Nelson academy of agricultural sciences online recruiter training
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Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online RECRUITER TRAINING. “All Ag…All Day…All Online!”. NAASO History. Officially started January 1 st , 2010. First classes were offered Fall 2010. We offered 3 courses and had 18 students that first semester.

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Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online RECRUITER TRAINING

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Nelson academy of agricultural sciences online recruiter training

Nelson Academy of Agricultural SciencesOnlineRECRUITER TRAINING

“All Ag…All Day…All Online!”

Naaso history

NAASO History

  • Officially started January 1st, 2010.

  • First classes were offered Fall 2010.

  • We offered 3 courses and had 18 students that first semester.

  • Over the past two years, we’ve increased our enrollment to about 150 seats per year (we use the term seats since some students take more than one class.)

  • We are now offering about 12 courses (more to come!)

Naaso mission

NAASO Mission

  • Mission Statement:

    • To provide Agriculture Education to anyone who desires it, but isunable to obtain it.

    • The mission is designed to service students in grades 7 -12 and adults who wish to learn.

    • It includes public schools, private schools, homeschool students, Farm & Ranch families, or anyone interested in obtaining agricultural skills.

Naaso vision

NAASO Vision

  • Vision Statement:

    • “All Ag … All Day … All Online”

    • The vision statement lets potential students know that all we offer is agriculture skills. We are focused on one subject and offer high quality courses.

    • The vision statement indicates that classes are available to all students 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. No scheduled times to try toaccommodate.

    • The vision statement indicates that the courses are presented all online. No need to try and attend classes .. Just need a computer and internet access.

Who should you prospect

Who should you prospect?

  • Public Schools that do not offer agriculture courses.

  • Public schools that offer ag courses but have scheduling conflicts.

  • Private schools

  • Homeschool Students

  • Farm & Ranch Families

  • Anyone interested in Agriculture! We have many adults taking classes.

How should i prospect

How Should I Prospect?

  • Visit public and private schools who do not have agriculture in their schools.

    • It may be best to send a postcard or call the school and set up an appointment with the principal or superintendent.

    • Public, Private and Christian schools are a great way to recruit large number of students. They have a tendency to start enrolling students slowly, but increase student numbers over time.

    • Remember, you earn $1000 per section of 25 seats.

How should i prospect1

How Should I Prospect?

  • Homeschool Students

    • Homeschool students have been very successful in our academy.

    • Contact homeschool associations in your area. Ask for a list of homeschool students.

    • Attend homeschool conferences / conventions.

    • Homeschool students are very interested in our academy and it’s offerings.

How should i prospect2

How Should I Prospect?

  • Anyone Interested in Agriculture.

    • Local agriculture trades shows are a great way to prospect students.

    • 4-H clubs have many potential students!

    • County Extension Agents – Ask if they would be willing to send out a letter to other agents in the area. Also see if you can speak at a 4-H meeting.

    • Many other agriculture based organizations!

How do i recruit students

How Do I Recruit Students?

  • Use our website:

  • I have brochures you can print.

  • I have a printed informational page available.

  • Advertise – Many “trade” papers are a very cheap way to get the word out!

  • Get or make business cards to hand out.

    • I have a good template I use with Vista Prints.

Recruiting in public private schools

Recruiting in Public & Private Schools

  • Make contact with the principal via postcard or phone.

  • Call and make an appointment to meet or talk on the phone.

  • Be prompt and on time!

  • Have handouts / brochures ready .. Make visit easier and more productive.

  • Talk to them regarding offerings and advantages to students.

Recruiting in public private schools1

Recruiting in Public & Private Schools

  • Use handouts to bring out important points and talk about different courses.

  • Be ready to answer questions. It’s OK if you don’t have all the answers! Just let them know you will find out and get back to them.

  • We can follow their semester schedule.

  • Student can pay their own tuition if needed.

  • Ask for their business. You must at least trial close!

  • Do a follow up in a week or so. Very Important!

How to recruit homeschool students

How to Recruit Homeschool Students

  • Talk to homeschool families you know. Ask them for referrals of other homeschool families. Contact them!

  • Contact the local homeschool associations. Meet or talk on the phone with the director. Ask about contact lists or attending a meeting.

  • We need homeschool students and they want us… very good potential!

How to recruit at events

How to Recruit at Events

  • Look for events where you can set up a boothin your area. Ag Trade Shows or conferences. Any event that may have potential students. They are a great way to get contacts and follow up contacts.

  • Have a drawing or some way to get their contact information. Just their name and email address is good enough. They won’t give much more!

How to recruit at events1

How to recruit at Events

  • Be aware that many events have fees for booths. Some will give a break if they know you are educational related… Just ask!

  • The most effective way to get recruits is to be at the booth and answer questions. Registerthem at the show!

  • Be sure to give out a lot of cards, handouts, etc. I have had good luck getting calls after shows!

  • Use the website if possible. You can show the class descriptions, lessons and review courses.

What should i tell prospects

What Should I Tell Prospects

  • That we offer Ag Courses to middle school, high school and adults.

  • We are all online!

  • No textbooks to purchase.. Everything you need is included in the course.

  • We use Moodle as a learning platform. Show them!

  • You can work on courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They like flexibility!

In what order do i present info

In What Order Do I Present Info?

  • Introduce yourself and indicate you are with NAASO.

  • Take a minute to collect information and build rapport. “Have you heard of Nelson Academy?” “And you are?” “Where are you from?” “Do you live on a farm or in town?”

  • Ask their interests. “Are you more interested in animals or crops?” “Do you like cattle or horses?” “Are you interested in production or business?”

In what order do i present info1

In What Order Do I Present Info?

  • Give your presentation. Talk about the different courses, show descriptions & lessons, etc.

  • Answer Questions. “Do you have any other questions I might answer?”

  • Ask for their business. “Can we start registering your son / daughter?” “Which course would you like to start with?” “Can we sign your school up for a section of students?”

In what order do i present info2

In What Order Do I Present Info?

  • If they want to register, do so. How to enroll is later in presentation.

  • If not, give them a week to think about it and contact again. You will be amazed how many just need a little time to think about it. Don’t lose students by not contacting a second time.

  • Thank them for their time.

Course seats

Course Seats

  • Note – Courses are sold per seat, not per student. Some students take several courses.

  • Seat Packages are “non-expiring”. This means they can be used for any class at any time. Therefore, they can be used in future semesters.

  • Individuals pay for courses either by PayPal or Check. Public Schools and Private schools will likely pay by check. All checks are to be made out to Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

  • NO CHECKS are to be made out to recruiters at any time!

  • All Commissions will be paid on completely enrolled and paid seats.

Course fee schedule

Course Fee Schedule

  • Individual Seat $285

  • 5 Seat Pack (Non-Expiring)$1375

  • 10 Seat Pack (Non-Expiring)$2600

  • 25 Seat Pack (Non-Expiring)$6000

  • 50 Seat Pack (Non-Expiring)$11,000

How do i register students

How do I Register Students?

  • Go to the website: and look for the registration link. We will be updating the website, so the location may change.

  • Here, you can have them type in the needed information and have them pay via PayPal.

  • The information will come to me for official enrollment. That’s all there is to it!!

How do i get paid

How Do I Get Paid?

  • I will pay you monthly.

  • I will be emailing you a “Monthly Recruitment Report” form.

  • You will simply fill the form, email it to me and I will send you a check.

Commission schedule

Commission Schedule



  • Contact me with Questions:


    • Office: 406-487-5455

    • Cell: 406-783-8552

    • Skype: allagonline

      Thank you!

      Mr. Nelson

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