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Candidacy of Harold (Trip) J. Reynolds

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Candidacy of Harold (Trip) J. Reynolds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Candidacy of Harold (Trip) J. Reynolds. Candidacy of Harold (Trip) Jerome Reynolds. What are Trip’s demonstrated proficiencies? Where has Trip demonstrated these proficiencies? How has Trip demonstrated these proficiencies? How will Trip deploy his proficiencies to benefit his employer?.

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Candidacy of

Harold (Trip) J. Reynolds

candidacy of harold trip jerome reynolds
Candidacy ofHarold (Trip) Jerome Reynolds
  • What are Trip’s demonstrated proficiencies?
  • Where has Trip demonstrated these proficiencies?
  • How has Trip demonstrated these proficiencies?
  • How will Trip deploy his proficiencies to benefit his employer?

what are trip s demonstrated proficiencies
What are Trip’s demonstrated proficiencies?

Recruitment and Selection

  • Managed applicant tracking of 3,500+ candidates annually, including foreign nationals (J1, H1 Visa, etc.). Designed employment applications.
  • Managed bulk space recruitment advertising contracts, and placed local, regional, national and international ads, plus radio and TV spots.
  • Managed background checks through NCIC, CBI and other sources. 
  • Wrote RFPs and managed agreements for contract and temporary help services (Kelly, Snelling, Volt, Talent Tree, etc.).
  • Compensation, Position Management and OD
  • Average workforce serviced 9,611 - ranged from < 100 to > 60,000. 
  • Evaluated over 8,745 jobs, wrote over 7,620 job descriptions, conducted over 3,500 job audits, created over 2,500 salary schedules, established job standards and reviewed performance appraisals for over 433,810 employees, and created over 50,000 jobs.
  • Designed/managed job evaluation, position management, salary surveys, etc.
  • Managed HRIS and payroll (Lawson, ADP, JDEdwards, and other proprietary systems).
  • Established OD and related programs including change management via start-up HR functions, reorganizations, downsizing, RIFs, etc.
  • Employee Benefits, Employee Relations, AA/EEO/ADA
  • Managed diversity programs,responded to EEO claims, compliance and reporting (AA/EEO/ADA in EEO-1, EEO-4 and EEO-5 environments, and VETS-100, conciliation agreement compliance with the OFCCP, JACHO, OSHA, FLSA, etc.) and report writing.
  • Managed health benefits (including managed care and cost containment, health promotion/wellness programs, employee assistance programs, deferred comp).
  • Managed employee relations and labor relations, quality management.

where has trip s demonstrated his proficiencies
Where has Trip’s demonstrated his proficiencies?



U.S. Domestic


Public Education

Private Sector

Financial Services



Public Sector

Health Care











how has trip s demonstrated his proficiencies
How has Trip’s demonstrated his proficiencies?
  • Managed employee compensation programs ranging from less than $1 million to $507 million in salary expenditures, while consistently approaching HR as an enterprise function, with a competitive desire for achievement.
  • Conceived and received approval to implement an original proposal which (1) increased employee pay, (2) placed employees in a much more competitive position in the market, (3) had $0 cost of implementation, and (4) upon implementation, saved the employer more than $7.5 million dollars over a period of five years! Can prove - before hire - that I can produce similar savings through the re-design of salary structures.
  • Never lost a decision to the EEOC, and achieved this accomplishment without the use of legal counsel.
  • Managed deferred compensation [401(k) and 457 plans], and self-funded health care plans, with an emphasis in cost containment.
  • Negotiated and managed all health benefits; reduced expenses by 50%; validated a 68% drop in health claims by health promotion program members vs. a 79% increase in health claims by non-members.
  • Can prove - before hire - that I can reduce benefit expenses by no less than 25% within 12 months of my hire, and produce an additional 25% in savings by the conclusion of year two of my employment and continue producing savings throughout my employment – and with absolutely no reduction in the quantity or quality of services! 
  • Won 100% of all unemployment claims resulting from involuntary terminations I\'ve directly initiated, and I\'ve won 90% of all other unemployment claims!
  • Accustomed to working productively and successfully within highly charged, deadline-oriented, extremely dynamic environments.
  • By the way, I\'ve never used a sick day, and never filed a health claim with any employer!

This is "how" Trip works!


How will Trip deploy his proficiencies to benefit his employer?

  • [ACT] Establish clearly defined scope of authority and standards of performance for all HR functions.[Tell Them] Establish clearly defined scope of authority and standards of performance for all HR functions.[Tell Them What You Told Them] Communicate clearly defined scope of authority and standards of performance for all HR functions.[Tell Them, Again] Re-communicate clearly defined scope of authority and standards of performance for all HR functions.
  • Establish clearly defined selection assessment criteria for all job postings (consistent with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection).
  • Measure and validate scheduled achievement and/or compliance to established job standards and business unit objectives. Employee performance outcomes MUST reconcile to business unit objectives!
  • [ACT] Initiate disciplinary actions for management and staff for failure-to-perform, and generate immediate reward and recognition for achievement of individual performance goals and/or business unit objectives.
  • Design positions and organizational performance anchored to outcomes, not process.
  • Through internal and external competition in the design and compensation of positions - raise the bar on how his employer looks, cooks, and rocks the world as an industry juggernaut.


What’s been said about Trip?

  • Recruitment & Selection: It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Trip Reynolds, who served as the Vice President of Human Resources at Denver Community Federal Credit Union for three years. As President/CEO of Denver Community Federal Credit Union, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Trip. Trip has played a pivotal role in developing and implementing the HR programs that make DCFCU strong. His work ethic and communication skills would bring value to any new opportunity he pursues.
Carla Hedrick, President/CEO, Denver Community Federal Credit Union
  • Compensation: It is a pleasure for me to write a letter recommending Trip Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds has an extensive knowledge of human resources and continuously seeks to expand his knowledge and problem solving/managerial skills. He has demonstrated ability to clearly articulate complex issues and presents information with confidence. Trip has analyzed the salary structures of all employee groups, identified inequities, and made recommendations for improving our "way of doing business.” Irv Moskowitz, Superintendent, Denver Public Schools
  • Employee Relations: "Trip has demonstrated a thorough knowledge in the human resources field. His ability to deal with the issues is reflected in how he has handled difficult situations for the Plant Services Department. He is able to support the employee\'s position and maintain a strong representation of this institution\'s policies and goals."Rich Palestro, Director of Plant Services, National Jewish Center for Immunology andRespiratory Medicine
  • AA/EEO/ADA: "Trip, I have just reviewed the Affirmative Action Plan and want to congratulate you on a job well done. It is by far the most complete, well organized and accurate plan done during my time at National Jewish. Thanks!"
Fred Langille, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer,
NationalJewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine

To establish clear direction in the delivery of human resources . . .

Harold (Trip) J. Reynolds