Introducing medical matrix tm from advanced safety paramedics page 1 of 2
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Introducing Medical Matrix TM from Advanced Safety Paramedics Page 1 of 2 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing Medical Matrix TM from Advanced Safety Paramedics Page 1 of 2.

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Introducing Medical Matrix TM from Advanced Safety Paramedics Page 1 of 2

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Introducing Medical MatrixTM from Advanced Safety ParamedicsPage 1 of 2

Medical emergencies or sudden onset sickness can happen at any time. You need medical coverage that can respond quickly, with an appropriate level of training to intercede and help. In some cases, the responding medic may need backup. By utilizing our Medical MatrixTM, they have it in the form of a roving medic – usually an EMT or Paramedic. The task of ensuring appropriate medical coverage can be expensive and challenging for any company, especially if you have employees who travel or who work in remote locations.

With Advanced Safety Paramedics Medical MatrixTM, you can be assured of above standard care, in above standard trucks will be available anytime they are called on. Those that respond will have the tools and equipment they need, with backup not far away.

Medical Matrix

Medical MatrixTM

How do you control costs and still provide above standard medical coverage to large jobs or several jobs in the same geological area? Introducing Medical MatrixTM.

With Medical Matrix, Advanced Safety Paramedics will strategically place medical personnel with varying degrees of training (EMR, EMT, Paramedic) in fully equipped, above standard vehicles with all the tools, equipment and supplies they need to perform at their skill level in any situation.

Reliable. Having stationary and roving medics, your crews are assured of low response time, high level medical aid in the event of acute injury or sickness

One Point of Contact. The entire team on site can be easily communicated with via the on-site Team Lead.

Cost Effective. By strategically placing medical coverage between jobs, you can reduce the number of medics required, while retaining above standard coverage.


Contact our Client Manager

587 296 0060

[email protected]

Project(s) criteria:

How many crew members on site? This program is suitable for 100+ crew members on one or more closely positioned job sites.

What is the elevated risk potential?If there are crews working in isolated areas, in high risk areas or areas with increased travel time, this program is ideal.

What type of hazards exist on on the project?Machinery, H2S, other dangers, these must be aknowledged and included in planning to ensure our medics have the correct equipment and planning.

How many shifts per 24 hour period?Are there night operations on your programs? This is relevant when planning the Matrix to ensure proper coverage.

Introducing Medical MatrixTM from Advanced Safety Paramedics Page 2 of 2

Five points of differentiation for Hosted PBX:

Contact our Client Manager

587 296 0060

[email protected]

Our Matrix Planning Document

As this image shows, there are several jobs in progress and we have strategically placed medical units to facilitate proper medical coverage. Note the CMTC – The Command Vehicle / Team Lead

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