The use of emme 2 by transek an overview
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The Use of EMME/2 by Transek – an Overview. “Fantasy and imagination is the limit” by Göran Tegnér Transek Consultants, Solna, Sweden Presentation for the 19th International EMME/2 Users’ Conference in Seattle, 19-21 October 2005. Contents. 115 EMME/2 installations in Scandinavia

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The use of emme 2 by transek an overview l.jpg

The Use of EMME/2 by Transek –an Overview

“Fantasy and imagination is the limit”


Göran Tegnér

Transek Consultants, Solna, Sweden

Presentation for the 19th International EMME/2 Users’ Conference in Seattle, 19-21 October 2005

Contents l.jpg

  • 115 EMME/2 installations in Scandinavia

  • Some National & Regional Applications

  • An international application:

    • The Yerevan Strategic Transport Model

  • Three recent Domestic Applications:

    • The Stockholm Congestion Charge Trials

    • The PRT Test Site at Kings’ Curve

    • The Vulnerability Project

More than 100 emme 2 installations in scandinavia l.jpg
More than 100 EMME/2 installations in Scandinavia

  • The first Emme/2 installation in Europe

    • Stockholm County Council Traffic Office 1984

    • EMME/2- the Standard Tool for Regional Planning

    • The Planned Bottleneck “Klarastrandsleden” => the very first EMME/2 application

      • A then new central North-South By-pass: 2+2 or 1+1 lane

      • Environmental reasons => 1+1 lane

      • The 1st EMME/2 study => substantial diversion to inner city streets:

      • In reality this turned out to be the case

Emme 2 and swedish state railways l.jpg
EMME/2 and Swedish State Railways

  • EMME/2 –the planning tool that brought together various skills

  • Traditional use of EMME/2 – network assignment of rail trips

  • A new application: Assignment of Revenues: ”Swedish Crowns” by Railway Line

Emme 2 and high speed rail project evaluations l.jpg
EMME/2 and High Speed Rail Project Evaluations

  • EMME/2 has been used in the following High Speed And Regional Rail Projects in Sweden =>

    • The X 2000 Tilted Train Services

    • The ”Atlantic Line”

    • The ”East Coast Line”

    • The ”Norrbotnia Line”

    • The Svealandsbanan” Rail Line

Back casting the east coast high speed rail line l.jpg

SAMPERS & EMME/2 was used

to do a backcasting to 1987

Index, 1987 = 100

Actual Rail trips


1987 elasticity model


Sampers – elasticity model

Sampers – complete network model






















Back casting: the East Coast High Speed Rail Line

Backcasted train

trips=> 1 % differ-

ence to 1987 reality

The elasticity & Sampers models underestimated train trips in 2000 =>

Comfort & convenience factors not included

The resund road rail bridge between sweden denmark l.jpg
The Öresund Road & Rail Bridge between Sweden & Denmark

  • Many choices =>

    • 2 Sea Crossings (Helsingborg-Helsingör or Malmö-Copenhagen, ie Northern or Southern Strait of Öresund)

    • Frequency & Destination choices

    • Mode (Ferry, Car, Train, Bus) & Route Choice

High quality forecasts with emme 2 for the resund bridge 11 price scenarios l.jpg
High Quality Forecasts with EMME/2 for the Öresund Bridge - 11 Price scenarios

<= Transek Forecasts for Road

Traffic => better than other ones

Transek Forecasts for Rail =>

Traffic => better than other ones

Emme 2 part of the winning concept in an international competition l.jpg
EMME/2: part of the winning concept in an International Competition

  • SIKA –Swedish Institute for Transport and Communication Analysis

  • True International Competition =>

    • A new generation of Forecasting tools

    • Demand models for Regional/Urban, National and International trips

    • Assignment Models: EMME/2, TRIPS, VISUM

    • EMME/2 including the Time Table Assignment won the bid!

The yerevan armenia strategic transport model l.jpg

Base Network Competition :

114 zones;

355 nodes,

1 336 one way links,

159 transit lines, of which

116 minibus lines

31 bus lines

2 metro lines

8 trolley bus lines

Methods used:

Base network

Travel Survey

A Demand Frequency, Destination & Mode choice model coded as a Macro into EMME/2

Calibration against roadside traffic counts (cars) & On-board surveys (transit)

The Yerevan (Armenia) Strategic Transport Model

The Model work revealed a 30 %

overestimation of the total population

Scenarios for transport planning l.jpg
Scenarios for Transport Planning Competition

  • Base network 2002 with Actual vs. Normal operation parameters

  • Year 2012 network with road network development and slightly higher fares (20%)

  • Year 2012 network with trams & trolleys replaced by buses and slightly higher fares (20%)

  • Year 2012 network without metro

  • Year 2012 network with slightly higher fares for the metro, double fare for the minibuses and with parking fees

The stockholm congestion charge trials l.jpg
The Stockholm Congestion CompetitionCharge Trials

  • Goals=>

    • Reduce car traffic by 10%-15 % on major arterials

    • Improve the environment

  • Measures:

    • 22nd August 2005: 5 % extended Transit services (Direct Express buses to the CBD)

    • Congestion charges Trial 3rd-Jan to 31st July 2006.

  • A local referendum

The charging area of stockholm inner city l.jpg
The Charging Area of Stockholm: Competition”Inner City”

06.30-06.59: 1,33 $

07.00-07.29: 2,00 $

07.30-08.29: 2,67 $

08.30-08-59: 2,00 $

09.00-15.29: 1,33 $

15.30-15.59: 2,00 $

16.00-17.29: 2,67 $

17.30-17.59: 2,00 $

18.00-18,29: 1,33 $

18.30-06.29: 0 $

Slide18 l.jpg

Changes of auto volumes on road network due to the congestion charges system (thousand of vehicles average week day)


city center

Estimated impacts of the stockholm congestion pricing scheme l.jpg
Estimated Impacts of the congestion charges system Stockholm Congestion Pricing Scheme

Personal rapid transit a cost effective sustainable and innovative transport system l.jpg
Personal Rapid Transit- congestion charges system a cost-effective, sustainable and innovative transport system

Slide21 l.jpg

Time for a Better System: congestion charges system PRT is anInnovativeTransportSystem

  • Driverless vehicles waiting for you

  • No waiting, direct to destination

  • Travel in privacy and station on side-tracks

  • Investment 30 % of light rail

  • Service level of taxi

  • Operation cheaper than bus

Slide22 l.jpg

Kungens Kurva Shopping Centre congestion charges system

Scandinavia’s largest Commercial Centre

  • 4,500 employed

  • 42,000 daily visitors today

  • 63,500 projected visitors in 2015

  • 23,000 cars per peak day

  • 3,000 cars at peak hour

Kungens Kurva

Slide23 l.jpg

A PRT net for Kungens Kurva-Skärholmen congestion charges system

  • Phase 0: 1 loop: 3 km;5 stations; 8 vehicles;

  • Phase 1: 2 loops: 5,5 km; 11 stations: 45 vehicles

  • Phase 2: 3 loops: 8,3 km; 15 stations; 85 vehicles

Slide24 l.jpg

3-4 Times Higher Mode Share with PRT congestion charges system

Slide25 l.jpg

PRT Cheaper than LRT & Bus congestion charges system

Network impacts of prt at king s curve l.jpg
Network Impacts of PRT at King’s Curve congestion charges system

<= Yellow New PRT trips;

Red=Reduced Bus trips;

Green= increased Metro trips

Red= reduced Car traffic

2 remote parking-houses

at the N & S entrances=> transfer

from car to PRT =>

Regional accessibility from a vulnerability persective a road administration project l.jpg
Regional accessibility from a Vulnerability Persective - A Road Administration project

  • Aim of the project: to identify the most ”critical links”.

  • The chosen method was the following one:

    • Step 1 Calculate the total travel in the entire network with EMME/2

    • Step 2 Cut off one link at each step and calculate the total travel time loss in the network

    • Step 3 Search the link that produces the highest loss in total travel time. This is the “critical link”.

Slide28 l.jpg

Selected Links Road Administration project

A Bus link

A private car link

A Truck Link

Number of work places within 45 minutes a normal situation l.jpg
Number of Work-places within 45 minutes Road Administration project- a normal situation

Difference in accessibility with a closed link number of workplaces within 45 minutes l.jpg
Difference in accessibility with a closed link Road Administration project- number of workplaces within 45 minutes

The most critical links in se road region l.jpg
The most Critical Links in SE Road Region Road Administration project

Heavy truck



car traffic

Fantasy and imagination is the limit l.jpg
Road Administration projectFantasy and imagination is the limit”

I hope this presentation has showed a broad variety of (more or less… depending on who you are) successful but different EMME/2 Applications…

Many thanks for your attention!

//Göran Tegnér