Climate change and energy efficiency how you can save money and the environment
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Climate Change and Energy Efficiency How you can save money and the environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Climate Change and Energy Efficiency How you can save money and the environment. Laura Thompson Assistant Sustainable Energy Officer Oxford City Council. What is Climate Change?. A change in the worlds Climate noun Oxford Dictionary

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Climate Change and Energy Efficiency How you can save money and the environment

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Climate Change and Energy EfficiencyHow you can save money and the environment

Laura Thompson

Assistant Sustainable Energy Officer

Oxford City Council

What is Climate Change?

  • A change in the worlds Climate noun Oxford Dictionary

  • A change in the worlds climate that will see traditional weather patterns altered with more extreme weather

    Situations – drought/


Climate Change Over the last 1000 years

  • Last Ice Age 5 ºC cooler than present day

  • Average Temperature predicted to rise by 1.4 to 5.8 ºC

  • Highest temperatures ever

  • Fastest rate of temperature rise

Effects of Climate Change

  • Linear effects due to temperature rise

  • Polar ice melting

  • Consequent rising sea levels

  • Unpredictable non-linear effects

  • Storms

  • Flooding

  • Droughts

  • Biodiversity

  • Ocean Current Circulation

Climate Change Images

Energy Efficiency and Home Improvements

Every year UK homes produce around six tonnes of carbon dioxide each. If every home took up relatively simple energy efficiency measures and practices this would be cut by two tonnes

Home energy efficiency improvements can dramatically reduce your homes energy use.

This in turn saves you money off your energy bills, and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide pumped in to the atmosphere – thus saving the environment as well Individuals.

UK Typical house

What That Could Be

Facts and figures

  • If every household installed three energy saving light bulbs, the energy saved in a year would supply all street lighting in the UK.

  • The amount of heat lost annually through roofs and walls is enough to heat three million homes for a year.

How to get there

No Cost – behavioural changes

Simple measures like:

  • tucking the curtains behind the radiators.

  • Putting lids on pans

  • Switching appliances off rather than on standby

  • Closing the fridge and freezer doors straight away

  • Don’t boil too much water

  • Setting heating controls properly

  • Putting jumpers on rather than turning heating up

Low Cost

Low cost measures cost a money up front but this money is easily recouped from reduced fuel bills

Measures include:

  • Low energy or “Clf” light bulbs, free for those in receipt of benefits

  • Cavity Wall and loft insulation – grants and discounts available

  • Radiator panels – reflect heat back into the room

  • Draft proofing

  • Dry lining solid walls

  • Hot water tank jackets – recoup the cost in just a few months

High Cost

These cost more money but their may be grants available for you to take advantage of

  • Replacement boilers – grants available for those in receipt of benefits

  • Double glazing

  • External Wall insulation

  • Solar Hot water – the most cost effective renewable, grants available

What about Renewables?

Once you're house is energy efficient you can start to think about the possibility of installing renewable technology to contribute towards your reduced energy demand

There are now many different renewable technology options available for the domestic household.

Grants are available from the Low carbon building program

Grants of up to £400 for most technologies or 50% off the cost of Photovoltaic panels

Grants and discounts

A range of grants and discounts are available for energy efficiency improvements and renewable technologies. You must ensure your house has adequate insulation before you can apply for a renewables grant

For information regarding energy efficiency grants and renewables grants contact the following:

Sustainable energy team – oxford city council 01865 252197

Energy savings trust low carbon buildings program 0800 914 0990

Local energy efficiency advice centre 0800 512012


  • You don’t have to spend a fortune

  • Grants are available

  • Not about going without, it’s about better management of resources before it’s too late

  • Saves you money

  • Makes you feel more comfortable

  • Helps save the planet

More Information

  • or 0800 512012


  • or 01865 252197


  • look under science and nature



  • or 0800 915 0990

  • Warmfront 0800 316 2814

Thank You

Laura Thompson

Assistant Sustainable Energy Officer

Oxford City Council

01865 252197

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