Envirowise:  The FastTrack to Cost Savings

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. What is Envirowise?. A Government funded programme for businessesConfidential advice to UK businesses enabling them to improve profitability and reduce environmental impactFree help for all UK businessesSupport Businesses to make environmental improvements and SAVE MONEY. Resource Hierarchy.

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Envirowise: The FastTrack to Cost Savings

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1. Envirowise: The FastTrack to Cost Savings Matt Freestone, Envirowise Helpline Advisor

3. Resource Hierarchy

4. Why Should You Minimise Waste? Pressure to reduce costs of production Increasing cost of waste disposal Fiscal tools introduced by legislation Supply chain focus on brand development and responsible business practice Stakeholder pressure and expectations

5. The True Cost Of Waste: Water

6. Cross sector issues Resource Efficiency Packaging Water Solvents / VOCs Measurement & Benchmarking Legal Compliance Hazardous waste Cleaner Design

7. What Are The Barriers? Lack of……... Resources Time Knowledge Money Fear of change

8. Where can we get help? Environment and Energy Helpline Gateway to Envirowise services Any environmental queries Specialist advice over the phone Other sources of information - especially local Requests for publications and visits

9. Industry Sectors Ceramics Electronics Engineering Food & Drink Foundries Furniture Glass Construction

10. Where can we get help? Publications & Tools Good Practice Guides Performance Guides - Benchmarking Case Studies E-update & BrickSandMortar, Leaflets, Videos, Software www.envirowise.gov.uk Up to date news Local information pages including events, Resource Efficiency Club map and information Search for and download publications Interactive helpline pages Links to other sites

11. Where can we get help? Onsite Visits FastTrack: Flexible service, tailored to company’s requirements Specialist advisor on site; confidential, action orientated report – focus on cost savings Small, medium and Large companies from most sectors Green Officiency designtrack Focus on a product’s impact over its lifetime Compliance with WEEE, ELV, RoHS and Packaging regulations Practical Action Plan – redesign ideas

12. Case Study GC262: Small Companies Reduce Waste and Save Money Waste Alert South Thames Waste Minimisation Club 53 members, 38 of which employed less than 25 Offices, educational, healthcare, retail, printing, markets, public houses etc. newsletters and a programme of workshop and seminar events one-to-one site support a ‘waste exchange’ to enable members’ waste to be reused, recovered and/or recycled by third parties. Annual cost savings of over £33 000 Annual waste savings of 121 tonnes Improved networking across boroughs

13. Case Study CH65: Statistical Process Control Saves Money Fenner Conveyor Belting (FCB) based in Hull, made process control improvements using Statistical Process Control which allowed the Company to: Make annual savings of £104,500 with immediate payback Identify total annual savings of £209,000; and Achieve significant savings in the consumption of raw materials and reduced solid waste by 40 tonnes/year.

14. Case Study CH66: Cost Savings Through Improved Waste Management From reclamation of product from waste streams and good housekeeping measures, Hodgson Chemicals Limited: Made first year cost savings of £240,000 with a payback period of five months. Identified potential annual savings of £580,000; and Achieved significant reductions in liquid, solid and gaseous emissions.

15. Average savings achieved Feedback from previous work shows that Envirowise has helped businesses integrate Resource Efficiency into their decision-making process and achieve year-on-year savings of: 1% of turnover or £1000/employee

16. Where do savings come from?

17. Summary Waste costs much more than most people think We can help you save money and become more profitable All businesses need to respond to new legislation and supply chain pressures, we can help you do this If you think Envirowise can help you, ask! Complete an Envirowise Action Plan for easy access to services.

18. Any Questions? Helpline: 0800 585794 www.envirowise.gov.uk

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