Be prepared be very prepared
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Be Prepared… Be Very Prepared. For Hurricane Season!. 2007 Storm Predictions Very active hurricane season 17 named storms 9 hurricanes and 5 intense hurricanes. Read More About It At:.

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Be prepared be very prepared

Be Prepared… Be Very Prepared

For Hurricane Season!

2007 Storm Predictions

Very active hurricane season

17 named storms

9 hurricanes and

5 intense hurricanes

Read More About It At:

What is a Hurricane?

Read More About It At…

Track storms through NOAA

weather satellites.

Get the latest weather maps and

learn how to protect yourself

and your community from

severe weather.

Read More About It At:

2007 Hurricane Names

Andrea Barry ChantalDean Erin Felix Gabrielle Humberto Ingrid Jerry Karen Lorenzo

How are

Hurricanes Named?

Read About It At:

Prepare Before A Hurricane Hits…

What You Should Do

If A Hurricane Is In Your Area:

Listen to the radio or TV for

more information.

Secure your home,

close storm shutters,

and secure outdoor

objects or

bring them indoors.

Ensure a supply of water

for sanitary purposes

such as cleaning

and flushing toilets.

Fill the bathtub

and other large

containers with water.

If you are unable to


go to your safe room.

If you do not have one,

follow these guidelines:

Stay indoors

during the hurricane

and away from

windows and

glass doors.

Do not be fooled

if there is a lull;

it could be the eye of the storm –

winds will pick up again.

Close all interior

doors —

secure and brace

external doors.

Take refuge in a small

interior room, closet,

or hallway on the lowest level.

Lie on the floor under a table

or another sturdy object.

What if YOU

need to evacuate

an area?

Read More About It At:

  • should talk to your family about:

  • Where to meet outside your neighborhood if you must evacuate.

  • Where to call to "check in" if you become separated from your family during a disaster.

  • You should memorize the phone number of a favorite aunt or family member who lives in another state.

  • You would call there to report where you are so your family can find you.

Pleasedon’t forget

your pets…

Hurricanes, tornadoes and floods don’t just affect you -- they also affect your pets. And your pets depend on you for their safety.

Read More About It At:

How are the Hurricane Categories Determined?

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Read More About It At:

See the animated version at:

Learn More About Hurricanes!

Be Prepared!

Hurricane Season

June 1 - November 30