summer camp 2012 resica falls pa maximum participation
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Summer Camp 2012 Resica Falls, PA Maximum Participation!!!!

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Summer Camp 2012 Resica Falls, PA Maximum Participation!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Some or all these slides maybe posted on A subset of these slides maybe used at the Court of Honor. Summer Camp 2012 Resica Falls, PA Maximum Participation!!!!. Resica Falls Scout Reservation. Forms & links at

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summer camp 2012 resica falls pa maximum participation

Some or all these slides maybe posted on A subset of these slides maybe used at the Court of Honor

Summer Camp 2012

Resica Falls, PA

Maximum Participation!!!!

resica falls scout reservation
Resica Falls Scout Reservation
  • Forms & links at
  • The phone number of the camp is 570-223-8312
  • Mail care packages early:

<Scout’s Name>, Troop 55

Resica Falls Scout Reservation

1200 Resica Falls Road

East Stroudsburg, PA 18302


scout behavior expectations
Scout Behavior - Expectations

“Are you super scouts or something?”

  • Uniforms: full dress scout troop…from hat to socks
    • Bus: Class A+ (hat, neckerchief, shirt, pants/shorts, socks)
    • Troop 55 Shirt, Scout pants, hat, and scout socks at all times (some exceptions e.g. sleeping clothes, swim suit, theme wear, …)
    • Buy Troop 55 t-shirts now!!!
  • Color Guard Performance, troop yell, troop roll call, …
  • Troop 55 camp-site safety & cleanliness -- daily inspections – win 4 out 5 days
  • Troop 55 led campfire skit(s) and song(s)
  • Service Project Performance (done early and beyond expectations)
  • Respect others (people & property) at all times
  • Great reports from various camp counselors/leaders
  • Dan Bear performance => Saturday AM Award
  • Camp-wide competition performance => “Cradle of Liberty Troop Award” and “UNAMI AWARD”

Planning & Preparation by Patrol Leaders’ Council is the key to doing our best

Scout Spirit: “Demonstrate that you live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life” and at camp.

expectations continued
Expectations Continued
  • Do activities and earn Merit Badges that are best earned at camp.
  • Label everything !
    • Even socks & underwear
    • permanent, paint pens, finger nail polish, be creative
  • No electronics
    • Get to know your fellow scouts
  • Not a time to skip daily medications
  • No early departures (see SM if necessary)
  • Never take or borrow your tent-mate’s stuff (care package, flashlight, toothbrush, etc.) without permission.
  • Behavior inconsistent with Troop 55 Scout Spirit or mischief will result in a call to parents/guardians and possible removal from camp.
    • Never had a scout leave for misbehaving…

Scout Spirit: “Demonstrate that you live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life” and at camp.

resica falls guidance leave at home
Resica Falls’ Guidance: “Leave at Home”
  • “Any valuable electronic devices such as Cell Phones, Radios, iPods, MP3 players, as well as comic books, playing cards, valuable cameras, jewelry, etc., and anything else which would tend to detract from the Scouting atmosphere that should prevail at camp.”
  • Cell phones…
    • Sneaking cells into camp “for safety” or communication in not necessary
    • Counterproductive to lessening homesickness
    • Never had to scout leave for homesickness…
what to bring to camp

_______ Trunk or large backpack for gear

storage and transport

_______ Sleeping Bag or 3 Blankets _______ Toilet Kit Containing:

_______ Raingear Soap, Deodorant, & Shampoo

_______ Sneakers Toothbrush & Paste

_______ Comfortable Hiking Boots Comb & Brush

_______ Complete Summer Uniforms (2) Towels & Washcloth

_______ Warm Jacket or Sweater Mirror

_______ Socks _______ Flashlight / headlamp

_______ T-Shirts (TROOP 55 2-3 shirts) _______ 1 Scout Knife (NO SHEATH KNIVES)

_______ Undershorts _______ Pillow or Air Pillow

_______ Handkerchiefs _______ Insect Repellent

_______ Swim Trunks _______ Personal First Aid Kit

_______ Extra Shirts _______ Medical Form signed and dated byDOCTOR AND PARENT

_______ Tough Long Pants _______ Money for Trading Post

_______ Pajamas _______ Cook kit containing: plate/cup


_______ Backpack / Daypack _______ Materials, costumes, accessories

for the theme 2012 Olympics

_______ Pen, Pencil, Notebook _______ Water Shoes (Old Sneakers)

_______ Ground Cloth _______ Boy Scout Handbook

_______ New Drug Registration Form

time to go to summer camp
Time to go to Summer Camp!!!!
  • Patrol Leaders’ Council Planning & Preparation is the key to doing our best!
  • Bring a Great Attitude! Meet or exceed expectations!
  • Elections on for Scout Leaders (applications due to Mr. Pan / Mr. Phillips)
  • Departure:
    • Great Falls Library
    • Be there at 08:00 am, Sunday, Jun 24
    • Recommend day pack: bag lunch for ride, raingear, and Nalgene water bottle.
    • Processing: Wearing Class A+, Medication, Forms, More Forms, payments,
    • Purchase missing troop T-shirts, hats, neckerchiefs, etc.
    • Load the bus and go!!!!
  • Return: early afternoon, Saturday, Jun 30
    • St. Francis
    • Early afternoon, Saturday, Jun 30

Scout Spirit: “Demonstrate that you live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life” and at camp.

medication at camp
Medication At Camp
  • Please send scouts to camp with the appropriate medication
  • All medication should be in the original container, labeled with scout’s name, placed in a zipper plastic bag labeled with scout name and unit (“55”)
  • Medication will be distributed at the camp Health Lodge after meals
  • Exceptions: Insulin, Inhalers and Epipens may be stored at troop campsite
details for scouts and leaders
Details for Scouts and Leaders

The following slides highlight more details for the scouts and scout leaders

summer camp blue cards for mbs
Summer Camp Blue Cards for MBs
  • When are blue cards distributed?
    • At Summer Camp (bring a pen & paper), unless you have already started and are bring a partial MB Blue Card to camp
  • Process
  • Process for adults at end of the week:
    • Verify accuracy/completeness of cards before departing
  • What to do w/ Partials?
    • Returned to scout after the bus trip home.
knifes fire
Knifes & Fire
  • Knives:
    • Resica Falls Scout Reservation Rules
      • No sheath knives
      • No blades bigger than the palm of your hand
    • No purchasing knives without Totin-chip and parents permission
    • No use of knives inconsistent with Totin-chip safety rules. e.g. throwing knives.
    • Scouts should only bring one folding knife and an accompanying multi-tool – you don’t need 5 knives at camp!
    • Scouts will be given 1 warning for knife misconduct … after that knife will be confiscated.
  • Fire:
    • Resica Falls Scout Reservation Rules
      • No unauthorized fires
    • Firem\'n Chit certification required and approval from Uniformed Adult Leader for any fires including candles, matches, etc.
new scout program
New Scout Program
  • Dan Beard Program (First Year Campers)
  • Troop Guides
  • Adult liaisons
activities at camp other
Activities at Camp - Other
  • Camp service projects (scouts)
    • Identify a lead scout or patrol
  • Camp totem project (scouts)
    • Start preparing and thinking about this now
    • Identify a lead scout or patrol
    • Bring what we need to build this to camp
  • Cooking at camp
  • Patrol & Troop Gear to bring to camp
    • QM’s get gear identified and set aside prior to departure
    • Chuck box
    • Lanterns & poles
    • Shovels, etc.
high adventure
High Adventure
  • There are many opportunities for further adventure at camp!
  • Climbing Merit Badge – In the afternoon at the COPE course
  • High Five Adventure Club – Scouts 14 and up will have adventure opportunities around Resica Falls and the Poconos. Scouts will pick their excursions on Monday, first come first served.
  • C.O.P.E (Challenge Outdoors Personal Experience) – For older boys in the troop. Talk to the SPL or Adult leaders if you are interested in C.O.P.E. at camp!
  • For more information please visit the Resica Falls website or talk to the SPL or troop Adult Leadership.
troop 55 elections patrol preferences for new scouts
Troop 55 Elections&Patrol Preferences for New Scouts
  • Elections usually held on Friday at Summer Camp
  • Positions of Responsibility (POR)
    • Senior Patrol Leader(Life/Eagle & HS Junior/ Senior)
      • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader selections
      • Lead Quartermaster & Instructor
    • Patrol Leader Elections
    • POR Applications (Mr. Pan or Mr. Phillips)
  • New scouts identify patrol preferences