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Containerized Wastewater Plants

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Containerized Wastewater Plants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We arrange, fabricate, create, ship, and start-up structures on an overall scale, we offer general organization of both new and used WWTP\'s.

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Welcome To EEC Global Operation Services

Quality Waste Water Plants Offered By EEC Global


EEC can readily offer the finest biotechnology plants to buy. EEC\'s natural package plants are sensible for both current and family unit wastewater. We arrange, fabricate, create, ship, and start-up structures on an overall scale, we offer general organization of both new and used WWTP\'s. We can retrofit existing WWTP to meet latest radiating necessities, including soluble base and supplement clearing, without plant advancement. EEC\'s fluidized settled film bioreactors, with select AMB Bio Media, have field exhibited common results moved around overall foundations and experience. Taking after three decades, EEC is thought to be one of the pioneers in the fluidized settled film regular wastewater treatment handle, generally called Moving Bed Bio Reactors - MBBR, or Assisting Moving Bed - AMB. This thought was introduced accessible by our organization in 1974.


Following three decades, MBBR Sewage WWTP offers creation in the USA, Europe, Middle East, South America, India, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. MBBR/IFAS bundle plants stand arranged to pass on pushed wastewater plants that sound great to your budgetary arrangement. EEC offers an expansive arrangement of Global Licensees, Sister Companies, Partners, Agents and Representatives. We offer preferable courses of action over both Industrial and Domestic wastewater systems. We have wide databases, in house look into focuses and hands-on experience engaging us to dismember and offer pushed plant planning.


Retrofit existing plants, upgrade and offer get done with building groups utilizing the latest development completing fluidized settled film bioreactors that meet or outflank client\'s Containerized Wastewater Plants necessities. Profluent water can be re-used for water MBBR/MBR Wastewater Plants, can flush, general cleaning, or meet the most stringent spouting necessities. You can trust us as your whole deal assistant in business. MBBR/IFAS package plants have a guarantee to splendor in outfitting you with the finest apparatus and building where still; little voice is our primary concern quality control. Our authoritative MBBR Sewage WWTP is to help and help overall industry consenting to stringent profluent essentials for wastewater, upgrading the earth and their impact on adjacent gatherings.


Contact us -

Business Name: EEC Global Operation

Contact Person: Bjorn Sundbakken

Country/Region: USA

Street Address: 149 N Montezuma #108

City: Prescott

State: Arizona

Postal Code: 86332

Phone No: 714-915-3477

E-mail : [email protected]

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