The wonderful erie canal
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The Wonderful Erie Canal! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Wonderful Erie Canal!. By: Megan and Ian. The Beginning of the Erie Canal . A canal is a man made water way. It is different because it is narrow. It was DeWitt Clinton’s idea to build the canal. The others thought that the Erie Canal was impossible to build.

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The Wonderful Erie Canal!

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The wonderful erie canal

The Wonderful Erie Canal!

By: Megan and Ian

The beginning of the erie canal

The Beginning of the Erie Canal

  • A canal is a man made water way. It is different because it is narrow.

  • It was DeWitt Clinton’s idea to build the canal. The others thought that the Erie Canal was impossible to build.

  • The canal was built on July 4, 1817.The Erie Canal was built because it would cost less and take less time to transport goods from the western part of America to New York.

The beginning continued

The Beginning….. continued

A lot of people who helped were from Ireland! Also people who lived close helped dig it. Irish people thought that they would get paid a lot, so they helped. It was a lot to them, but little to us today.

Interesting geography

Interesting Geography

  • The bodies of water that are connected to the Erie Canal are Lake Erie, the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean.

  • It was about 400 miles from Albany to Buffalo.

  • Some cities along the canal were Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Rome, Troy and Lockport.

The useful canal

The Useful Canal

  • Now the canal is useful if you want to kayak and fish.

  • The Erie Canal was used for boats with people on it. It was also used for travel and transportation.

  • There was a lot of impact. For example, men got jobs building it. It cost less for travel, more people came and shipping of goods was a lot easier.

  • The Erie Canal is still being used in many ways . For example, biking, fishing, kayaking and many more interesting things.

Very superb facts

Very Superb Facts

  • The canal cost 7 million dollars! It was very expensive.

  • The length of the Erie Canal was 363 miles long, 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep.

  • A lock is something that lets boats pass from one section of the canal to the other or allows boats to go to a different water level. They also separate 2 sections so water from the upper level doesn’t flood into the lower water. It also allowed horses to walk across.

  • Almost all the boats on the Erie Canal were horse drawn. There were packet boats, freighters and towing boats.

  • About 1,000 people traveled the canal each day.

  • Many people died of a terrible disease called cholera when building the canal.

The amazing authors

The Amazing Authors!

Hi! My name is Megan. I enjoy lacrosse, swimming, cooking and soccer. I liked learning about how the impossible Clinton’s Ditch was built.

Hi. My name is Ian. I play basketball and baseball. I love to learn about space. I like learning about the man -powered machines used to build the canal.

The wonderful erie canal

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