The research disclosure process at the
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The Research Disclosure Process at the PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Research Disclosure Process at the. James R. Zanewicz, J.D. Director Office of Technology Development. OTD Staff. James R Zanewicz, JD Director; General Issues, Management, Overflow Melea East, JD Assistant Director; Management, A&S, Overflow Christopher Willson, Ph.D., MBA

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The Research Disclosure Process at the

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The Research Disclosure Processat the

James R. Zanewicz, J.D.


Office of Technology Development

OTD Staff

  • James R Zanewicz, JD

    • Director; General Issues, Management, Overflow

  • Melea East, JD

    • Assistant Director; Management, A&S, Overflow

  • Christopher Willson, Ph.D., MBA

    • Technology Manager; Medical Campus

  • Cassie Carmichael

    • Asst. Technology Manager; Engineering

  • Sandra Foster and Charlene Williams

    • Support Staff; Various duties include Intake, MTA routing, Docketing and Compliance, Financials

When Do I Disclose?

  • Don’t worry about whether or

    not you have an “Invention.”

  • Disclose anything that you think may be a great research development, or just cool research, via the Research Disclosure Form.

  • If the form is confusing, call the OTD

    • We’ll help you fill it out!

What’s the Process

  • Fill Out a Research Disclosure

    • Turn in to OTD

    • Confirmation of receipt within a few days via email

    • Notification of case manager within a week

    • Within a few weeks you will hear from the case manager about: 1) either a meeting to get more details or 2) a communication with initial search results

    • Evaluation on Patentability, Market, and Business Sense in moving forward is made by case manager

    • Within 120 days, notification of status:


Presenting and Publishing…

  • Is Your Right!

  • OTD files a patent before disclosure when both:

    • Time allows

    • It is economically viable to do so

  • The more lead time you can give us, the more informed decision we can make about whether or not to file a patent prior to disclosure

    • Talk to the OTD when you have a draft, before it is accepted for publication (or you are on the plane headed to give your talk).

    • One Year from Public Disclosure to protect in U.S.

    • Foreign Rights lost IMMEDIATELY

What do you getwhen we License?

  • When Licensed

    • Patent and Overhead expenses reimbursed 1st

      • We try and recoup the patent costs separately in the license whenever possible

    • Of the remaining Net $:

      • 50% to the Inventor(s) -- No Cap!

      • 12.5% to Inventor(s) Department(s) for Research

      • 12.5% to Inventor(s) College(s) for Research

      • 25% retained by VPR for Research

      • If Inventors choose to put all of their share back into research, UofL will put an additional 40% of the net $ in up to $300k

Want to Start a Company?

  • The OTD will facilitate introductions to entities that can help you in this process:

    • LMCDC

    • MetaCyte

    • The Louisville ICC

  • Your Company can License if:

    • It has qualified business management

    • Can show us a viable business plan

    • It negotiates an option or license from the OTD that contains proper diligence milestones

Other Services

  • We handle the government reporting of inventions required under federal grants

  • Implement Confidentiality/Secrecy/Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Material Transfer Agreements

Contact Info

James R Zanewicz, JD

Director, OTD

University of Louisville

LL02 Jouett Hall

Louisville, KY 40292

(502) 852-2965

[email protected]

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