Welcome to effective writing 1 cm 107 unit 3 seminar with john gravener monday april 11th 2011
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Welcome to Effective Writing 1- CM 107 Unit 3: Seminar with John Gravener Monday, April 11th, 2011.

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Let’s review:

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Welcome to Effective Writing 1- CM 107Unit 3: Seminar with John GravenerMonday, April 11th, 2011

Feel free to chat and get acquainted until the music stops near the top of the hour. This session is held 6:00-7:00 PM (EST). Once the seminar starts, please keep all comments relevant to the class topic.

  • What amulets and helpers exist for Composition students?

  • What is Standard English and why is it important?

  • What are the differences between informal and formal language?

  • What is concise writing? How can we make our writing concise?

Let’s review:

How does the writer’s journey connect to the hero’s journey?

  • What other names is it known by?

  • Why is the invention step necessary?

What is invention?

  • Freewriting?

  • Listing?

  • Bubbling?

  • Clustering?

  • Observation?

  • Discussion?

  • Annotating?

  • Outlining?

  • Etc.?

What invention (prewriting) strategies do you use?

  • Let’s hear some ideas from you on what a paragraph is.

  • The paragraph is a group of unified sentences that generally express one main idea.

  • The topic sentence summarizes the main idea of the paragraph

What is a paragraph?

  • What is the relationship of the body paragraph to the entire essay?

  • What does it mean to “develop” a body paragraph?

  • The body paragraph structure:

  • Topic sentence

    • Supporting Sentence

      • Supporting detail

      • Supporting detail

    • Supporting Sentence

      • Supporting detail

      • Supporting detail

    • Supporting Sentence

      • Supporting detail

      • Supporting detail

    • Closing Sentence

What is the structure of a body paragraph?

  • What should the body of the paragraph do?

  • The body should explain and develop the idea put forth in the topic sentence.

  • Let us start building a paragraph

  • Suggest some possible topic sentences.

Workshop in paragraphing

  • For the topic sentence we have picked, let us add some sentences to create a body

  • We also need to consider transitions between sentences and between paragraphs.

  • How should we conclude our paragraph?

Let us now get some practice

  • What should your final sentence of your paragraph do?

  • How should you conclude your paragraph

  • Consider now if you have fully developed the topic sentence of your paragraph.

Concluding your paragraph

  • Questions about the material we have discussed today

  • A preview of the Unit 3 Assignment and discussion question this week

  • The criteria for the Unit 3 assignment.

Any questions so far?

Thank you for a great seminar!

Have a wonderful week!


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