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STRONG FAMILIES STRONG NATION S. IN THE BEGINNING. GOD designed the family unit in such a way that each member of the unit depends on the other members for fulfilment of their needs be it physical, emotional psychological or sexually. The husband needs the love and support of his wife

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  • GOD designed the family unit in such a way that each member of the unit depends on the other members for fulfilment of their needs be it physical, emotional psychological or sexually.

  • The husband needs the love and support of his wife

  • The wife needs the love and support of her husband

  • The children need the care, love and guidance of both parents.


In this modern time, many factors have combined to reduce the contribution and support from either or both the husband and the wife, thus weakening the family structure and resulting in myriads of challenges.

These Factors Include Among Others:

i.The need for both parents to work fulltime.

ii.One of the parents having to relocate abroad or to some other part of the country in search of greener pasture.

iii.Children schooling away from home even in their tender and formative years.

iv.Couples spending all their time in every activity that comes their way including social gathering (parties) and church activities.

A combination of two or more of these factors have resulted in couples spending less and less time together and no time with the children. This is a dangerous trend that must be checked.


An equally dangerous trend has been noticed where though the family is together, either or both the husband and the wife fail to get involved in the family’s affairs. This is a shortcoming that goes to the very root and fabric of the family institution leading to a weakened family.

Let us illustrate this development;


This husband and father works hard to make available the material needs of his family, but cares less about what is going on in the home. Consider his response to some issues

  • The children need new shoes for school. “So what? That is the wife’s problem”

  • Your Son has a dental appointment next week Friday at 4 pm. “The mother can take care of that , i don’t need to know about that”

    c.Your daughter has a piano lesson every Tuesday afternoon after school. “I don’t need to know that” He thinks.

d.Aunty Shola is coming to visit next week and there is a problem, as to where she will sleep. That not my problem, that is my wife’s department” He rationalizes.

  • The neighbour’s children keep coming over at odd hours and making trouble. “ I will take care of that after watching this football match”

    f.The couple down the road throw loud and boisterous parties and your wife wants to know what you are doing about it. “ I can’t just go invading peoples privacy, I will let it go i am a peace loving man.”

  • One of the children saw an insect in the bedroom it looks like a termite. I will check later can’t you see I am reading the paper now.

    h.The light bulb in the dining room is damaged. Honey, must I do everything around this place?


Many fathers have lost the respect of their families because they have become spectators of the family situation. A little boy was asked what his father does by way of occupation.

  • He replied “He watches”

  • You mean he is a night watchman?

  • “Oh no” The boy exclaimed “he just watches”

  • What does he watch?

  • “I don’t know everything, but I can name a few things.

  • He watches TV, he watches mom do the housework, he watches for the vendor, he watches the weather and I think he watches girls too. He watches the stock market, football games, all the sports. He watches mother spank us and he watches us do our homework. He watches leave for PTA meeting and shopping. He watches mom write letters and pay the bills”

  • “He watches a lot but mainly he watches”

In the above illustration, the man does not get involved with things at home, he has the mistaken idea that:

  • Earning a living is his ultimate and only responsibility around the house and that everybody else should bow and scrape when he comes home after a long day.

  • He is the only one who has any really big problems never suspecting that each member of the family has his or her own needs. He makes light of their problem.

  • Every other person including his wife is lazy.


  • Every member of the family has God-given roles to play in the family structure; abandonment by any member creates a weak link that gives an inroad to the enemy attack our family. The Strongest chain will break at the weakest point.

  • Let everyone appreciate the contribution of others and above all try to get into their world to discover their feeling, their hang-ups, their dreams , their successes, theirs likes and dislike.

  • Fathers and indeed Mothers, don’t just watch! Get involved today! Adam stood by and watched in the garden as Eve tried to tackle the serpent, the result was disastrous!

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