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Political Science. Unit 2. Political Science. Is the study of POWER , POLITICS and GOVERNMENT . Government. System of rule over a territory and its people. Power. The means to control and rule people and government. . POLITICS. Process of using power in government. Key terms.

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Political Science

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Political Science

Unit 2

Political Science



System of rule over a territory and its people.


The means to control and rule people and government.


Process of using power in government.

Key terms

Political System-A method for making decisions that affect a society and its members.

Policy- a plan to guide behavior to reach a particular goal

Compromise- each side gives in a little to settle a dispute.


Different types of leaders arise in different groups.


Very efficient for a short period of time.

Work will stop when the leader is absent.

Hostility within the group.


Slow to get started but efficient for a long period of time.

Work continues when leader is absent.

Cohesiveness within the group.

Laissez-Faire“Let them do as they please”

Members will work for themselves rather than the group.

Leader is insignificant.

Anything goes with group dynamics.

Communication –is necessary for the operation of any group. Leaders often control the communication

To find the leader of any group, find out who controls the conversation and you will find the leader.

Characteristics of leadership

  • Organized

  • Works for the good of all

  • Directs activities

  • Initiates activities

  • Works inside and outside the group

  • Has intellectual ability

  • Sensitive to feelings of others

Elements of Popularity

  • Cheerful

  • Unselfish

  • Controls Emotions

  • Looks for the good in all

  • Sincere

Followers in a group usually have much control over a leader.

Extra Strength- the group is stronger than any member alone

Groups can exert great pressure over their members to conform to the group’s norms

Conformity- to go along with

Non Conformity- not to go along with

Levels ofGovernment

United States Federal Government

15 Cabinets run by Secretaries

Legislative Branch

Judical Branch


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