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Judicial branch
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Judicial Branch. By: Danielle Tomko, Jenna Zoldy , Victoria Giorgi, Fernanda Culichia. Jobs of the Branch. The duties of the lower Federal courts include, District courts which handle several civil and criminal cases. There at least 91 district courts W ith at least one in each state .

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Judicial Branch

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Judicial branch

Judicial Branch

By: Danielle Tomko, Jenna Zoldy, Victoria Giorgi, Fernanda Culichia

Jobs of the branch

Jobsof the Branch

  • The duties of the lower Federal courts include, District courts which handle several civil and criminal cases.

  • There at least 91 district courts

  • With at least one in each state.

  • Appeals courts which review district courts decisions; there are 14 appeals courts in the US.

  • Even though it’s not said in the Constitution, the Judicial Review is a major power for the Judicial Branch.

What makes up the judicial branch

What makes up the Judicial Branch

  • The Judicial Branch is made up of The Supreme Court and other federal lower courts. Their job is to explain the laws of the country under the Constitution.

  • Appointed by the presidents there are nine judges and one of the judges is called The Chief Justice.



  • The Judicial branch judges are appointed by the President and confirmed and the Senate.

  • The federal judges can only be removed by impeachment through the House of Representatives and Sensitive.

  • The judges serve until death, or until they can’t serve their obligations anymore.

Fast facts

Fast Facts

  • In 1789 Congress passed a Judiciary Act, which added a series of district courts to the Federal court system.

  • This branch can say the legislature or presidents actions are unconstitutional.

Who makes up the supreme court

Who Makes up the Supreme Court

  • John Roberts- current Chief Justice

  • Samuel Alito- Associate Justice

  • Stephen Breyer- Associate Justice

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg- Associate Justice

  • Anthony Kennedy- Associate Justice

  • Sonia Sotomayor- Associate Justice

  • John Paul Stevens- Associate Justice and more

Fun facts

Fun Facts

  • The Judicial Branch is the best branch in the world!!!!!!

  • William Taft was the only person to serve as a president and Chief Justice.

  • Sandra O’Conner was the first female Chief Justice.

  • District courts budget: $250,116,000.



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