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England in the 1600s
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England in the 1600s. “ when all history happened”. A famous ghost. End of the Elizabethan era. 1601Shakespeare’s Hamlet 1603Elizabeth I dies; James I of England and VI of Scotland takes the throne 1605Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes): failed

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England in the 1600s

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England in the 1600s

England in the 1600s

“ when all history happened”

A famous ghost

A famous ghost

End of the elizabethan era

End of the Elizabethan era

  • 1601Shakespeare’s Hamlet

  • 1603Elizabeth I dies; James I of England and VI

  • of Scotland takes the throne

  • 1605Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes): failed

  • 1607Jamestown, first permanent English colony

  • in North America, is settled in Virginia

  • 1616Death of Shakespeare

  • Throughout the first decades of the 17th century:

  • expansion of the Dutch East India and West India

  • Companies. Access to Markets in Asia and the New World,

  • political involvement, privateering, settling.

Crossing the bridge

Crossing the bridge

Timeline highlights

Timeline: Highlights

  • 1619Dutch East India Company, English East India Company, and

  • Sultanate of Bantenfight over Jayakarta.

  • 1620The Dutch and the English begin a 3-year period of cooperation

  • over the spice trade; Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Mass.

  • 1622Jamestown Massacre in Virginia; James I dissolves Parliament

  • 1625Charles I takes the throne; married to a French Catholic princess

  • 1630Boston founded by Puritans

  • 1636Harvard University is founded

  • 1642English Civil War; Charles II against the armies of the English and

  • Scottish parliaments

  • 1649Charles I executed; beginning of the Interregnum

  • 1652First coffee house in London

  • 1653Cromwell becomes Lord Protector; dissolves Parliament in 1655

  • 1656Diarist Samuel Pepys describes a new drink: “a Cupp of Tee, a China drink”

  • 1658Death of Cromwell; The Sultan’s Head, a coffee house, advertises the sale of

  • tea

More of the century

More of the century

  • 1660End of the Commonwealth of England, beginning of the Restoration

  • 1661Charles II takes the throne

  • 1665-67Second Anglo-Dutch War; New Amsterdam gained by the English, and

  • renamed to New York

  • 1665Great Plague of London: 100 000 dead, almost 15% of the population

  • 1666Isaac Newton discovers gravity; Great Fire of London

  • 1667John Milton, Paradise Lost

  • 1671Morgan sacks Panama

  • 1681William Penn and the Charter for Pennsylvania

  • 1685James II, last Catholic king, takes the throne; Monmouth’s Rebellion

  • 1688William III of Orange and Mary II of England assume English throne

  • 1692Salem witch trials; William and Mary College founded in Virginia

  • 1694Bank of England established

Important births and deaths of the century

Important births and deaths of the century


  • Christopher Wren, Jan Vermeer, John Locke (b. 1632)

  • Louis XIV (b. 1638)

  • Galileo (d. 1642)

  • Isaac Newton (b. 1642)

  • Rene Descartes (d. 1650)

  • Daniel Defoe (b. 1661)

  • Rembrandt (d. 1669)

  • Rob Roy (b. 1671)

  • Composers Bach and Handel (b. 1685)

  • Descartes

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