First-Year Seminar Lecture Series 2009
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First-Year Seminar Lecture Series 2009 Nicole Vaget Reverend Joseph Paradis Professor of French - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First-Year Seminar Lecture Series 2009 Nicole Vaget Reverend Joseph Paradis Professor of French Connecting American, French, and Haitian Revolutions. 1776: American Revolution people’s victory over British colonial rules 1789: French Revolution people’s victory over absolute monarchy

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1776: American Revolutionpeople’s victory over British colonial rules

1789: French Revolutionpeople’s victory over absolute monarchy

1804: Haitian RevolutionAfrican slaves’victory over French colonial rules

Lettres de Tourville(1777 - 1783)officier au régiment du Gatinais au Cap à son père, lieutenant-colonel d’infanterieBibliothèque Nationale, ParisFR Nouvelles Acquisitions 15766Mélanges littéraires et historiques XVIIIème siècleF.68-143Charles Bertin Gaston Chapuis de Tourville (1740-1809) was made colonel of his regiment Royal-Auvergne in 1791, and became divisional general during the French revolution

Marquis De Lafayette with his commander in chief, Blarenberghe

General George Washington, at Valley Forge (1777-78)

Saintonge regimen Blarenberghet

Soissonnais regiment

Boubonnais regiment

Royal Deux-Ponts regiment

Flags of 4 line regiments that landed with Rochambeau at Newport in 1780 and participated in the Yorktown campaign

  • Washington welcomes le comte de Rochambeau in 1780

French battleships at Blarenberghethe battle of the Virginia Capes, September 1781 La ville de Paris, flagship of De Grasse L’Auguste, flagship of De Bougainville

François Joseph Paul De Grasse (1722-1788)

Virginia coast and Chesapeake bay Blarenberghe

General Washington hears that admiral De Grasse's fleet has just arrived in the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeak bay

British Fleet


French Fleet

James river

French fleet of admiral De Grasse Blarenbergheoff the coast of Virginia

Cornwallis’ camp Blarenberghe

  • Overview of the battle of Yorktown by Siméon Fort

Rochambeau’s troups

la Fayette’s troups

Soldier in Tourville’s Blarenbergheregiment du Gâtinais

from left to right

- well organized French regiments

- French artillery

- American artillery

- American regiments

- American infantry and militia with la Fayette

from a contemporary graphic novel by Gérald Forton Blarenberghe

French regiments executing their night attack against British Redoubt 9 on October 14, 1781

painting by Onfroy de Breville -circa 1900

For its show of skill and heroism, fleurs de lys, insignia of the French king, were added to the flag of the Gatinais regiment and renamed Royal Auvergne

2 French regiments stormed British Redoubt 9

Royal Deux-Ponts and Gâtinais

De Grasse Blarenberghe

Major General Ben Lincoln

other French officers




Cornwallis’ representative

Surrender of the British at Yorktown by John Trumbull

The mulatto girl (1764) Blarenbergheby Agostino Brunias

Slave trade in the 18th Century Blarenberghe

City map of Cap-Français on the Island of Saint-Domingue, 1779

Marie-Josephe Rose Tascher De La Pagerie Blarenberghe

aristocrat and creole from Martinique

married to Napoleon Bonaparte

Soldier and runaway slave Blarenbergheby John Gabriel Stedman

An indigo plantation in Saint-Domingue in the 18th Century Blarenberghefrom L’Encyclopédie by Diderot and D’Alembert

Toussaint L’ouverture Blarenbergheleader of the Haitian revolution

“the slave who defeated Napoléon”

1794 Blarenberghethe 1st French republic abolishes slavery

In 1793, Jean-Baptiste Belley, a former slave, is the first black deputy to take a seat in the National Convention in Paris

The national coat of arms of Haiti is composed of two cannons,a palm tree with the French Revolution liberty cap on top,

and the watch word Union makes might.