Elizabeth I - Blind Date

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Elizabeth I - Blind Date

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1. Elizabeth I - Blind Date Who should Elizabeth I marry?

6. Contestants

7. Hello, Number 1 Whats your name and where do you come from?

8. Hello, Number 2 Whats your name and where do you come from?

9. Hello, Number 3 Whats your name and where do you come from?

10. Hello, Number 4 Whats your name and where do you come from?

12. Queen Elizabeth I

14. Question Number 1 My father went through a lot of pain, and lost many friends (and wives) to turn England into this great Protestant country.

15. Question to Number 3 Your father Henry VIII was a great man, however he was misguided. Catholicism is the true religion

16. Question to Number 2 Protestant of course, I am a real Englishman, loyal to you my lady

17. Question to Number 1 Protestant, no question

18. Question to Number 4

19. Hint Dont forget to fill in your worksheet as we go through the questions. You will need this information to decide who to vote for later

20. Question Number 2 As Queen, I enjoy the finer things in life. Good food, fine wines, expensive clothes and I just love buying make-up.

21. Question to Number 2 Oh yes, rich rich rich. I made most of my money in the trading companies, and a little extra spending money in the court.

22. Question to Number 1 I am the only person in England allowed to import sweet wine. Made a mint, although like you, I love the fine things in life and to be honest have a temporary cash flow problem at the moment.

23. Question to Number 4

24. Question to Number 3 I have gold from South America, and I own a lot of other countries. I will share all I have with you. Choose me as your husband.

25. Question Number 3 We all have skeletons in the closet. I have my cousin Mary locked up as we speak!

26. Question to Number 1 I have fought a lot of wars for you Your Majesty, and served you well on the privy council. Please, choose me

27. Question to Number 4

28. Question to Number 3 I spoke to the Pope the other day, and he said I should have nothing to do with Protestant countries. But we know each other well, I was married to your fine sister Mary. She knew that England should be Catholic.

29. Question to Number 2 We have known each other since we were children. You know I love you. It was terrible when my wife Amy fell down those stairs to her death. But you must know, the rumours that I murdered her are just not true.

31. Suitor, Number 1

32. Suitor, Number 2

33. Suitor, Number 3

34. Hello, Number 4

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