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MAC Broadband Migration WG . August 26, 2008. 2. Introductions . . MAC Broadband Migration WG . August 26, 2008. 4. Introduction. Group composed of WG and support team members Please introduce yourselves, sharingBrief background and current role Expectations of the WG Current exposure to Broadband Ohio We are all volunteers, please come to:Participate, get involved and stay positiveWork -- all progress will be accomplished as the result of our labor. We are the heavy liftersAntic9446

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Broadband Migration WG BBWG

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1. Broadband Migration WG (BBWG) 26 August 08

2. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 2

3. Introductions

4. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 4 Introduction Group composed of WG and support team members Please introduce yourselves, sharing Brief background and current role Expectations of the WG Current exposure to Broadband Ohio We are all volunteers, please come to: Participate, get involved and stay positive Work -- all progress will be accomplished as the result of our labor. We are the heavy lifters Anticipate 8 hours/month for WG members

5. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 5 Meeting Logistics WG chartered for one year; refresh with LMC Leaders anticipate 18-month tenure at this time Meeting frequency Initially, might need 2x/month After first few months, will meet monthly, scheduled for third Tuesday of the month Might be a short hiatus, after first-cut of plan while we await vendor award Location Typically, the SOCC Time 3:00 – 5:00 p Any significant issues with the logistics?

6. MAC and Broadband Council Overview

7. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 7 Multi-Agency CIO Advisory Council (MAC) Chartered by Executive Order in 2004 Enterprise perspective to improve efficiencies, decrease costs, maximize the use of resources, improve customer service and reduce redundancies through centralized IT planning, investment and development Makes recommendations to the State CIO 37 CIOs; meets quarterly

8. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 8 Leadership Management Committee (LMC) Serves as an Executive Committee to the MAC Chaired by the State CIO, Steve Edmonson 8 members, with at least one from each Community of Interest Meets monthly

9. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 9 SC and WG Current SC and WG Data Protection SC Vulnerability Testing WG Broadband Migration WG (new) Prior SC include Enterprise Architecture and Standards Statewide Strategic Planning Application Portfolio Management Acquisition Process Reengineering Multi-Agency Procurement and Enterprise Licensing

10. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 10 SC/WG Roles and Responsibilities Subcommittee/Workgroup Responsibilities Create SC/WG charter, guidelines and workplan based on LMC guidance. Review with LMC. Perform the analysis necessary to investigate a topic thoroughly, as appropriate. Guide and coordinate proof-of-concept activities, draft issue recommendations for review by the LMC, and provide lessons learned, as applicable. . Recommend appropriate action on topics, based on well-researched and thoughtful analysis from the workgroups or subcommittees. Be open to all viewpoints across the State agencies, and focus on the statewide enterprise value. Subcommittee/Workgroup Chair and LMC Sponsor Responsibilities Update the LMC and MAC periodically as requested by the MAC Chairperson on active initiatives and progress-to-date. Create SC/WG agendas, meeting minutes, and monthly progress reports to the LMC. LMC sponsor responsible for reviewing materials prior to presentation to the LMC or MAC as well as providing feedback and information about LMC activities. Presentations for the MAC must be reviewed by the LMC prior to delivery. Provide issues or questions to the LMC 10 business days prior to the next LMC meeting or to the LMC 15 business days prior to next MAC meeting. Recommend the SC/WG termination to the LMC once solutions are in place and no on-going governance is necessary. SC/WG Member Responsibilities Act as a leader for the subcommittee and its programs Bring agency concerns and perspectives to the table, and take an enterprise view. Promote the group’s recommendations within their agency and statewide. Commit to do real work – directly and through agency staff. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Attend and productively participate in SC/WG meetings.

11. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 11 Staffing the Work Everyone contributes to work effort WG Member role Review materials Advise WG Chairs Provide subject matter expertise and agency knowledge OIT Support Team role Perform research, analysis between meetings Support to Spencer/George in preparing/executing the meeting MAC Administration role Ensure consistency and communication across SC Fill in the gaps, as appropriate Support to Spencer/George in preparing/executing the meeting

12. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 12 Broadband Council Overview Formed through Executive Order in July 07 Coordinating body for Broadband Ohio Ensures that citizens, businesses, governments, educational institutions, non-profits, healthcare will have viable access to superior broadband services Two primary components of Broadband Ohio: ConnectOhio (public) and Broadband Ohio (government and higher education) Network oversight for policy, procedure, process and development Chaired by State CIO and ED of Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) Four SC –Outreach, Policy, Strategic Plan, Migration

13. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 13 Broadband Migration SC Overview Formed in August 08, chaired by Bruce Hotte, Health Membership: CIOs from Commerce, Health, JFS, PS; ED from South Central Ohio Computer Association, OPLIN; Gallia County Commissioner Scope Extend access to the Broadband Ohio Network for executive state agencies, boards and commissions Ensure that the migration program for state agencies, boards and commissions is thoughtful and well-designed and takes the agency perspective into consideration, and Ensure that risks to the success of the migration are identified and appropriately managed. Provides strategic direction to MAC Broadband Migration WG

14. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 14 Relationship Across the Groups

15. Charter Discussion

16. Broadband Ohio Overview

17. Today’s Presentation Broadband Ohio Initiative Connect Ohio Broadband Ohio Initiative Accomplishments Broadband Ohio Network Current Approach Future Architecture Accomplishments (completed tasks) Last Mile RFP, OH*IP Broadband Ohio Network Migration

18. Broadband Ohio Initiative

19. Broadband Ohio Initiative

20. Broadband Ohio Initiative

21. Connect Ohio

22. Broadband Ohio Network

23. Broadband Ohio Network

24. Broadband Ohio Network

25. Broadband Ohio Network

26. Broadband Ohio Network

27. Broadband Ohio Network

28. Broadband Ohio Network

29. Broadband Ohio Network Early Adopters Department of Transportation  Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)  Department of Natural Resources Rehabilitation and Services Commission Department of Taxation All Higher Education Universities K-12

30. Last Mile RFP, OH*IP

31. Broadband Ohio Network

32. Broadband Ohio Network

33. Broadband Ohio Network

34. Migration Objectives Leverage the State’s existing infrastructure (OARnet) Migrate to modern Ethernet compatible technology Support/promote statewide technology distribution Save costs by leveraging state purchasing power Increase broadband availability statewide

35. Migration Timeline

36. Migration Plan Early adopters Gathering lessons learned Organize Subcommittees Ohio Broadband Council Migration Subcommittee MAC Work Group Agency Initial Meeting Review BBO Architecture in more detail Review agency existing Network Architecture Specifications, Locations, types of circuits, customization requirements, etc…

37. Migration Plan OH*IP Award Gain a better understanding of vendor(s) Product and Service Availability Cost Structure Location of technology and vendor deployment schedule Vendor deployment schedule could directly impact agency migration and prioritization Agency Follow-up Meeting Re-visit with agency is likely due to results of OH*IP RFP

38. Agency Prioritization Agency prioritization considerations Who’s ready first Staffing levels of all parties involved Must ensure that we do not take on too much too fast Migrating agency has knowledgeable support staff at the ready Level of complexity and risk Areas of the state that have the required technology to migrate Agencies with an immediate need, funding, desire and all of the other pieces ready to go Ohio Broadband Council Migration Subcommittee support agency migration and report status to OBC and MAC Subcommittee Collect customer data Meet with each agency and several Local Governments Establish current needs (to help with prioritization effort) Migration schedule Existing circuits used EVC/VPN needs

39. MAC Assistance As we move forward MAC can help encourage member agencies and OIT to stay on schedule Help ensure that OBC subcommittee schedule and stated agency plans are in concert Provide feedback to both OBC as to lesson learned, progress, areas of improvement, cost savings or increased services purchased

40. Proposed Roadmap

41. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 41 Draft Roadmap

42. MAC Broadband Migration WG August 26, 2008 42 Agenda for Next Meeting Charter update (if necessary) Review of process for initial agency interviews General progress report Other topics as defined. Potential next meetings: September 4, 11th,18th (regular time)

43. Adjourn

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