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Scaling conway s game of life
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Scaling Conway’s Game of Life. Why do parallelism?. Speedup – solve a problem faster . Accuracy – solve a problem better . Scaling – solve a bigger problem. Problem 1: communication overhead.

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Scaling Conway’s Game of Life

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Scaling conway s game of life

Scaling Conway’s Game of Life

Why do parallelism

Why do parallelism?

  • Speedup– solve a problem faster.

  • Accuracy – solve a problem better.

  • Scaling– solve a bigger problem.

Problem 1 communication overhead

Problem 1: communication overhead

  • Parallel algorithms that employ distributed memory have a certain amount of communication and a certain amount of computation.

  • As more processes are added, the communication overheadincreases.

  • At some number of processes, communication overhead will cause the algorithm to take longer in parallel than serially.

Problem 2 amdahl s law

Problem 2: Amdahl’s law

  • Speedup is limited by the algorithm’s serial regions– the parts of the algorithm that cannot be parallelized.

  • An algorithm will never be faster than its parallel regions.



    P = the proportion of the program that can be made parallel

    1 – P = the proportion of the program that cannot be made parallel

    N = the number of processors

Strong scaling

Strong scaling

  • Strong scaling– increasing the number of processes but keeping the problem size constant.

The solution

The solution

  • Don’t solve a problem faster, instead solve a bigger problem.

Gustafson s law

Gustafson’s law

  • A bigger problem solved with more processors can be solved in the same amount of time it takes to solve a smaller problem with fewer processors.

Weak scaling

Weak scaling

  • Weak scaling– increasing the problem size as the number of processes increases.

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