Getting the Word Out
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Winner’s Stories to be Shared Documenting RESPRO Services Aug. 18, 2009 10 a.m. - Noon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting the Word Out. Winner’s Stories to be Shared Documenting RESPRO Services Aug. 18, 2009 10 a.m. - Noon. Let’s Get the Word Out… Meeting Purposes. Share Schools - Generate the names of schools to be showcased RESPRO services - Reach firm consensus on reporting terms.

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Getting the Word Out

  • Winner’s Stories to be Shared

  • Documenting RESPRO Services

  • Aug. 18, 2009

  • 10 a.m. - Noon

Let s get the word out meeting purposes
Let’s Get the Word Out…Meeting Purposes

Share Schools - Generate the names of

schools to be showcased

RESPRO services - Reach firm

consensus on reporting terms



Showcase Schools






Next Steps


Webinar technical info
Webinar Technical Info

Must use PC MAC does not work

as a Presenter

Single Presenter – Use headset

Multiple Presenters – Use microphone & speakers

OR conference phone

Recording Time – Will be arranged based on

school’s timeframe – allow at least

1 hour to practice & record

Webinar info
Webinar Info

Record 1 per month, except January 2 per month

Presenter will receive an e-mail with link to webinar

  • Power Point - Include the following:

    • Title Slide

    • Names and Title of Presenters

    • Picture of School

Handouts – Provide a handout for

administrators and teachers to use with webinar

Other respro webinars
Other RESPRO Webinars

Empowered High School Series

Live – October 8, 3:00-4:00 Model Overview: Managing Continuous Program Improvement

  • On-Demand Recordings Available:

    • Nov. 9 – Designing Benchmarked Program Standards

    • Nov. 9 – Designing Valid and Reliable Summative Assessments

    • Dec. 15 – Creating or Adopting a Progress Monitor and a Formative Assessment

    • Dec. 15 – Analyzing and Problem-Solving with Student Benchmark Performance Data

Other respro webinars1
Other RESPRO Webinars

Empowered High School Series

Con’t On-Demand Recordings:

  • Jan. 14 – Using Protocols for Program

    Improvement and Team-Based Interventions

  • Jan. 14 – Using Early Intervention Team and

    School-Wide Interventions

    Live – March 4, 2010 – Creating and Using School and Team Performance Goals


ISBE (“intensive support”)

Federal Requirements (other EXCEL forms)

For three school years:




I district and school information intensity of support
I. District and School Information – Intensity of Support

Other support
“Other” Support …

  • Financial

  • Professional development

  • Hired outside consultants

  • Planning assistance

  • “Brokering” other service resources

  • Principal mentoring and coaching

  • Regular group meetings

  • Conferencing with coaches

  • Daily instructional coaching

  • Workshops, training

  • Area offices with additional coaches and resources

  • Cadres

  • Data retreats on our site

  • Training

  • SIP Workshops

  • SIP Reviews

  • Leadership

  • Networks

  • Attempting to get district systems in place

  • Customized services i.e., data retreats, support networks

  • Assessment tools

  • Data review at the RESPRO offices and training

  • Research into best practices.

  • Superintendent mentoring

  • Superintendent training sessions

3 school service and funding log respro services description of service
3. School Service and Funding LogRESPRO Services “Description of Service”







Strategy 5 effective strategies determined by the state or district
Strategy 5: Effective strategies determined by the state or district

Survey of the Enacted Curriculum CRISS CMSI Reading Literacy

Standards Aligned Classroom Chicago Data Initiative

Parent Involvement Tool Reading Recovery

Curriculum Mapping Induction and Mentoring

SIP MWEA MAP differentiated instruction

Data formative assessment high school transformation

PBIS Chicago Math Initiative Leadership Training IPI

RtI DIEBELS Reading First

Iii to for school related to this service

A school support team is working with Rolling Meadows High School. School support team members met with the Freshman team October 4, 2007.

Strategy 1: district

Provide customized technical assistance

and/or professional development that is

designed to build the capacity of the

district and school.

School specific services

related to building capacity.

Strategy 2: district

Useresearch-based strategiesor practices

to changeinstructional practice to address

the academic achievement problems that caused

the school to be identified from improvement, corrective

action, or restructuring.

Researched-based instructional

practices related to at least AYP


Strategy 3: district

Create partnerships among the SEA, LEAs and

other entities for the purpose of delivering

technical assistance, professional development,

and management advice.

All RESPROs by definition are an example.

Probably all

will mark

this box,

except CPS

Professional Development district


Probably won’t be checked,

except by CPS

Strategy 4:

Provide professional development

to enhance the capacity of a school support

team members and other technical assistance

providers who are part of the Statewide

System of Support and that is informed by

student achievement and other outcome-

related measures.

Strategy 5: district

Implement other strategies determined by the state or district, as appropriate, for which data indicate the strategy is likely to result in improved teaching and learning in schools identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.

Standardized Statewide Menu:

SAC, SEC, PBIS, RtI, Data, PIT, SIP, …

Other positive outcomes
Other districtPositive Outcomes

  • Improvement by at least five percentage points in two

  • or more AYP reporting cells (ISBE)

B. Teacher Retention

C. Improved Parent Involvement

D. Other…

Next Steps… district