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Continuum of Care Funding 2011. A Preview for Applicants July 28, 2011. Requires a local collaborative planning process CoC applies as a single body in Exhibit 1 Contracts are with individual agencies in Exhibits 2 (for now) 2011 NOFA expected by the end of August

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Continuum of Care Funding 2011

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Continuum of Care Funding 2011

A Preview for Applicants

July 28, 2011

  • Requires a local collaborative planning process

  • CoC applies as a single body in Exhibit 1

  • Contracts are with individual agencies in Exhibits 2 (for now)

  • 2011 NOFA expected by the end of August

  • Pre-HEARTH rules apply this year, but many HEARTH-related adjustments already issued

Continuum of Care Funding

  • Competitive Block Grant – Supportive Housing Program (SHP) and Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Programs

  • Formula need for Sonoma County + Santa Rosa + Petaluma = $903,607

  • Where renewing contracts for 1 year outstrips this amount, HUD will fund the higher amount as a Hold Harmless CoC. This amount is $1,137,934 in SHP awards

  • S+C contracts renewed based on Fair Market Rents, 89 units – about $1.3 million

  • Total package = approx. $2.5 million

Pro Rata(formula) Need /Hold Harmless Need

  • As a Hold Harmless CoC we can reallocate dollars if a project is not needed, or under-performing (Exhibit 1)

  • Analysis of homeless population since 2009 indicates a negative need for family transitional housing and shelter – the need is to place families in permanent housing

  • Discussion of re-purposing resources to address single individuals

  • System unmet need analysis incorporated into evaluations of renewal projects

Reallocation in Hold Harmless CoCs

  • We can apply for a single bonus project, maximum $135,541

  • This is 15% of the PRN figure ($903,607)

  • Cannot mix with reallocated funds

  • Use for SHP or S+C

  • This year, HUD allows 1-year initial contract in SHP projects

Permanent Housing Bonus

  • Encouraging CoCs to strategically review HMIS needs to prepare for HEARTH reporting requirements

  • Suggestions there may be an HMIS set-aside for this purpose

  • Suggestions of a youth set-aside as well

  • Registration NOFA states HUD will adjust requirements to address homelessness in “extremely high need areas”

  • Logic Model eliminated

Highlights of 2011

  • NOFA will allow about 8 weeks to submit a 2-phase application

  • Applicants will have about 4-5 weeks to submit in e-snaps (electronic submission systems)

  • As soon as NOFA is released, a calendar of events and local RFP will be published

  • Local bidders conference for bonus project, technical assistance sessions

Local process 2011

  • Sign up for a listserv at to receive HUD notices

  • Obtain a DUNS number by phone at 1-866-705-5711 or on line at - this takes 10 minutes

  • Register with the federal government’s Central Contractor Registry at - this can take 2 weeks

  • Set up an individual user profile on the “e-snaps” electronic application site,

  • Contact Jenny to get on local CoC listserv

Prepare now

  • Permanent housing with supportive services for homeless families or individuals who are living with disabilities

  • Extra points for projects that serve chronically homeless individuals

  • To earn the bonus points, the project must serve 100% chronically homeless (CH)

  • CH clients must come directly from the street or shelter (not transitional housing)

Permanent Supportive Housing Bonus Project

  • Acquisition or rehabilitation ($1:$1 match, not renewable)

  • Leasing (no match required)

  • Housing operations ($1:$3 match)

  • Supportive services ($1:$4 match)

  • Rental assistance (S+C projects only)

Eligible expenses – PSH Bonus

  • No more than 20% supportive services (case management)

  • 80% must be spent on housing expenses (any eligible expense other than supportive services)

  • Scored on Housing Emphasis

  • Must document leveraged resources of at least $2 for every $1 requested to be assured of funding

Other PSH Bonus Project Requirements

  • Any private non-profit, public non-profit community mental health center, or entity of local government is eligible to apply

  • Initial contract can be 1, 2 or 3 years

  • Different levels of cash match required depending on expense

  • 5% of program expense allowed for administrative expense

Supportive Housing Program

Note: HUD rounds all figures less than $1.00 down.

Sample 1-Year SHP Budget, Master Leasing

Sample 1-Year SHP Budget with Housing operations expense

  • Application is made only by a Housing Authority in partnership with one or more non-profit service provider Sponsors.

  • The Sonoma County Housing Authority manages all Shelter Plus Care programs by mutual agreement.

  • Rental assistance partnership:

    • The Housing Authority manages rental assistance

    • Service provider provides the services disabled residents need to remain stably housed.

Shelter Plus Care Program (S+C)

  • Award is for the Fair Market Rent for a specific number of units. Can be:

    • Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (portable)

    • Project-Based Rental Assistance (remains with a specific facility)

    • Sponsor-Based Rental Assistance (tied to the Sponsor)

  • Initial award minimum: 5 years (60 months)

  • After 5 years, the project is renewed annually for the current Fair Market Rent equivalent

  • Service providers must demonstrate a 100% “soft cash” match – delivery of the monetary equivalent of the rental assistance as in kind services

Shelter Plus Care Rules

  • Award must be matched dollar for dollar (“soft cash”) with services funded through a non-McKinney-Vento source

  • Services must be committed to in writing, and delivery of services must be documented on an annual basis

  • On completion of the initial award, HUD allows renewal of all existing units and encourages consolidation of S+C awards.

Shelter Plus Care Notes

  • This is a 5-year S+C budget based on the 2011 Fair Market Rent (FMR) for a 1-bedroom apartment in Sonoma County

  • Could use a combination of apartment sizes to maximize the dollars available

  • Rental assistance is provided at 30% of tenant income. Shelter Plus Care budgets are set up based on no income and rental assistance at 100% of FMR. As incomes rise, Housing Authority can use to expand the number of people housed

  • Housing Authority can use up to 8% for administrative expense

Sample Shelter Plus Care Budget

  • HUD’s Homeless Resource Exchange Newly redesigned site integrates IDIS and HDX info, easier to get to Virtual Help Desk, make requests for technical assistance, calendar, listserv sign-up

  • Direct link to e-snaps portal from HRE home page (lower left of screen)

  • E-snaps Portal:

  • E-snaps training site:

Important Resources

  • Questions?

    Jenny Helbraun Abramson, Coordinator

    Sonoma County Continuum of Care

    (707) 824-2852

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