Csa social sciences and arts humanities databases laura karves october 2006
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CSA Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities Databases Laura Karves October 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSA Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities Databases Laura Karves October 2006. CSA has 4 subject areas. Social Sciences Arts & Humanities Natural Sciences Technology. Social Sciences. CSA – Social Sciences. Communication Abstracts Criminal Justice Abstracts PAIS International

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Csa social sciences and arts humanities databases laura karves october 2006

CSA Social SciencesandArts & Humanities DatabasesLaura KarvesOctober 2006

Csa has 4 subject areas
CSA has 4 subject areas

  • Social Sciences

  • Arts & Humanities

  • Natural Sciences

  • Technology

Csa social sciences
CSA – Social Sciences

  • Communication Abstracts

  • Criminal Justice Abstracts

  • PAIS International

  • Sociological Abstracts +Social Services Abstracts

  • WorldWide Political Abstracts

  • Institute of Management International Database

  • AgeLine

  • ASSIA: Applied Social Sciences

  • EconLit

  • ERIC

  • IBSS: International…

  • Index Islamicus

  • PsycInfo


  • PsycBooks

Communication abstracts
Communication Abstracts

  • Abstracts & indexes database published by SAGE.

  • In addition to Communication Studies the database covers international literature in film studies, the role of technology in human communications, risk communication, crisis communication, and public policy.

  • It includes journal articles, reports, papers, and books.

  • 45,000 total records abnd backfiles up to 1977.

  • Bimonthly updated.

Criminal justice abstracts
Criminal Justice Abstracts

  • Abstracts database published by SAGE.

  • It covers crime trends, crime prevention and deterrence, juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice, police, courts, punishment, and sentencing.

  • Comprehensive coverage of international journals, books, reports, dissertations, and unpublished papers on criminology.

  • Also indexes and summaries of international journal articles, books and governmental and non-governmental reports.

  • Total of 80,000 records,

    with backfiles up to 1968.

Sociological abstracts social services abstracts
Sociological Abstracts +Social Services Abstracts

  • CSA:s largest sociology database, which includes more than 750,000 abstracts

  • Includes references and citations on over 3,000 journals, conference papers, books, book reviews and dissertations

  • Backfiles from 1952!

  • Includes own thesaurus

Csa sociological databases proquest full text journals
CSA Sociological databases +ProQuest full-text journals

  • 139 full-text titles; 161,000 full-text documents

  • ONLY 19 embargoed for up to 1 year

  • 93% (129 titles) are refereed; 66% (92 titles) have ISI impact factors

  • Deep archive dating as far back as 1922.

  • Weekly updating!

Assia applied social sciences indexes abstracts
ASSIA: Applied Social Sciences Indexes & Abstracts

  • A comprehensive source of social science and health information for the practical and academic professional.

  • Covers health, social services, psychology, sociology, economics, politics, race relations and education.

  • ASSIA currently contains over 375,000 records from over 500 journals published in 16 different countries, including the UK and US.

  • Updated monthly.


  • A bibliographic database covering social gerontology – the study of aging in social, psychological, health-related, and economic contest.

  • Includes over 76,000 records from Journals, magazines, aging-related dissertations and deiscriptions of videos.

  • Backfiles up to 1978.

Worldwide political science abstracts
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

  • Provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in:

  • political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy.

Csa political database proquest full text journals
CSA Political database +ProQuest full-text journals

  • 131 full-text titles; 143,600 full-text documents

  • ONLY 25 embargoed for up to 1 year

  • 87% (129 titles) are refereed; 50% (65 titles) have ISI impact factors

  • Deep archive dating as far back as 1922

  • Weekly updating!

Pais international
PAIS International

  • Main focus on Public Affairs in an international perspective .

  • Subjects covered: Child labour, Citizen militia, Cyber Cops, Disaster Relief, Ethnic Cleansing, Free Speech, Genetic Engineering, Globalization, Gun Control, Internet, Political Correctness, Street Children, Virtual reality, Weapon Stockpiles etc. etc.etc.

  • Includes publications from over 120 countries

Index islamicus
Index Islamicus

  • The database indexes literature on Islam, the Middle East and the Muslim World.

  • It does not only write only about the Middle East but also about Asia and Africa and Muslin minorities elsewhere.

  • It includes more than 2,000 journals, conference proceedings, monographs, book reviews and multi-authored works.

  • More than 292,000 records and it is updated with about 12,000 records a year.

  • Backfiles up to 1906!


  • Electronic bibliographic database

  • Covers ~2,000 journals, 2,300+ books a year, dissertations

  • 2.2 million records as far back as 1806

  • Multidisciplinary coverage

  • Scholarly content only—very international in scope

  • >15 million cited references


  • Provides full-text articles from 48 journals published by the American Psychological Association (APA).

  • Coverage starts with 1985.

  • More than 41,000 articles as of January 2005

  • Linking to CSA databases PsycInfo and PsycBooks.

  • Updated weekly.


  • Another APA database, but instead of journal articles, it includes books and chapters of APA published books.

  • Includes about 750 titles, including 100 out-of-print books from 1950 – 2002.

  • The database offers 120 archival resources in psychology, and the exclusive electronic release of the APA/Oxford University press Encyclopedia of Psychology.

Sage full text journals
SAGE Full-text journals

Communication Studies

17 journals, 5,000+ full-text articles and 23 years backfiles

  • Criminology

    21 journals, 5,000+ full-text articles and 23 years backfiles

  • Education*NEW

    23 journals, 7,000+ full-text articles and 36 years backfiles

  • Political Sciences

    23 journals, 9,000+ full-text articles and 23 years backfiles

  • Sociology

    31 journals, 12,000+ full-text articles and 23 years backfiles

Sage full text journals1
SAGE Full-text journals

  • Management & Organisation Studies*NEW

    36 journals, 10,000+ full-text articles and 57 years backfiles

  • Material Science*NEW

    15 journals, 5,300+ full-text articles and 10 years backfiles

  • Nursing & Health Studies*NEW

    23 journals, 6,000+ full-text articles and 23 years backfiles

  • Psychology*NEW

    31 journals, 18,000+ full-text articles and 35 years backfiles

  • Urban Studies*NEW

    24 journals, 6,000+ full-text articles and 23 years backfiles


  • ArtBibliographies Modern

  • DAAI: Design and Applied Arts Index

  • BHA: Bibliography of the History of Arts

  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals


  • LLBA: Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts

  • LISA:Library and Information Science Abstracts

  • ATLA Religion Database

  • BHI: British Humanities Index New!

  • MLA International Bibliography New!

  • The Philosopher's Index New!

  • RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

Bha bibliography of the history of arts
BHA – Bibliography of the History of Arts

  • Western art history from the fourth century onwards, with a primary focus on traditional art media, as well as in-depth coverage of archaeology and architecture.

  • Contains 650,000 records, with 24,000 records added per year.

  • Covers journals, books, catalogues, dissertations, conference papers and other media.

  • It has both French and English index terms and abstracts.

  • International in both coverage and scope.

Mla international bibliography
MLA International Bibliography

  • Published by the Modern Language Association

  • MLA is a subject index for books and articles published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, and linguistics.

  • It includes more than 4,000 periodicals and 1,000 book publishers.

  • Very international coverage: records also in Swedish, Norwegian, German, Russian.

Philosopher s index
Philosopher’s Index

  • A bibliographic database with informative, author-written abstracts covering scholarly research in all areas of Philosophy.

  • Covers over 5,000 journals and book chapters, from more than 40 countries.

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