALLON DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES BELFAST HSC TRUST TUESDAY 9 DECEMBER 2008. Came into operation 1 April 2007

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Review of the Effectiveness of Communication in Relation to the Implementation of the Review of Public Administration in Health and Social Care

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Review of the Effectiveness of Communication in Relation to the Implementation of the Review of Public Administration in Health and Social Care





Facts about the belfast trust l.jpg

Came into operation 1 April 2007

Was a merger of 6 distinct and separate Trusts

22,500 staff

£1 billion

Serving population of 340,000 plus regional services for all of N.I.

Comprises primary and secondary services

Facts about the Belfast Trust

The challenges l.jpg

First part of the Public Sector to be re-organised

Time Constraints

Management Capacity

Financial Environment

Vacancy Controls

Business Continuity

The Challenges

The challenges4 l.jpg

Performance Targets

Potential for precedent

No blueprint

We were not our own masters

Meaningful consultation with our Trade Union colleagues

Political Environment

The Challenges

The approach external l.jpg

HR Advisory Group

Re-configuration Board at the Department of Health

Central Joint Forum

PSC Guiding Principles

HR Implementation Group

Human Resources Framework

Transfer Scheme

Protection arrangements

Early retirement and voluntary redundancy schemes

Independent dispute resolution

The Approach - External

The approach l.jpg


Early promises re Our People

Creation of new structures – tranche by tranche

Procedures for filling posts

Reduction in Management and other costs

Placement & Support Unit

The Approach

The approach7 l.jpg

Career direction seminars and interview training

Morale Issues

Developing the new cohort

Letting go of the old

Team Effectiveness

The Approach

While juggling

The approach8 l.jpg

The Approach

Business Continuity

Financial Control Challenges


Patient and Client Safety

Creating a New Organisation

Communication l.jpg

Face to Face

- Chief Executive

- Directors

- Managers

- with Trade Unions

- Team Briefings

- Service Group Meetings


Newsletters, Publications, Bulletins

Open opportunity to

e-mail all questions with a quick return delivered on


Slide10 l.jpg

Hello and Goodbye letters

Dedicated Placement and Support unit

of all new structures and who populated them

Staff Counselling, Occupational Health


General principles re structure l.jpg

Must support organisation in meeting its objectives

Cross cutting/not institutions

Must focus on added value, pro-activity and professionalism

Performance management culture

Improve governance regime

Must be affordable/savings

Involve those it impacts on

General Principles re Structure

No such thing as the “right structure”

The result l.jpg

60,000 Health Service staff transferred on 1 April 2007

Re-structuring and

re-organisation continuing

Structures designed and populated

Staff displaced being redeployed

Exiting on voluntary redundancy

Vacancy Controls/ Workforce controls

The Result

The result13 l.jpg

The Result

  • Strategies for re-training

  • Personal development planning being put in place

  • Communication, eg newsletters, e-mail communication, face-to-face

  • Managing the fallout

The result14 l.jpg

The Result

  • Meeting targets

  • Provision of service

  • Breakeven

  • Commence OD Plan

Creation of the new organisation l.jpg

Creation of the new organisation

A Structures

B Policies

C People

D Culture

and the journey continues to ensure that both staff interests and the interests of the service are taken account of

So what have we said so far l.jpg

So what have we said so far

  • HOW

  • Staff Engagement

  • Volunteers not conscripts

  • Communication and Recognition

  • Staff Surveys

  • Leadership Training and Development

  • Team Development

  • Individual Development

  • Feedback, appraisal and courageous conversations

  • Reliance on teams


Slide17 l.jpg

So what have we done to date?

Process started to set a strategic direction


Setting a strategic direction l.jpg

Setting a Strategic Direction


Improve health and well being and reduce health inequalities

In partnership with others and by engaging with staff, deliver safe, improving, modernising, cost effective health and social care



  • Provide safe high quality effective care

  • Standards

  • Outcomes

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Assurance


  • Reform and renew our health and social services

  • Access

  • “Localise where possible, centralise where necessary”

  • Service Reviews

  • Aligned capital plans


  • Improve health and well being through partnership with users, communities and partners

  • Citizen centred

  • Joint working

  • Civic Leadership

Setting a strategic direction19 l.jpg

Setting a Strategic Direction


  • Show leadership and excellence through organisational and workforce development

  • Staff engagement

  • Leadership

  • Learning and development

  • Team effectiveness


  • Make best use of resources by improving performance and productivity

  • Workforce diagnostics

  • Process improvement

  • Resource utilisation

  • VFM

  • Performance Management

  • MORE

Values and Behaviours

Respect and DignityOpenness and Trust

AccountabilitiesLearning and Development

They are all inter related l.jpg

They are all inter – related

i.e. you have to rely on Staff as the common denominator to improve safety, achieve modernisation, work in partnership and make best use of resources

Key element of OD Plan

And what else l.jpg

And what else …………

Business Strategy

- Developing the Vision

- New Direction

- Goals, Objectives, Performance Management Arrangements

- Organisational Values

- User Involvement and Engagement

- Business Partnering Arrangements

Learning and Development Strategy

And what else22 l.jpg

And what else …………

People Management Strategy

- Improving Working Lives

(Staff Survey)

- Cycling Scheme

- Summer Schemes

- Discount Schemes

- Family Friendly Policies

- Widening Participation/Social Responsibility

And what else23 l.jpg

And what else …………

Leadership and Management Strategy

- Medical Leadership

- Clinical Leadership

- Managerial Leadership

- Personal leadership

- Leadership Events

And what else24 l.jpg

And what else …………….

  • Team Development

  • Personal Contribution Framework

  • Recognising and valuing contributions

    - eg Chairman’s Awards

And what else25 l.jpg

Involvement in decision making

Safer Patient Initiative involving staff at all levels

Partnership working with Trade Unions on

eg control of infection

Industrial Relations Machinery

User Involvement and Engagement Strategy

Internal Communication Strategy

Trust Newspaper

Team Briefings


Chief Executive Face to Face

Leadership Visits

And what else……………..

Some final thoughts l.jpg

Some final thoughts…………….

  • Challenge of delivery during major change

  • Communicate…Communicate…Communicate…

  • Involve Users and Stakeholders

  • No such thing as the “right” structure

  • Appoint on basis of competence and values

  • Community of leaders

Some final thoughts27 l.jpg

Some final thoughts…………….

  • Recognise resilience is needed

  • Recognise the emotional journey

  • Hold to account

  • Manage ambiguity

  • Acknowledge and celebrate success

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