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Famous romanian people
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Famous Romanian People. Marthe Bibesco. Princess Marthe Bibesco, a Romanian aristocrat raised mainly in France, enjoyed a successful literary career during the first half of the twentieth century , thorugh her novels written in French and published at the most famous French publishing houses.

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Famous Romanian People

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Famous romanian people

Famous Romanian People

Marthe bibesco

Marthe Bibesco

  • Princess Marthe Bibesco, a Romanian aristocrat raised mainly in France, enjoyed a successful literary career during the first half of the twentieth century, thorugh her novels written in French and published at the most famous French publishing houses.

  • Among her writings, Le Pays des Saules (The Willows’ Country) - is a novel describing the landscape and the people of Comarnic, our twon.

  • Her life has many connections with our little town and that is why we gave her name to our school

George enescu

George Enescu

George Enescu - a famous musician since his early childhood, highly appraised in Europe and in North America for both his performances as a violin virtuoso as well as his well-known Romanian Rhapsodies. And yet, this musician represents the typical case of a composer whose importance has never been fully understood even during his lifetime.

Mihai eminescu

Mihai Eminescu

Mihai Eminescu (January 15, 1850 – June 15, 1889) was

aRomantic poet, novelist and journalist and he is considered our National poet

His poems spana large range of themes, from nature and

love to hate and social commentary.

Eminescu's poems have beentranslated in over 60 languages.

His most notable poems are:

  • Doina (the name is a traditional type of Romanian song), 1884

  • Lacul (The Lake), 1876

  • Luceafărul (The Vesper), 1883

  • Floare albastră (Blue Flower), 1884

  • Dorinţa (Desire), 1884

  • Sara pe deal (Evening on the Hill), 1885

  • O, rămii (Oh, Linger On), 1884

  • Epigonii (Epigones), 1884

  • Scrisori (Letters or "Epistles-Satires")

  • Şi dacă (And if...), 1883

  • Odă (în metru antic) (Ode (in Ancient Meter), 1883

  • Mai am un singur dor (I Have Yet One Desire),1883

  • La Steaua (At Star),1886

Nadia com neci

Nadia Comăneci

  • Nadia Elena Comăneci is a Romanian gymnast, winner of three Olympic gold medals at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the first female gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event.

Gheorghe hagi

Gheorghe Hagi

Gheorghe Hagi is a Romanian former footballer. He was one of the best attacking midfielders in Europe during the 1980s and 1990s and is considered the greatest Romanian footballer of all time. Galatasarayfans called him 'Commandante' (The Commander) and the Romanians called him 'Regele' (The King).

Maia morgenstern

Maia Morgenstern

Maia Morgenstern is a Romanian film and stage actress, described by Florin Mitu of AMOS News as "a symbol of Romanian theater and film". In the English-speaking world, she is probably best known for the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. In Romania, she has been nationally known since her 1992 role as Nela in Balanţa, a film known in the United States as The Oak, set during the waning days of Communist Romania

Constantin br ncu i

Constantin Brâncuși

Constantin Brâncuși was a Romanian-born sculptor who made his career in France. As a child he displayed an aptitude for carving wooden farm tools. Formal studies took him first to Bucharest, then to Munich, then to the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Nicolae grigorescu

Nicolae Grigorescu

  • Nicolae Grigorescu (b. 15th May 1838, d. 21st July 1907, Romanian painter, belonging to the imppressionism movement. He painted a lot of landscapes in the Comarnic area.

  • He started by painting churches and there are two churches near Comarnic which were painted by him.

Angela gheorghiu

Angela Gheorghiu

  • Angela Gheorghiu is a Romanian soprano. Since her professional debut in 1990, she has performed in the leading roles of several operas at New York's Metropolitan Opera, London's Royal Opera House, the Vienna State Opera, Milan's La Scala, and many other opera houses in Europe and the United States. She has a substantial discography primarily with EMI Classics and Decca.

Irina loghin

Irina Loghin

Irina Loghin is a renowned Romanian singer of traditional folk music, born February 19, 1939, Gura Vitioarei, Prahova County, not far from Comarnic.

Eug ne ionesco

Eugène Ionesco

t banal situations, Ionesco's plays depict in a tangible way the solitude and insignificance of human existence.

Mircea eliade

Mircea Eliade

  • Mircea Eliade (Romanian: [ˈmirt͡ʃe̯a eliˈade]; March 13 [O.S. February 28] 1907 – April 22, 1986) was a Romanian historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, and professor at the University of Chicago. He was a leading interpreter of religious experience, who established paradigms in religious studies that persist to this day. His theory that hierophanies form the basis of religion, splitting the human experience of reality into sacred and profane space and time, has proved influential.[1] One of his most influential contributions to religious studies was his theory of Eternal Return, which holds that myths and rituals do not simply commemorate hierophanies, but, at least to the minds of the religious, actually participate in them

Henri coand

Henri Coandă

Henri Marie Coandă was a Romanian inventor, aerodynamics pioneer and builder of an experimental aircraft, the Coandă-1910 described by Coandă in the mid-1950s as the world's first jet, a controversial claim disputed by some and supported by others.

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