program review in student affairs
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Program Review In Student Affairs

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Program Review In Student Affairs. Office of the Vice President Division of Student Affairs Virginia Tech 2008 - 2009. What is Program Review?. A systematic mechanism to monitor the status, effectiveness, efficiency, and progress of programs and services provided

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program review in student affairs

Program ReviewIn Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President

Division of Student Affairs

Virginia Tech

2008 - 2009

what is program review
What is Program Review?
  • A systematic mechanism to monitor the status, effectiveness, efficiency, and progress of programs and services provided
    • Both descriptive & evaluative
  • Tied closely to the mission, goals, and specified outcomes of a department
    • Comprehensive examination of what an office does and how well it performs to that end
  • Forward looking
    • Provides a snap-shot of where a department is currently and whether they are making progress toward departmental priorities and university-wide strategic planning
why conduct a program review
Why conduct a Program Review?
  • Process yields information that allows the department and the division to:
    • Identify future directions, needs, and priorities
    • Recognize and respond to strengths or weaknesses of programs and services
    • Assist in assessing a department’s relationships with and contributions to other programs within the university
    • Strengthen and improve programs and services offered to students and faculty
why conduct a program review1
Why conduct a Program Review?
  • Continuous improvement
  • Accreditation commissions and governing bodies
  • Concerns about accountability to multiple constituents
  • Tight budgets and markets
  • Savvy consumers
  • Perceptions about learning and higher education
the role of assessment
The Role of Assessment
  • Assessment is any effort to gather, analyze, and interpret evidence which describes a unit’s effectiveness (Shuch & Upcraft, 2001)
  • Assessment allows units to examine key questions, including:
    • What do we expect our students to know, be able to do, or value as a result of participating in our programs & services?
    • Do our students know, do and value these things?
    • Are they learning what we want them to learn?
    • How do we know?
elements of program review
Elements of Program Review

One year process including:

  • Planning
  • Self-Study using professional standards
  • Completion of Program Review Report
  • Review of recommendations included in the report by the Executive Leadership Group
phase 1 planning
Phase 1: Planning
  • Establish an objective committee
  • Estimate a budget
  • Set a timeline
  • Gather information
    • Policies/procedures
    • Program descriptions
    • Assessment data that has been collected
    • Programmatic budget
    • Staffing and resource descriptions
phase 2 self study
Phase 2: Self-Study
  • Review items in Program Review Template
  • Decide on professional standards
    • CAS Standards
    • Professional Standards
  • Conduct self-study, using information collected to support findings and conclusions
council for the advancement of standards cas standards vs guidelines
Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS): Standards vs Guidelines
  • Standard, printed in BOLD TYPE, considered to be essential to successful professional practice
    • Use auxiliary verbs “must” and “shall”
  • Guideline, printed in LIGHT FACE TYPE, is a statement that clarifies or amplifies a standard.
    • Use auxiliary verbs “should” and “may”
    • Not required for compliance to be achieved; designed to offer suggestions & illustrations
phase 3 completion of program review report
Phase 3: Completion of Program Review Report
  • Complete Program Review Report template
  • Departments may wish to have a group or person external to their department review the completed report and provide feedback
phase 4 review of report recommendations
Phase 4: Review of Report Recommendations
  • The Executive Leadership Group will review the completed Program Review Report focusing on the recommendations
  • Each department’s director will be scheduled to present their report to the Executive Leadership Group, typically this is done during the fall semester following completion of the report