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BE Progressive…. B-E PROGRESSIVE…. What America Looked Like…. Rapid growth of industry led to: Growth of cities and population Wealth…. But…. The growth came at a high cost of political corruption and high unemployment.

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be progressive

BE Progressive…


what america looked like
What America Looked Like…
  • Rapid growth of industry led to:
  • Growth of cities and population
  • Wealth…

  • The growth came at a high cost of political corruption and high unemployment.

Some then argued that the government should become more involved in solving the nation’s problems.,%20The%20White%20House,%20Washington%20D.C

clean it up
Clean it Up…
  • Two writers came to the forefront that spoke about reform in America:
  • Henry George and Edward Bellamy.

henry george
Henry George…
  • In his book “Progress and Poverty,” George wondered why poverty continued to flourish in such an advanced civilization.


Why does a place like the United States still have poverty?

Is there a way to solve it?


land land land
Land, Land, Land…
  • George said that landowners were holding on to the land and selling it when the price went up on it…
  • Practice was known as speculation…

George suggested that land be taxed based on its value, and not as it had been on improvements, such as houses and cultivation.
Many reformers attitudes took on the ideals of socialism…
  • Socialism: Economic or Political philosophy that favors government control of government property and income…
  • Re-distribute the wealth and nationalize income..
Socialist Party is created and by 1912, over 1,000 municipal, or city government offices had been won.
Should we re-distribute wealth in our nation? In other words, are we obligated to give a little back to those that need it in our own country?

Remember back to the humanistic argument of imperialism…

labor union
Labor Union…
  • At this time, Unions moved to improve working conditions and reduce work hours.
  • Employers discouraged unions and wanted to work with the individual…

  • Court order that prohibited workers to go on strike.



Home Rule

  • “Too busy raking filth on the earth to look his eyes towards heaven.” -TR
  • Writers who exposed abuse in the politics and industry.

are you serious
  • American Became angry and outraged by these injustices.
  • Many joined the reform movements and joined organizations.
  • Progressive Era

progressive what s that
Progressive? What’s That?
  • Did not support large sweeping changes.
  • Feared revolutions
  • Average wealth
  • Wanted to maintain free-enterprise and high standard of living.
get in there government
Get in There Government…
  • Progressives believed that the govt. should play a larger role in society.
  • Better working conditions
  • Businesses operate independently except utilities.

more on progressives
More on Progressives…
  • People helping people…
  • Insurance? What’s that?
  • Ensure a basic standard of living.

social welfare programs
Social Welfare Programs
  • Ensure a basic standard of living for all peoples.
  • Help the disabled and elderly.
ladies ladies ladies
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies…
  • Women like Jane Adams said that mothers would not be able to care for their children without government help.

Developed the Hull House

in order to help impoverished young ones.

labor issues not having babies
Labor Issues, (not having babies)
  • Women worked towards reform in the work place.
  • Many women worked in factories and their children did as well.
  • Florence Kelly was a major contributor.
more on kelly
More on Kelly
  • She was hired to investigate and report on working conditions in Chicago.
  • Her report led to a law passed in 1893 in Illinois that prohibited child labor, cut back on work hours and regulated sweatshop conditions.