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Draft facilities master plan recommendations
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Draft Facilities Master Plan Recommendations. For The Montgomery City-County Public Library Dubberly Garcia Associates, Inc. 06-18-07. Major Topics. MCCPL facilities today Current library use patterns Population projections Space shortfall Facility recommendations. MCCPL System Today.

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Draft Facilities Master Plan Recommendations

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Draft facilities master plan recommendations l.jpg

DraftFacilities Master Plan Recommendations


The Montgomery City-County Public Library

Dubberly Garcia Associates, Inc.


Major topics l.jpg

Major Topics

  • MCCPL facilities today

  • Current library use patterns

  • Population projections

  • Space shortfall

  • Facility recommendations

Mccpl system today l.jpg

MCCPL System Today

  • Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library

  • Nine branch libraries

  • Library Extension Services

Square footage l.jpg

Square Footage

  • Morgan (Main) Library 52,200 sf

  • Governor’s Square12,400 sf

  • Pintlala 9,700 sf

  • E. L. Lewis 9,500 sf

  • Rufus A. Lowder 9,500 sf

  • Coliseum Avenue 7,600 sf

  • Rosa L. Parks Avenue 5,200 sf

  • Ramer 4,500 sf

  • Pike Road 2,100 sf

  • Pine Level 960 sf

  • System Total 111,250 sf

Collection size l.jpg

Collection Size

  • Morgan (Main) Library 140,000 items

  • Governor’s Square 59,500

  • Coliseum Avenue 52,400

  • Rufus A. Lowder 49,900

  • E. L. Lewis 38,200

  • Rosa L. Parks Avenue 27,300

  • Ramer 26,300

  • Pintlala 21,700

  • Pike Road 14,400

  • Pine Level 11,000

  • System Total 491,500 items

Computers public use l.jpg

Computers - Public Use

  • Morgan (Main) Library 38

  • E. L. Lewis 11

  • Rufus A. Lowder 11

  • Governor’s Square 10

  • Coliseum Avenue 9

  • Pintlala 9

  • Rosa L. Parks Avenue 4

  • Pike Road 4

  • Pine Level 4

  • Ramer 4

  • System Total 104

Public study casual seating l.jpg

Public Study & Casual Seating

  • Morgan (Main) Library 213 seats

  • Governor’s Square 62

  • Coliseum Avenue 43

  • E. L. Lewis 26

  • Rufus A. Lowder 26

  • Pintlala 26

  • Ramer 24

  • Rosa L. Parks Avenue 12

  • Pine Level 14

  • Pike Road 7

  • System Total 457 seats

Library system facilities l.jpg

Library System Facilities

Morgan memorial library main 1959 48 yrs 52 200 sf l.jpg

Morgan Memorial Library (Main) 195948 yrs52,200 sf

Dysfunctional as a modern public library

  • Many spaces inappropriate for public library

  • Extremely inefficient use of space

  • First floor chopped into small rooms

  • Most of second floor cannot support collections

  • Collection cannot grow significantly

  • Collection arrangement confusing due to weight issues

Slide10 l.jpg

  • Lighting levels inappropriate in many areas

  • Visual sight-lines are poor or non-existent in many areas

  • Security issues in several locations

  • Air circulation and temperature control – a challenge

  • Structure design inhibits computer installation

  • Parking extremely inadequate

Coliseum boulevard 1972 35 yrs 7 600 sf l.jpg

Coliseum Boulevard197235 yrs 7,600 sf

  • Exterior sign difficult to read from street

  • Area for children bright and well-arranged

  • Public areas neat, clean, and fresh

  • Building filled beyond capacity with books

  • Crowded appearance

  • Inadequate interior signage to guide users

  • Inadequate lighting level in adult collection stacks

  • Staff work areas too small and crowded—inefficient

  • Staff break room shares small dreary magazine room

  • Public service desk may not meet ADA height requirements

Governor s square leased 12 400 sf l.jpg

Governor’s SquareLeased12,400 sf

  • Good visual cues, such as tiled pathways

  • Service desk cannot be seen upon entering library

  • Walls are clean and look fresh

  • Little warmth or energy in interior

  • Carpet soiled by beverage spills and dirt

  • Some shelving units too tall for easy children’s use

  • Sight lines obstructed to children's area

  • Narrow aisles in adult area

  • High ceiling height lacks coziness users like

  • Service desk may not meet ADA requirements

Rufus a lewis 1994 13 yrs 9 500 sf l.jpg

Rufus A. Lewis199413 yrs 9,500 sf

  • Warm, well-lighted interior and inviting entrance area

  • Colorful displays decorate walls

  • Space available for more computers

  • Visual cues assist customers, but interior signs small

  • Lighting levels inadequate in some adult stack locations

  • Little sound control in open-layout building

  • Lacks furniture designed for young children

  • Sight lines obstructed to some parts of children's area

  • Multipurpose room lighting cannot be adjusted; no storage room

  • Staff break room is crowded

  • Uneven settling in concrete floor in some areas of building

E l lowder 1994 13 yrs 9 500 sf l.jpg

E. L. Lowder199413 yrs 9,500 sf

  • Inviting entrance and pleasant, well-lighted interior

  • Additional computers needed and space available

  • Visual cues and signage assist customers

  • Children's area not well-defined as a special space

  • Poor sight lines from service desk to children’s area

  • Some shelving units too high for easy use by children

  • Lacks quiet study/reading area

  • Multipurpose room lacks storage space

  • Exterior building sign cannot be easily read from street

  • Cracked foundation scheduled for repair

Rosa l parks avenue 1960 47 yrs 5 200 sf l.jpg

Rosa L. Parks Avenue1960 47 yrs 5,200 sf

  • Walls appear clean and fresh

  • Building exterior not in good condition—foundation cracks

  • Interior worn and very outdated

  • Ceiling needs repair and windows need maintenance

  • Signage guiding users within the building is inadequate

  • Natural lighting creates glare during the day

  • Lighting in the children's area is especially inadequate

  • Lacks furniture designed for young children

  • Some shelving units in children's area too tall for children’s use

  • Children's area uninviting, except for interesting wall decorations

  • Multipurpose space has inadequate air circulation, soiled carpet, and inappropriate lighting levels

  • Staff work space small and inefficient.

  • Staff break area an uninviting space, also used for storage

Pike road 1980 27 yrs 2 100 sf l.jpg

Pike Road198027 yrs 2,100 sf

  • Building sign easy to see from road

  • Parking area insufficient; requires backing into road

  • Building interior has little natural lighting

  • Lighting levels in stacks appear satisfactory

  • Carpet not fresh and has soiled areas

  • Most of children's area not seen from service desk

  • Exterior entry into the children's area not supervised

  • Study seating insufficient in adult area

  • No break room for staff

Pine level 1980 27 yrs 960 sf l.jpg

Pine Level1980 27 yrs 960 sf

  • Building sign easily seen from road

  • Clean entryway and carpet

  • Little natural lighting in facility

  • Lighting levels in stack areas seem adequate

  • Interior walls clean and appear in good repair

  • Insufficient seating

  • Single small desk for public and staff

  • Lacks break room for staff

Pintlala 1996 11 yrs 9 700 sf l.jpg

Pintlala199611 yrs 9,700 sf

  • Parking area is paved, well marked, and adequately lighted

  • Entryway inviting; interior bright, cheerful—good natural lighting

  • Visual clues assist customers in using the building

  • Lighting levels are sufficient in most areas of building

  • Children’s and adult areas well-defined

  • Additional seating for children needed

  • Building sign not easily read from road

  • Exterior wood trim needs maintenance

  • Several crack lines visible in rear walls from building interior

  • Water seepage into multipurpose room evident

  • Multipurpose room lacks storage room

  • No break room for staff

Ramer 1980 27 yrs 4 500 sf l.jpg

Ramer198027 yrs 4,500 sf

  • Building sign can be read from street

  • Paved parking area adequately lighted

  • Entryway and exterior of building is attractive and inviting

  • Building has excellent natural lighting

  • Building interior neatly maintained

  • Multipurpose space is a pleasant space

  • Visual clues and interior signage lacking in building

  • Service desk is located very close to front door

  • Adult stack areas inadequately lighted

  • Acoustical treatment needed to reduce noise levels inside library

  • Shelving in children's area includes too tall for children's use

  • Sight lines to some adult collection areas obstructed

  • No staff break room

Current library use patterns l.jpg

Current Library Use Patterns

  • Borrower density maps

  • Market area maps

  • Demographic profiles

Borrower density maps l.jpg

Borrower Density Maps

  • System-wide

  • Each facility

Market area maps l.jpg

Market Area Maps

Population projections l.jpg

Population Projections

Space shortfall l.jpg

Space Shortfall

Facility recommendations l.jpg

Facility Recommendations

Facility types l.jpg

Facility Types

  • Main library

  • Area libraries

  • Community libraries

  • Express libraries

Slide45 l.jpg

Main library

85,000 sf260,000 + residents

Area libraries

15,000 sf35,000 to 50,000 residents

Community libraries

5,000 to 7,500 sf 5,000 to 15,000 residents

Express libraries

4,000 to 4,500 sf 1,500 to 4,999 residents

Slide46 l.jpg

Main Library

Approximately 85,000 square feet by 2010.

General location: retail quality site in Downtown Montgomery, with sufficient parking, easy auto access from all parts of Montgomery County, and on public transportation routes.

Slide47 l.jpg

East Area Library

Approximately 15,000 square feet by 2010 to replace the 2,121 square-foot Pike Road Library.

General location: retail quality site on or near northern Pike Road between Vaughn Road and U. S. Highway 80

Slide48 l.jpg

Coliseum Area Library

Replacement of present 7,600 square-foot facility with approximately 15,000 square feet by 2010.

General location: retail quality site on or near Coliseum Boulevard, in vicinity of Madison Avenue/Atlanta Highway.

Slide49 l.jpg

Rosa L. Parks Avenue Community Library

Renovation or replacement with approximately 5,000 square feet by 2010.

General location: retail quality site in same vicinity adjacent to or near a community or senior center, if current facility not renovated.

Slide50 l.jpg

Pintlala Community Library

Expansion by approximately 2,300 square feet to 10,000 square feet by 2010.

Slide51 l.jpg

Governors Square Area Library

With approximately 15,000 square feet to replace current 12,427 square-foot leased facility by 2015.

General location: retail quality site on or near East South Boulevard and near intersection with Troy Highway/McGehee Road

Slide52 l.jpg

Southeast Express Library

Approximately 4,000 square feet to replace 960 square-foot Pine Level Library by 2015.

General location: retail quality site along Troy Highway between Meriwether Trail and Old Carter Hill Road.

Slide53 l.jpg

Rufus A. Lewis Area Library

Expansion or replacement of current 9,500 square-foot facility with approximately 15,000 square feet by 2020.

General location: on present site or a retail quality site in the same vicinity, if present site cannot be expanded

Slide54 l.jpg

E. L. Lowder Area Library

Expansion or replacement of current 9,500 square-foot facility with approximately 15,000 square feet by 2020.

General location: retail quality site on or near Bell Road in the vicinity of Interstate 85.

Slide55 l.jpg

By 2020 – 2025:

Net Additional Square Feet 72,980

Total Projects Square Footage179,228

Slide57 l.jpg


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