Do you like kfc
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Do you like KFC ?. Do you know what is the English full name of KFC?. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Who is Kentucky?. Colonel Harland Sanders the founder of KFC. Colonel Harland Sanders and His Dream.

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Do you like KFC ?

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Do you like kfc

Do you like KFC?

Do you know what is the english full name of kfc

Do you know what is the English full name of KFC?

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Who is Kentucky?

Do you like kfc

Colonel Harland Sanders

the founder of KFC

Colonel harland sanders and his dream

Colonel Harland Sanders and His Dream

Do you like kfc

  • After many attempts at success,Colonel Sanders began the franchise”Kentucky Fried Chicken” at the age of 65 with only a $105 social security check.

Do you like kfc

  • “We are never too old to make our dreams come true.”He said.

Do you like kfc

  • When the colonel was six ,his father

    died. Young Harland had to take care of his young brother and baby sister.This meant doing much of family cooking.

    By the age of seven,he was a master of several regional dish .

Do you like kfc

  • He held a series of jobs over the next few years.

  • After that he was a railroad fireman ,studied law by correspondence (涵授), operated an Ohio River steamboat ferry……

Do you like kfc

  • When he was 40,the Colonel began cooking for hungry travelers who stopped at his service station in Corbin,Ky.

  • He didn’t have a restaurant then,but served folks on his own dining table in his service station.

Do you like kfc

  • As more people started coming just for food,he moved the across the street to a motel and restaurant that seated 142 people.


Do you like kfc

  • Sander’s fame grew.

  • Governor Ruby Laffoon made him a Kentucky colonel in 1935 in recognition of his contributions to the state’s cuisions

  • In 1939,his establishment

    was first listed in Duncan


    “Advantures in Good


Do you like kfc

  • To be one of the largest quick service food service systems in the world.

  • Colonel Harland Sanders, a quick service restaurant pioneer ,has become a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit.

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