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Inventory Management System. Project Manager. A. K. M. Azad. Developed By. Md. Ahsan Ullah ( Project Leader ) G M M Badiuzzaman Sarker Md. Manjurul Karim Popy Ibrahim Momshad Dinuri. Objective. Maintain overall inventory management system. Features.

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Project manager
Project Manager

  • A. K. M. Azad

Developed by
Developed By

  • Md. Ahsan Ullah ( Project Leader )

  • G M M Badiuzzaman Sarker

  • Md. Manjurul Karim

  • Popy Ibrahim

  • Momshad Dinuri


  • Maintain overall inventory management system.


  • This software actions are enabled/disabled according to the user permission.

  • Maintains all Purchase information.

  • Supports issuing items to employee.

  • Maintain information related to Damage.

  • Sale products and maintain their information is also supported

  • System will automatically update stock.

  • User can view current stock status.

  • Generates more than 60 different reports according to the user requirement.

  • Vendor and their product information is maintained to help purchase.

  • Maintains Employee Information.

  • Administrator can control easily user access rights.

  • User can take backup of the database.

  • To make the easier, Help file is also provided.

List of forms
List of Forms

  • Main Form of the Inventory Management System.

  • Logon Form.

  • Purchase Form.

  • Stock Form.

  • Sales Form.

  • Issue Form.

  • Damage Form.

  • Vendor Information Form.

  • Vendor Product Information Form.

  • User Create Form.

  • Password Change Form.

  • Settings Form

How to start
How to start?

  • When the software is running, the following screen will appear first.

Log on
Log On

  • First click the log on button then the log on screen will appear.

  • Then input the Id and password.

  • Then click OK.


  • If user click on purchase button then this screen will appear.

  • By this form user can entry new purchase information and also can search, edit, delete purchase information.


  • If user click on sales button then this screen will appear.

  • User can input sales information and can print invoice by this form.


  • By this form user can issue any item for any employee.

  • User can find any issued item and then can edit or delete the previous issued information.

Stock information
Stock Information

  • By this form user can know the current stock position. Here user can see the status of any type of product.

Damage entry
Damage Entry

  • When any product is damaged, then the information is recorded here.

  • Here the damaged product, cause and who is damaged these information are recorded.

Vendor information
Vendor Information

  • The information of the vendor is recorded here.

  • User can save new vendor information and also can edit or delete any vendor information.

Vendors product
Vendors product

  • Product list of the vendor is recorded here.

  • During purchasing any product user can find the information of the vendor of that product.

Employee information
Employee Information

  • This is employee information related form.

  • By this form user can entry new employee information. Also user can edit or delete any employee information.

Who can access this software
Who can access this software?

  • Only the authorized user can access this software.

  • User can use only those part for which part he/she is allowed.

User create
User Create

  • Only the administrator and who have this right can access this form and create user.

  • By this form user can create new user and can edit or delete existing user with permission.

Password change
Password change

  • By this form user can change his/her own password.

Settings form
Settings Form

  • Here user can set sales price and purchase price.

  • And also can create back up by this form.