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Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Program. Geothermal Heat Pumps. How They Work Benefits Manitoba Hydro’s Goals Market Trends Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Programs Commercial Residential. How Does a Geothermal Heat Pump Work?. About 51% of the sun’s energy absorbed by earth.

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Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Program

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Manitoba hydro s earth power program l.jpg

Manitoba Hydro’sEarth Power Program

Geothermal heat pumps l.jpg

Geothermal Heat Pumps

  • How They Work

  • Benefits

  • Manitoba Hydro’s Goals

  • Market Trends

  • Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Programs

    • Commercial

    • Residential

How does a geothermal heat pump work l.jpg

How Does a Geothermal Heat Pump Work?

  • About 51% of the sun’s energy absorbed by earth

Moving rather than creating heat l.jpg

Moving rather than Creating Heat

How does a geothermal heat pump work5 l.jpg

How Does a Geothermal Heat Pump Work?

There are four types of loops l.jpg

There are four types of “loops”…

1. Vertical Ground Loop

2. Horizontal Ground Loop

4. Open Loop - Two Wells or Body of Water

3. Closed Pond Loop

Heat distribution systems l.jpg

Heat Distribution Systems

  • Forced air

  • Radiant heating systems

  • Remember: Geothermal heat pumps warm or cool air in smaller temperature rises than conventional systems

Customer benefits l.jpg

Customer Benefits

  • Energy savings

    • Reduce heating costs by 50% to 80%

  • Environmentally friendly

    • No harmful greenhouse gas emissions

  • Comfortable

    • More even/uniform heating and cooling than conventional systems

Customer benefits9 l.jpg

Customer Benefits

  • Air conditioning and heating in same unit

  • Safety - no flue, flames, or fumes (no carbon monoxide risk)

  • Quiet

  • Lower risk of vandalism & weather damage (since the unit is indoors)

  • Reduced structural requirements

  • Frees up space in commercial buildings

Manitoba hydro benefits l.jpg

Manitoba Hydro Benefits

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Power Smart (demand-side management) initiative in all-electric areas

    = increased export revenues

Manitoba hydro benefits11 l.jpg

Manitoba Hydro Benefits

  • Manitoba environmental benefits

    • 2003 residential CO2 emissions reduced by about 1,917 tonnes (7.1 tonnes per installed heat pump)

    • 2003 commercial CO2 emissions reduced by about 7,292 tonnes (55.4 tonnes per commercial heat pump project).

    • Total 2003 CO2 emission reduction of 9,209 tonnes.

  • Support business development in Manitoba

State of the heat pump market in manitoba l.jpg

“State of the Heat Pump Market in Manitoba”

How can Manitoba Hydro help create a more widespread market for geothermal heat pumps?

Manitoba hydro s earth power goals l.jpg

Manitoba Hydro’s Earth Power Goals

Make geothermal heat pumps more accessible:

  • Increase awareness

  • Improve industry infrastructure

  • Mitigate high first cost barrier

    • Consider life cycle cost implications

Where is the buried treasure l.jpg

Where is the Buried Treasure?

  • 50% in southwestern Manitoba

  • 30% in Winnipeg & surrounding area

  • Geographic distribution reflects development of industry infrastructure

Snapshot of manitoba market l.jpg

Snapshot of Manitoba Market

Manitoba market watch l.jpg

Manitoba Market Watch

  • Manitoba sales in 2002 = 400 units

  • Manitoba sales in 2003 = 512 units

    • Approx. 30% - 40% of the Canadian market

  • Estimated Manitoba sales by 2006 = 800 units

    • 500 residential

    • 300 commercial

Manitoba industry players l.jpg

Manitoba Industry Players

  • About 100 IGSHPA-accredited contractors throughout Manitoba

  • 15-20 vertical drilling rigs (and counting)

  • 2 Manitoba manufacturers (many distributors)

Hydro s commercial earth power programs l.jpg

Hydro’s Commercial Earth Power Programs

The Commercial side of the heat pump program

is “Sold” under the Custom option of the

Commercial Construction & Renovation Program

Hydro s commercial earth power programs19 l.jpg

Hydro’s Commercial Earth Power Programs

1. Is a geothermal heat pump right for you?

Feasibility study assistance:

  • Customer hires engineer or architect to analyze economics of heat pumps

  • We pay 50% of the first $5,000 of the study cost (and 25% thereafter to max of $10,000)

  • Average cost of study is $1,500 with a historical range of $400 to $7,800

Hydro s commercial earth power programs20 l.jpg

Hydro’s Commercial Earth Power Programs

2. Hydro helps you install a geothermal heat pump system

Financial incentive:

  • Based on electricity savings calculated in study

  • Historically, the rebate is 35% of the capital cost with a range of 1% - 55%.

Provincial tax credits for earth power l.jpg

Provincial Tax Credits for Earth Power

  • “Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit”

  • Extended in 2003 budget to include (a) renewable energy and (b) energy efficient equipment

  • Benefit: deduct 10% of geothermal heat pump purchases from Corporation Income Tax

Best times to buy economics commercial or residential l.jpg

Best Times to Buy (Economics),Commercial or Residential

  • New construction

    • No technical or aesthetic barriers to installation

  • Replacement of existing heating system

  • Thinking of adding air conditioning

Residential earth power loan l.jpg

Residential Earth Power Loan


Maximum loan$15,000

Maximum term15 years

Interest rate6.5% (fixed)

  • Make additional payments without penalty after first 6 months

  • Conveniently re-pay on your Manitoba Hydro energy bill

Residential earth power loan24 l.jpg

Residential Earth Power Loan

What is eligible?

  • Installation of geothermal heat pump systems (no air-source) for:

    • New homes

    • Existing homes

      Eligible costs under the loan includes labour, materials, taxes, etc.

Residential earth power loan25 l.jpg

Residential Earth Power Loan

Where do customers “get” loan?

  • Heat pump contractors




  • Contractors fill out paperwork for customer

See these sites for the latest list of IGSHPA-accredited installers!

Typical residential economics l.jpg

Typical Residential Economics

New home: 2,000 sq. ft. two-storey:

  • Geothermal heat pump system = $16,745

  • Electric system (A/C, DHW, heating) = $6,700

  • Electricity savings = $1,066/year or $88/month

  • Payback = 9.4 years

  • Additional monthly mortgage payment (20-year mortgage @ 6.15%) = $72/month

  • Cash ahead from the day you move in

Questions l.jpg


Contact Information:

Kristan Pearson

Heat Pump Marketing Specialist

Manitoba Hydro


Slide28 l.jpg

Other Residential Programs

Slide29 l.jpg


Manitoba Hydro

Home Comfort & Energy Savings Program

Program features l.jpg


1.Power Smart Energy Expert


Renovation booklets

3.Home Energy Calculator

4.DIY Energy Assessments

Mail-in and Online

Program features31 l.jpg


5.In Home Energy Evaluation

  • On-site inspection

  • Customized report, outlining where energy is lost and what upgrades can help

  • Home receives an EnerGuide rating

  • $75.00 plus GST

  • Can be charged to your energy bill

Program features32 l.jpg


6.Power Smart Residential Loan

  • Contractor or DIY

  • Power Smart levels

  • $5,000.00

  • 6.5% annual interest rate (fixed for entire contract)

  • Quick approval

  • Added to energy bill

Program features33 l.jpg


7. Federal Energy Efficiency Grant

  • Amount of grant depends on the difference between the home’s initial and follow-up Energuide rating

  • Must own and live in the home

  • Available until March 31, 2007

Supplemental heat pump information l.jpg

Supplemental Heat Pump Information

Faith evangelical bible church l.jpg

Faith Evangelical Bible Church

  • Cost of study = $1,500

  • February 1 , 2002

  • 4,225 square foot new building

  • Cost of heat pump system = $45,085

  • Cost of all-electric system = $18,500

  • Hydro rebate = $7,439

  • Annual energy savings = $4,962

  • Payback = 5.4 years before rebate

    = 3.9 years after rebate

Glamour shots of heat pumps l.jpg

Glamour Shots of Heat Pumps

Also helps heat DHW

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