Cleanwell system technology technology brief
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CleanWell ® System Technology TECHNOLOGY BRIEF PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CleanWell ® System Technology TECHNOLOGY BRIEF. Phillip Morgan CWT Global Operations Manager. What is it?. CleanWell® system technology is an engineered solution meeting the well cleaning objectives to sustain tough drilling parameters. 26 tools in the product line Cleans casing ID

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CleanWell ® System Technology TECHNOLOGY BRIEF

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CleanWell® System TechnologyTECHNOLOGY BRIEF

Phillip Morgan

CWT Global Operations Manager

What is it?

CleanWell® system technology is an engineered solution meeting the well cleaning objectives to sustain tough drilling parameters.

  • 26 tools in the product line

  • Cleans casing ID

  • Mechanically removes debris from the wellbore

  • Provides hydraulic boosting to increase fluid velocities

  • Helps reduce mechanical risk and promote rig time savings

  • Primary applications include but not limited to:

    • Drilling

    • Cleanouts and displacements

    • Post perforation runs

How it will Benefit you

  • Robust, casing-friendly drilling systems engineered to promote downhole cleaning and debris management.

    • Wellbore cleanout solutions help minimize drilling and completion costs by saving time and trips.

    • Tangible savings are typically identified in the planning stages, intangible savings are realized when it comes to unplanned events or unexpected debris.

  • CleanWell® system technology exceeds the weight-down limitations of the bottom bit or mill, and tensile and torsional values exceed the workstring connection.

    • Required tools can be placed appropriately in the well to help ensure performance

  • Consistent debris removal

    • Large debris capacity for removal

    • Debris extraction tools not a limit for drilling environment

Why it will Help

  • Unplanned downhole benefits

    • Debris inadvertently dropped down hole consistently recovered

      • Mag Tech® magnets capturing magnetized components

      • Non-ferrous recovery with ValiTech® filter screen tools alleviating fishing operations

  • Planned benefits (combining runs saving money)

    • Single Trip Drillouts

      • Performing drillout run to establish bottom with displacement tools deployed

        • Saves dedicated drill out run

    • Negative Test

      • Utilizing the rotational Inflow Tech® negative test packer with cleanout and displacement run

        • Saves dedicated negative test run

        • Incorporate polish mills for VersaFlex® liner hangers saving another dedicated run

Unique Features

  • Primary drillable tools designed for placement directly above the bit allowing single trip drillouts

    • Tensile and torsional values exceed workstring connection

    • High flow area around tools for debris passage

  • Drill Tech® Scraper & Bristle Tech® Brush

    • Integral Mandrel (no weak internal connections)

    • No external bolts for components

    • Abundant flow passage around stabilizer and blades

    • Fixed 25º blades (spring loaded)

      • Helps ensure 360 degree coverage on casing ID

  • Mag Tech® Magnet

    • Robust

    • Integral mandrel

    • Abundant radial flow area around stabilizers

  • Vali Tech® Filter Screen Tool

    • Robust integral mandrel

    • Stabilized for positive centralization and protection

    • Robust stainless steel filter sleeve (0.035 Ga.)

    • Fluid Interrupter Sleeve (FIS) (Diverter)

      • Shifting sleeve design

    • Self modulating by-pass

      • Eliminates swabbing potential

Drill Tech®

Bristle Tech®

Vali Tech®

Mag Tech®

Where it Will Work

  • CleanWell® system technology utilized in all phases of the well construction

  • Primary applications include:

    • Drilling

      • Plug and Abandonment cleaning runs

      • Window mill cutting runs

      • Tools to ensure drift for casing being run

    • Cleanouts and Displacements

      • Establish bottom and displace mud to brine in one run

    • Fishing Applications

      • Debris removal utilizing debris extraction tools and mills

    • Post Perforation Runs

      • Packer plug retrieval runs utilizing CleanWell® products including VacTech®eductor system

Challenges Addressed

  • Downsizing debris and debris removal

    • Critical link between drilling and completions operations

    • Sets the stage for completion success

      • Important step for Halliburton / client completion assurance

  • Best opportunity to get ahead of the debris curve if designed properly

    • Provides debris downsizing and removal throughout the well

    • Constantly addressing debris beginning in drilling stages provides for manageable operations throughout

Who to Contact, Where to get more information

NamePhillip Morgan, Global Operations Manager

Alejandro Marin, Product Manager

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phillip Morgan

Phone: 337-839-6914Cell: 337-739-3496

Alejandro Marin

Phone: +12815753306

Cell: +18325897926

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