Autumn winter spring and summer
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Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. By: Erika Dao, Andrey Yegorov, Anant Singh, Charlie McMurry, and Sophia Vangelatos. First Autumn (Sep. 15 ‘37-Dec. 2 ‘37). “ This early autumn, there didn’t seem to be anyone else here, just me, Matsu, and complete, white silence. ” (Tsukiyama 9)

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Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer

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Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer

By: Erika Dao, Andrey Yegorov, Anant Singh, Charlie McMurry, and Sophia Vangelatos

First Autumn (Sep. 15 ‘37-Dec. 2 ‘37)

  • “This early autumn, there didn’t seem to be anyone else here, just me, Matsu, and complete, white silence.” (Tsukiyama 9)

  • “Tarumi looked tired and faded in the gray light.” (Tsukiyama 45)

  • Autumn in Tarumi was peaceful and quiet, especially with all the men at way

First Autumn (Sep. 15 ‘37-Dec. 2 ‘37)

  • “It was late afternoon and the sun exerted its last burst of energy before disappearing into the evening.” (Tsukiyama 9)

  • metaphor for the last hours of summer before autumn and Stephen’s stay in Tarumi began

Winter (Dec. 5 ‘37-Mar. 14 ‘38)

  • ''The cold morning air stung my lips and fingers. My legs felt weak and anxiousness.'' (Tsukiyama 73)

  • ''Since the storm, I'd done nothing more vigorous than help to clean up Matsu's garden.'' (Tsukiyama 74)

Winter (Dec. 5 ‘37-Mar. 14 ‘38)

  • “By the time we arrived in Yamaguchi, the entire village was alive with celebration.’’ (Tsukiyama 96)

  • “I find there's something more spiritual in Japan on this day of renewal. there's the giving of simple gifts, visits to the temples and shrines, and debts that are repaid from the previous year.” (Tsukiyama 95)

Spring (Mar. 28 ‘38-May 30 ‘38)

  • “I have never compromised my devotion either to you children or to your mother. It was because I loved you all that I could never leave one for the other…” (Tsukiyama 84)

  • “It’s as if the darkness of winter has lifted” (Tsukiyama 117) .

  • “Every day I can see spring arriving in the smallest ways, mostly in the form of the double cherry blossoms sprouting from Matsu’s weeping Higan, and the clear, light scent I smell every time I step into the garden” (Tsukiyama 117) .

Spring (Mar. 28 ‘38-May 30 ‘38)

  • “We’ve had tougher times than this… no one can tell Mother Nature what to do” (Tsukiyama 124) .

  • “...I never dreamed that after all these years I would have the good fortune to find a new friend such as you” (Tsukiyama 127) .

  • “We’ve made several trips back to Yamaguchi” (Tsukiyama 156) .

Summer (June 6 ’38-Aug. 17 ‘38)

  • The O-bon festival is during summer

    • “Not only was it a day to honor the dead, it was a homecoming, a celebration of furusato, one’s birthplace and spiritual home” (Tsukiyama 175)

  • Matsu sister, Fumiko, comes

    • “I found out that Fumiko, Matsu’s older sister, was returning to Tarumi from Tokyo” (Tsukiyama 175)

  • Fumiko reveals information to reader and Stephen

Summer (June 6’38-Aug. 17 ’38)

  • Stephen learns about Matsu:

    • “[Matsu] always has had difficulties speaking of Tomoko, even after all these years” (Tsukiyama 178)

  • Stephen learns about Tomoko:

    • “It was such a tragedy because she was such a beautiful girl, so full of life” (Tsukiyama 178)

    • “During her last day, Fumiko continued, my mother said Tomoko was closest to Matsu.” (Tsukiyama 178)

  • This event creates a very curious and ominous atmosphere in the book

    • “It was hard to imagine what the future would bring to any of us” (Tsukiyama 181)

Second Autumn (Sep. 5 ‘38-Oct. 29 ‘38)

  • Colors changes to vibrant reds and oranges and the smells became sweeter.

  • Autumn brings about change To the atmosphere and Stephen

  • “And though passing another autumn in Tarumi wasn’t exactly like going back to school. It felt the same as returning to something I had lived before.” (Tsukiyama 185)

  • “I think of these colors, and how as each day passes they continue to fade from my eyes.” (Tsukiyama 189)

Second Autumn (Sep. 5 ‘38-Oct. 29 ‘38)

  • Autumn symbolizes change and growth

  • “Even if you walk the same road a thousand times, you’ll find something different each time.” (Tsukiyama 210)

  • Stephen explains his growth while in Tarumi during the Autumn

  • “But after a year in Tarumi I finally felt stronger than I had in the past two years. Now I couldn’t help but wonder how long it would be before I had to leave Tarumi behind also, and begin to participate in my other life again.” (Tsukiyama 186)

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