Australian silky terriers
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Australian Silky Terriers PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Australian Silky Terriers. Hello, I’m Ally and today I’m going to tell you all about Australian S ilky T erriers. Appearents.

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Australian Silky Terriers

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Australian Silky Terriers

Hello, I’m Ally and today I’m going to tell you all about

Australian Silky Terriers


Australian Silk's are a breed of small dog , there about 22 cm. There hair is long and Australian Silky puppy’s are born black and tan, as they grow older there fur turns silver , tan and blue!


Australian silk’s are very brave also very intelligent… and suprisingly bred to kill RATS! They can be pretty snappy, and they have a basicly a unlimeted amount of energy! They are VERY loyal to there owner.

Health & Lifespan

They live up to 12 to 15 years .

Most common health problem is rotten teeth.


My dog princess is not officially a australian silky because we think she is crossed with a another dog but unfortunately it is uknown. I love my dog VERY much!!!!!!!!!!! Reasintly my dog puppy died. He was 15

Over All

Over all Australian silk’s are a great house pet and great to have around (but sometimes naughty ) I would recommended Australian silky terrier as your next pet

Thanks for listening!!!!!!!


The end

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