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GALILEO terminal 3. Web-based terminal number 1. What is Galileoterminal ?. Virtual terminal accessible from Internet worldwide Instant access to Galileo GDS host system Simple solution for every Galileo agency Trendy solution as a purely web-based application. How it works. 3.

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GALILEO terminal 3

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Galileo terminal 3 l.jpg

GALILEOterminal 3

Web-based terminal number 1

What is galileoterminal l.jpg

What is Galileoterminal?

  • Virtual terminal accessible from Internet worldwide

  • Instant access to Galileo GDS host system

  • Simple solution for every Galileo agency

  • Trendy solution as a purely web-based application

January 2011

How it works l.jpg

How it works

January 2011


How it works4 l.jpg

How it works

  • The same settings for PCC configuration, ClientIDs and host Signons applied

January 2011

Gt3 used browsers l.jpg

Significant Browsers

IE versus FF

GT3 used browsers

January 2011

What are gt important unique features l.jpg

What are GT important unique features



Sales Report to file

GT eTracker

Itinerary support l.jpg

Itinerary support

  • Just one click for actual or last ticketed reservation to be formatted and ready to be copied, printed out or emailed. Itinerary can also be build based on entered record locator

  • HTML and TEXT format of the itinerary supported.

  • Different formats of email supported; editable sender name and email.

  • Itinerary options for: consultant name, URL of the agency logo placed on the itinerary, footer text, default itinerary format, Direct Print switch, dynamic selection of Itinerary parts.

January 2011


Gtir galileoterminal interface record l.jpg

GTIR (Galileoterminal Interface Record)

  • Information about all issued tickets is stored after each TKP transaction on the Galileoterminal server in a XML formatted file.

  • Any record can be easily downloaded using simple form.

  • GTIR files are ready for further robotic processing by the agency Back-Office or accounting systems.

January 2011


Gtir example l.jpg

GTIR example

<booking recordLocator="XKNJKO" date="20091030" referentOperator="10" ticketingOperator="55">

<airline code="OK" number="064" name="CZECH AIRLINES" />


<airSegment id="1" flightNumber="534" bookingClass="Y" status="HK" journeyTime="0115" baggage="20K" meals="S">

<aircraft code="320" name="AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A320-100/200" />

<airline code="OK" number="064" name="CZECH AIRLINES" />

<departure code="PRG" name="PRAGUE" date="20100510" time="0720" terminal="2" />

<arrival code="FRA" name="FRANKFURT/INTERNATIONAL" date="20100510" time="0835" terminal="2" />




<passenger id="1" firstName="M" lastName="MAREK" title="MR">

<ticket ticketNumber="9900723608" iata="99999992" issueDate="20091030">


<calculation>PRG OK FRA 598.15 NUC598.15END ROE17.6709</calculation>

<base currency="CZK" amount="10570" />

<total currency="CZK" amount="11859" />

<taxes currency="CZK">

<tax code="CZ" amount="525" />

<tax code="YQ" amount="764" />



<segment airSegment="1" basis="YFL" status="OK" couponNumber="1" couponStatus="OPEN" />




<creditcard number="AX370000000000028*D101" />






<phone type="P" />



<vendorLocator vendor="1A" locator="3FGS7P" />



January 2011

Sales report to file l.jpg

Sales Report to file

  • Unique GT feature enabling agent to retrieve sales report and store it either in XLS or in CSV file.

January 2011

Gt etracker l.jpg

GT eTracker

  • GT eTracker module follows the design and functionality of widely known Galileo eTracker

  • GT eTracker keeps the information about the coupon statuses of the tickets issued through GT only

January 2011

Gt features l.jpg

GT features

Calendar, Shortcuts, Context windows

ViewTrip interface

GT Mail

User profile maintenance

Administration tools

Customized links

GT eTracker

Available languages: EN, DE, FR, RU, ES, CZ

January 2011


Recent enhancements l.jpg

Recent enhancements

Itinerary templates; sender address

Additional data on Itinerary (FARE info, non-air segments, seating, FF nbr, SSR)

Refund notice and Agent coupon compilation

+J entry support for terminal identification

Support of Safari, iPhone, iPad

Sales Report to File – enlarged content

Future gt 3 3 l.jpg

Future – GT 3.3

Enhanced Shortcuts

GTIR – addition of ‘non-GT’ tickets

Statistics to be open for Country Admins

Itinerary via SMS

Office Shortcuts

GT Mail changes (attachments; directions)

Host command reset

New category of Agent Admin

For more details l.jpg

For more details

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