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Our country. Wobniar. Form of Government. The form of government that we have is Rainbow. How Rainbow works. There are 2 branches The 2 branches are A irgate and Head Department Airgate decides laws, then Head Department accepts / declines laws and bills

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Our country

Our country


Form of government

Form of Government

The form of government that wehave is Rainbow

How rainbow works
How Rainbow works

  • There are 2 branches

  • The 2 branches are Airgate and Head Department

  • Airgate decides laws, then Head Department accepts / declines laws and bills

  • Head Department has the Top Court.

  • Airgate has the commander chief.

Title our leader

Title: Our Leader

Our leaders name is the commander chief the commander chief gets voted in. The 7 justices get appointed by the commander chief.



The commander chief and the 7 justices make decisions. The commander chief decides what laws mean. The 7 justices decides if laws are constitutional or not.


  • No littering

  • No animal or child abuse

  • No trespassing over FBI or government property

  • No Tobacco products

  • Hybrid cars only (unless government use)

  • No driving under 14 years of age

  • No totalitarian rulers

Who enforces the laws

Who Enforces the Laws

The Head Department enforces laws. The Rainbow Force helps them enforce the laws. It is similar to a police force.



Checks and balances so nobody has too much power like a king.



We provide hospitals a rainbow force public and private schools open24/7 free laptopslibrariesfire fighters banks so people can be smart safe keep their money safe.


Income taxes, donation, and borrowing money is how we get money.


  • Anthem: Our rainbow powers will spread with freedom. Wob, Wobniar where freedom rings. Just come and sing where freedom rings and the beauty of Wobniar.

Flag and symbols
Flag and Symbols

  • Flag


Behind the scenes crew
Behind the scenes crew

  • Ben , Joanne , Suyash , Grant, Vyanne