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Agenda. Intro to STAR Method. BEFORE the interview… WHAT is STAR? WHEN do I use it? WHY should I use it? HOW do I use it? Activity Wrap-up Questions. Fall Elective Preview & Registration Information. Marketing Professor Doug Bowman. MARKETING AREA. FTMBA Core and Electives

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Intro to STAR Method

  • BEFORE the interview…

  • WHAT is STAR?

  • WHEN do I use it?

  • WHY should I use it?

  • HOW do I use it?

  • Activity

  • Wrap-up

  • Questions

Fall Elective Preview & Registration Information

Agenda 3317681


Professor Doug Bowman

Marketing area


FTMBA Core and Electives


(version Jun.24, 2013)

2013 14 ft mba marketing curriculum

2013-14 FT-MBA Marketing Curriculum

Marketing Mgmt


* = Experiential ‘Lab’ Course

Tools / Knowledge




Implementation and

Industry Electives

Market Intelligence

& Cust. Insights

Product & Brand Management

Marketing Strategy Consultancy* (2yr pgm)

Consumer Behavior

Digital Marketing & Social Media Strat.

Marketing Analytics



Strategy and CRM

Integrated Mktg


Directed Study


Seminar (Global)

Channel Strategy

Sales and Business


Syndicated Data Analysis (module)

2013 14 ft mba mkt courses by semester

2013-14 FT-MBA MKT Courses by Semester

(n) denotes number of sections

Class of 2014 1 year program

Class of 2014, 1-Year Program

Q: What should my schedule look like if I want as much Marketing depth as possible?

Q: I am on the finance or consulting tracks. What marketing electives should I consider?

B543 digital marketing social media strategy

B543Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy

Fall 2013 (day & eve)


  • Web metrics and analytics

  • Recommendation systems

  • Online advertising

  • Experimentation

  • Social media

  • Mobile

Career Relevance

  • Digital marketing

  • Media planning and creative strategy

  • Marketing analytics

  • Integrated marketing communications

  • Social media marketing

  • Search engine marketing

B546 integrated marketing communications

B546Integrated Marketing Communications

Fall 2013 (day)


Students develops expertise in the IMC process of planning, developing executing, evaluating and controlling the use of various promotional mix elements to effectively communicate with target audiences.

Career Relevance

  • Brand management (CPG, industrial, services)

  • Advertising agencies: account executives, media planners, researchers

  • Digital marketing

  • General managers of companies utilizing advertising

B641g marketing seminar global

B641GMarketing Seminar (global)

Fall 2013 (day)


  • Analysis of the marketing implications of contemporary problems facing business today

  • Topics change each semester. Recent topics include globalization, consolidation of markets, managing in mature markets, and changing customer demographics

    This course counts towards the Global depth requirement.

Career Relevance

  • Consulting

  • General management

  • Brand management (CPG, industrial, services)

  • Global business

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Hi-tech

B646 consumer behavior

B646Consumer Behavior

Fall 2013 (day)


  • Qualitative research methods

  • Needs and values

  • Memory and information processing

  • Attitudes

  • Consumer decision making

  • Social and cultural influences

Career Relevance

  • Brand management (CPG)

  • Business development

  • Innovation practice

  • Consumer insights and market knowledge

  • Consulting

B649 marketing strategy and cust relationship mgmt

B649Marketing Strategy and Cust. Relationship Mgmt

Fall 2013 (eve)


  • Competitive marketing strategy

  • Marketing resource allocation

  • Market opportunity assessment

  • Marketing analysis and planning

  • Customer analysis and valuation

  • Strategy evaluation tools

Career Relevance

  • Consulting

  • General management

  • Customer insights and customer analytics

  • Brand management (CPG, industrial, services)

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Hi-tech

Agenda 3317681

Information Systems

& Operations Mgmt (ISOM)

Professor Steve Stuk

Isom electives

ISOM Electives

Mba career centered curriculum guide

MBA Career CenteredCurriculum Guide

Business Technology

Operations & Strategy

Agenda 3317681

Fall Offerings*

  • BUS 555/555P Appcology: New Commerce Infrastructure Systems (NCIS)

  • BUS 650/650P. Decision Modeling - Prerequisite: BUS 550

  • BUS 653. Operations Strategy

  • BUS 657/657P. Data Analytics & Visualization

  • BUS 659/659P. Process Analysis and Six Sigma

Spring Offerings*

  • BUS 553G. Supply Chain Management

  • BUS 556/556P. Analytics for e-Markets

  • BUS 557. Management Science in Spreadsheets

  • BUS 558/558P. Project Management & Collaboration

  • BUS 651/651P. Strategic Decision Analysis

  • BUS 652/652P. Healthcare Operations & Technology Management

  • BUS 655/655P Business Forecasting

  • BUS 658G. Economics & Psychology of Political Violence & Terrorism

    *subject to change

Bus 555 555p appcology new commerce infrastructure systems evening

BUS 555/555P. Appcology: New Commerce Infrastructure Systems(evening)

The course will explore issues associated with the emerging types of applications and services changing forms of software ecosystems and commerce interactions. We will involve both design and development of real apps, gizmos, widgets. Engage in New Software Environments: With the assistance and experience of actual app developers, we will explore the design and creations of these “snack-size “applications for mobile and desktop environments. The course will consider the opportunities for new patterns of communication between organizations and their mobile stakeholders. (Visit more information)

650 650p decision modeling prerequisite bus 550 evening offering

650/650P. Decision Modeling - Prerequisite: BUS 550(evening offering)

Advanced topics and tools for analysis of decision problems, focusing on modeling the real-world complications that are simplified away when introducing decision analysis. This means learning to extend decision analysis concepts and techniques to include attitudes about risk, multiple conflicting objectives, complex uncertainties (requiring Monte Carlo simulation), complex alternatives (requiring linear programming and other optimization techniques), and dynamic interactions. In addition, we must learn the subtleties of applying quantitative modeling techniques to managerial and strategic settings in organizations. (Contact: stephen.stuk@emory.edufor more information).

Bus 653 operations strategy day and evening offering

BUS 653. Operations Strategy (day and evening offering)

This course aims to assist students in formulating an operations strategy and in evaluating its impact on the bottom line.  The course considers a variety of possible ways in which to compete on operations, including low cost, high quality, flexibility or speed of customer response, and innovation.  In doing so, the course also examines the complexities associated with global operating systems, including the hidden costs of outsourcing and offshoring. (Contact: eve.rosenzweig@emory.edufor more information)

657 657p data analytics visualization evening offering

657/657P. Data Analytics & Visualization (evening offering)

A course on automated Decision Support tool development in Excel and associated platforms.  In this course, students will learn to develop analytical tools, informational frameworks and visual interfaces for improving resource-usage and process effectiveness. We will deal with application integration, multiple approaches to analytical methods and design issue for leveraging simulation and simulation optimization. (Contact: Elliot.Bendoly@emory.edufor more information).

Bus 659 659p process analysis and six sigma evening offering

BUS 659/659P. Process Analysis and Six Sigma (evening offering)

Process analysis is a key component of Six Sigma programs. Six Sigma is an approach for performance improvement that was made famous by GE and is currently being implemented by thousands of companies. The analytical skills you learn in this course are important to many employers and can be foundational for a career in operational performance improvement.

(Contact for more information)

Agenda 3317681

All offerings are open to both day and evening

MBA students

Agenda 3317681


Professor Grace Pownall

Electives taught by gbs accounting faculty fall 2013

Electives Taught by GBS Accounting FacultyFall 2013

  • 612A and 612B Financial Reporting I Prof. Black

  • 619G Information and Global Capital MarketsProf. Pownall

  • 618 AuditingProf. Rodgers

  • 615 Federal TaxProf. Crosson

Agenda 3317681

Organizations &

Management (O&M)

Professor Rodney Lacey

Fall 2013 electives

Fall 2013 Electives

  • Negotiations

  • Managing Groups & Teams

  • Business and Society

  • Multinational Firms & Strategy

  • Strategy & Organizations in the Health Care Sector

  • Leading & Managing Change

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Applied Entrepreneurship

Guide for today rodney lacey

Guide for today: Rodney Lacey

  • History

    • U. Florida, UC Irvine, London Business School, UC Davis

    • PhD – Northwestern (Organization Behavior & Sociology)

  • Teach at Emory: core strategy and organization behavior, elective on managing change

  • Research in new industry formation, legitimating new professions, accident explanation routines

Diverse world of organizations and management

Diverse world of organizations and management


Innovation Entrepreneurship








Industry Context



Society, Nation, Culture

Bus 632 negotiations

BUS 632: Negotiations

  • Manage conflict constructively and enhance leadership effectiveness

    • Build specific skills required to craft agreements on behalf of your organization

  • Deeper theoretical understanding of interpersonal, group and inter-org conflict

  • Experientially learn by simulation exercises

  • Immediately practical and life-long value

Bus 537 managing groups and teams

BUS 537: Managing Groups and Teams

  • Success determined by group, not individual performance

    • Consulting, financial deal-making, product management, etc.

    • Groups are foundation of leadership

  • Example topics

    • Group composition and selection

    • Efficient and effective group process design

    • Leading and managing groups within the larger organization

    • Group decision making and creativity

  • Experiential learning with exercises in group dynamics

Bus 532 business and society

BUS 532: Business and Society

Corporations are being held accountable to not just shareholders, but many other internal and external stakeholders. This course gives a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities of business in society, such as maintaining legitimacy, acquiring resources, building partnerships, and solving complex global problems.

  • Example topics

    • Corporate responsibility

    • Cause/green marketing

    • Ethical consumerism

    • Lobbying and Super PACs

    • Human rights and labor

    • Climate change

    • NGOs and social movements

  • Group Project on real organizations (e.g., Trucost and UNICEF)

  • Speakers from IHG, Coke, Footprint Talent, Carter Center

  • For further information contact Wesley Longhofer, PhD

First step in Social Enterprise @ Goizueta curriculum

Bus 635 multinational firms and strategy

BUS 635: Multinational Firms and Strategy

  • Firms and countries in a global economy

    • links between country context and firm performance

    • evidence based strategy

      • financial performance vs. cost of capital

      • measurement of differences across firms and markets

      • empirical differences among countries/within industries

    • integrates strategy with accounting, finance, and economics

  • Advanced strategy course

    • choice among competing models

    • matching specific models to firm/industry/country

Bus 506 strategy orgs health care sector

BUS 506: Strategy & Orgs - Health Care Sector

Health care industry operates on different rules than any other, and they are changing

  • Example topics

    • Changing basis of competition in health care

    • Changing organization of health firms and networks

    • Relationship to politics and institutions

    • Professional and ethical interactions

Bus 633 leading and managing change

Bus 633: Leading and Managing Change

  • Change is hard, risky, and yet a constant challenge

    • Design and plan systemic organizational change

    • Change for strategic advantage

    • Corporate integration (esp. after M&A)

    • Leading and making change happen

    • Political, social, and cultural obstacles

  • Consultants mostly do change management

  • Innovators succeed or fail in organization implementation

Bus 636 entrepreneurship

BUS 636: Entrepreneurship

First class in entrepreneurship curriculum

  • Focus on all the elements leading up to the launch of a new business

  • Study real life examples of both successful and failed business ventures

  • Development of an idea into a business plan

Bus 661 applied entrepreneurship

BUS 661: Applied Entrepreneurship

Second class in entrepreneurship curriculum

  • Focus on “how to” build, launch, manage, grow and sell a new venture

  • Provides a set of analytical and solution building methodologies that apply across industries and organizational settings

  • Provides experience in running a fictional business from the perspective of the CEO and top management team

Bus 534 networks and organizations

BUS 534: Networks and Organizations

Human capital (i.e., what we know) is important, actual achievement is likely to be determined by our social capital (i.e., who we know). Management of networks is critical to business success.

  • Topics explored where networks matter

    • Careers

    • Incentives and behaviors are shaped by social networks

    • Business opportunities/constraints for mgrs, firms, and entrepreneurs.

    • Generate and lead high-performing teams and organizations

  • Tools

    • Network mapping and analysis of personal and org networks

    • In-class simulations and exercises

    • Cases (e.g., LinkedIn, HP-Cisco, eHarmony)


Agenda 3317681


Professor Nicholas Valerio

Gbs finance electives

GBS Finance Electives

Fall 2013

Finance electives

BUS 502Economic Environment of Business

BUS 524Sports Finance

BUS 620Advanced Corporate Finance

BUS 621Corporate Governance & Firm Value

BUS 622Doing Deals: Private Equity

BUS 623Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

BUS 624Derivative Asset Analysis

BUS 627International Finance

BUS 628Investment Banking

BUS 680Illiquid Alternative Investments

BUS 685Private Equity Investing

BUS 582Real Estate Law

BUS 625Real Estate Finance

Finance Electives

Agenda 3317681

Finance Electives

Finance electives1

Finance Electives





621 Corporate Governance& Firm Value

628 Investment Banking

623 Security Analysis

& Portfolio Management

620 Advanced Corporate

622 Doing Deals:

Private Equity

624 Derivative Asset


680 Illiquid Alternative Investments

685 Private Equity Investing

627 International Finance

Agenda 3317681

Finance Electives



Finance Electives

Gbs finance electives1

GBS Finance Electives

Fall 2013

Agenda 3317681

Goizueta Advanced

Leadership Academy (GALA)

Harriet Ruskin

Agenda 3317681

Fall 2013 Enrollment Information





Course Schedule Notes:

  • Course numbers (BUS 561) & OPUS numbers (3741) are different

  • You register in OPUS with the OPUS number

  • “G” courses count toward the Global requirement

  • The registrar will send the schedule to you (updated to show you the number of remaining seats in the classes)

  • OPUS link:




  • Advising Appointments available

  • Choose your classes and rank them in order of preference

  • Once you have chosen your classes, you can “add” them to your OPUS shopping cart (available on July 5th) to be ready for your first round of Registration

  • Bursar Holds: make sure you do not have any Bursar holds on your account which will prevent you from registering



Direct Enrollment:

  • Registration will be completed in 3 timed rounds

  • It is time sensitive

  • Enrollment is in real time




  • Qualtrics survey link will be emailed to you.

  • You can register to be on up to three waitlists for classes that are currently full.

  • Only closed courses will appear on the survey.

  • Waitlist registration is time sensitive.




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