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OPEN BOOKS – OPEN MINDS. Across Time and Space: Art, Exploitation, and Material Diversity in PYM Bob Dilworth. Why the Art of 19 th Century American Landscape Painting in Pym?. The art in Pym is an amalgamate of works by: Thomas Cole Albert Bierstadt Frederick Edwin Church

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Open books open minds


Across Time and Space: Art, Exploitation, and Material Diversity in PYM

Bob Dilworth

Why the art of 19 th century american landscape painting in pym

Why the Art of 19th Century American Landscape Painting in Pym?

  • The art in Pym is an amalgamate of works by:

  • Thomas Cole

  • Albert Bierstadt

  • Frederick Edwin Church

  • William Turner

  • Edward Mitchell Bannister

  • Robert Duncanson

  • Perhaps embodied in the contemporary art and personality of Thomas Kinkade!

Across space and time william turner matters

Across Space and Time: William Turner Matters

  • Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying-Typhoon (The Slave Ship) 1840

  • At the Heart of Pym is the Slave Story of Dirk Peters (The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano?)

All great adventures begin at sea.

William turner painter of atmosphere and light

William Turner: Painter of Atmosphere and Light

  • Burial At Sea 1842

  • Turner stated – Not persuaded

Pym begins as a Mystery Novel – a statement about and search for the origins of the pathology of race. Burial and resurrection are recurring themes.

William turner

William Turner

  • Sun Setting Over a Lake 1840

  • Gestures that Imply Light

  • New, English, and free of Romantic Notions

The search for Dirk Peters guides us through the narrative.

William turner1

William Turner

  • Snow Storm 1842

  • Turns into swirls of paint and texture – a statement about the act of painting.

Arthur Gordon Pym

Is lost and the narrative seems buried in time and

apathy, but found again through Dirk Peters.

Exploitation in steps the claim of manifest destiny

ExploitationIn Steps the Claim of Manifest Destiny

  • Land = Material Wealth (Agrarian Culture)

  • Therefore, it provided a rhetorical tone for Acquisition of Territory – To Spread!

  • Mission to Redeem and Remake (from whom or what?) the New West

  • Ordained by Providence, it sought a new earth to build a new heaven

  • It Implied Expansion of Slavery, the other material property

Thomas cole

Thomas Cole

  • The Oxbow, 1836

  • On the Left Mountains – On the Right Farmland

Edward bannister

Edward Bannister

  • Approaching Storm 1886

Thomas cole1

Thomas Cole

  • Catskills Mountains – The Four Elements 1827

  • Garth’s First Request?

Thomas cole2

Thomas Cole

  • Shroon Mountain 1838

  • Is Garth Seeking His Heaven On Earth? Seeking To Redeem and Remake His Life?

Thomas cole3

Thomas Cole

  • View in the White Mountains 1827

Robert duncanson

Robert Duncanson

  • Land of the Lotus Eaters 1861

Robert duncanson1

Robert Duncanson

  • Blue Hole, flood Waters, Little Miami River, 1851

Albert bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt

  • A Yearning for a Simpler life such as In The Foothills 1861

  • Garth and Chris yearned for such a life

Thomas cole4

Thomas Cole

  • Expulsion, Moon and Firelight 1827 (Series)

  • The Journey of Men – The Evolution of Civilization

The art now comes romanticism and pastoralism

The Art:Now Comes Romanticism and Pastoralism

  • Romanticism: Reaction against Industrial Revolution, Scientific rationalization, Aristocratic and Political norms of the times.

  • Embraced the exotic, the unfamiliar, the distant.

  • Vouched for the Individual Power of the Imagination to Envision and Escape.

  • Pastoralism: In a Nutshell - Supporting oneself on the Land

  • A Place where Humans and Animals Coexist Peacefully

Albert bierstadt1

Albert Bierstadt

  • Bierstadt joined several journeys on the Westward Expansion and painted scenes like this one; Looking Down Yosemite Valley 1865

  • He became the leading artist of these scenes throughout the 19th c

  • Also seen as Interpretations: Synthesis of many scenes completed in the studio. Photos, sketches, images taken in the west but painted in the East.

Albert bierstadt2

Albert Bierstadt

  • Paintings such as Storm in the Mountains (1870) Represented three themes: Discovery, Exploration and Settlement

  • Also Three Major themes in the Book Pym

Albert bierstadt3

Albert Bierstadt

  • Lake Lucerne 1858

  • Paintings such as this were Defined by light, Color, Raw but Idealized Nature, Sublime, Realistic, Closeness to God

Albert bierstadt4

Albert Bierstadt

  • Sunset In Yosemite Valley

Albert bierstadt5

Albert Bierstadt

  • Mount Rainier

  • Could this be the painting “Shackleton’s Sorrow”?

Albert bierstadt6

Albert Bierstadt

  • In Western Mountains

Albert bierstadt7

Albert Bierstadt

  • Tropical Landscape with Fishing

Material reality

Material Reality

  • A Parallel theme in Pym is Material Reality:

  • What can be explained on one level can be explained on others.

  • Questions - What is the Material Reality in the landscapes of Pym?

  • What do they mean?

  • Discovery, Exploration, and Exploitation of Resources become driving themes in the second half of the novel

  • Material Reality takes on a sinister role

Frederic edwin church

Frederic Edwin Church

  • In Search of Pompeii

  • Pym, In search of Tsalal

Frederic edwin church1

Frederic Edwin Church

  • Iceberg and Wreck in Sunset

  • Pym, A land forbidden and dangerous – not of this world, “Frozen nothing. Nihilism in physical form.”

Frederic edwin church2

Frederic Edwin Church

  • The Iceberg 1891

  • The wilderness with no evidence of man’s intrusion, the iceberg stands as an omen of doom.

Frederic edwin church3

Frederic Edwin Church

  • Iceberg 1874

  • Pym, Discovery comes with a high price

Frederic edwin church4

Frederic Edwin Church

  • The Iceberg 1859

  • Pym, Death comes unexpectedly, suddenly, without reason

Frederic edwin church5

Frederic Edwin Church

  • Home Top

  • Church’s House with integrated environment

Thomas cole5

Thomas Cole

  • Desolation 1836

  • Pym, The world has ceased to exist beyond the Antarctic

Albert bierstadt8

Albert Bierstadt

  • Evening Owens Lake, California

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