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Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

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Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd. H ow I ntelligent N etwork E nabled T est S ystems C an R educe M aintenance C osts I ncrease A ircraft A vailability & I mprove M aintenance I ntegrity Presented By: John J Corry. Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd.

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advanced analysis integration ltd
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

How Intelligent Network Enabled Test Systems Can Reduce Maintenance Costs Increase Aircraft Availability & Improve Maintenance Integrity

Presented By: John J Corry

advanced analysis integration ltd2
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
  • Brief Introduction to AAI
  • Understanding the Pressures and the Problems
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Where is the Risk and Where is the Reward
  • Working Example
  • What’s it all Worth
  • Review
  • Questions
advanced analysis integration ltd3
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

Introduction to Advanced Analysis & Integration

AAIdesign, development and provide:- Software applications and hardware systems for measurement, calibration and characterisation of spatial, electrical and magnetic properties of aeronautical components, assemblies and systems.

RFID based security authentication solutions

High speed Ultra high cleanliness hydraulic, fuel line & sanitary cleaning systems.

AAI Provide Calibration services, Installation, Commissioning, integration & support of all these offerings.

advanced analysis integration ltd4

I want more



Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

Understanding the Pressures and the Problems

advanced analysis integration ltd5
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

Regulatory Requirements

JAR-21 has been superseded by EASA Part 21

All tools MUST be proved to be in calibration

ONLY staff trained to use the equipment can make authenticated measurements

advanced analysis integration ltd6
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

Where is the Risk and Where is the Reward

advanced analysis integration ltd8
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

Create a Test Definition & Release to Production

Red lights mean outstanding tests

advanced analysis integration ltd9
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

Management Information System

Lights have gone green now we’ve finished

advanced analysis integration ltd10
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

Cradle to Grave Data

  • Aircraft are tested many times in many places
  • Howdo we spot trends
  • Isa simple pass / fail adequate
  • Storea local history of results
  • Usetagging to confirm location & store data
  • Let the equipment make the decision
advanced analysis integration ltd11
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

What’s it all Worth

6 X Reduction in Test Time

60 Man Days 10 Man Days A380 Wing

advanced analysis integration ltd12
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

The Holy Grail

  • Under Pressure to Deliver
  • Under Pressure to Conform
  • Provide the Highest Quality
  • Network Enabled Intelligent Test Systems Allow you to Work Smarter Not Harder
  • You Can Test More Aircraft in Less Time With Fewer Errors
advanced analysis integration ltd14
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

122 Riverpark Business Centre

Riverpark Road

Manchester M40 2XP


Tel: +44 (0)161 231 1800

E-mail: [email protected]