Government of madhya pradesh department of agriculture
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Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture. Agro Climatic Zones in Madhya Pradesh. Land use classification. Unit – Lakh ha. Cropped area & Cropping intensity. Unit – Lakh ha. Notable contribution of state in National Agriculture Production. Objectives.

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Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture

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Government ofMadhya PradeshDepartment of Agriculture

Secretary Agriculture

Agro Climatic Zones in Madhya Pradesh

Secretary Agriculture

Land use classification

Unit – Lakh ha.

Secretary Agriculture

Cropped area & Cropping intensity

Unit – Lakh ha.

Secretary Agriculture

Notable contribution of state in National Agriculture Production

Secretary Agriculture


Increasing the Agriculture productivity & production to double the farm income in 5 years.

Create more employment opportunities and to convert present Marginal employment into full employment by raising productivity

To help small & marginal farmers in particular.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions

  • Agro-climatic zone wise planning.

  • Increasing the production in 5 years by implementing following programmes:-

    • Convergence demonstration for doubling farm incomes in irrigated and rainfed areas, in each district.

    • Bringing additional culturable fallow and ravine land under cultivation & horticulture.

    • Intensive tank-bed cultivation in Rabi.

    • Promotion of agro processing industries.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions contd

Increasing the production…..

  • Soil water management through institutional credit.

  • Enhancing seed replacement rate.

  • Balanced application of chemical & organic nutrients based in soil tests

  • Revamping cooperative credit and restoring the health of cooperative institution.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions contd

Increasing the production…..

  • Introducing agriculture including horticulture and animal husbandry as a compulsory subject in middle schools.

  • Promotion of organic farming.

  • Enhancing per ha. use of fertiliser.

  • Judicious use of available water.

  • Intercropping of Horticulture crops.

  • New nurseries in private sector.

  • Medicinal crops & floriculture in each district.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions contd

Increasing the production…..

  • Massive seed production programme involving the Seed Grower Co-operative Societies.

  • 20% increase in distribution of machinery & implements

  • Leasing out of large chunks of ravine land for horticulture use.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions contd

  • Promotion to cultivation of Durum wheat.

  • Increasing production of quality plants of horticulture especially through Private Nurseries.

  • Increasing milk production through breed improvement & induction of high yielding milk cattle.

  • Better enforcement of Insecticide Act, Seed Act & Fertiliser Control Order to ensure quality of inputs.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions

  • Integrated approach for doubling food production and farm income by contact village concept -

    • Out of 52,000 villages in state 15,000 villages are identified as contact village in 2004 -05.

    • 2 villages will be adopted by each village extension worker(VLW).

    • Capacity building of key communicators in the village (Kisan Bandhu & Kisan Saheli)

    • Involvement of ‘Kisan Bandhu’ & ‘Kisan Saheli’ in extention activity as well as in establishing agri clinic & agribusiness centres.

    • Extension training through SatCom.

Secretary Agriculture

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions

  • Agri. Export Zone

    -3 AEZs sanctioned – 1. Potato/Onion/ Garlic

    2. Seed spices

    3. Wheat

  • Agro processing industries

    -M.P. Agro. nominated as nodal agency

    -Agro processing is earmarked as thrust sector in new industrial policy.

    -Possibility of more than 1000 Agro industries in the state, promoting entrpreneurs.

Secretary Agriculture

Agriculture Marketing reforms

  • Single Licence

    • ITC Soya Chaupal a success story

  • Contract farming

  • Establishment of soil-testing laboratory in Mandi yard

    • Soil sample collection centers in mandis tied up with Kisan Bandhus.

  • Farmer Road Fund

  • Agricultural Research & Infrastructure Development Fund

  • E-Agricultural Marketing -‘ EKVI ‘

Secretary Agriculture

Agriculture Research

  • Development of new high yielding & disease resistant varieties of field crops as well as vegetables.

  • Production of nucleus and breeder seed production.

  • Integrated nutrient management.

  • Integrated pest management.

  • Post harvest processing and value addition.

Secretary Agriculture

Strategey for improving crop productivity

Secretary Agriculture


Secretary Agriculture

Shortage of Fertilisers for Rabi 2004-05

  • Shortage of DAP

    • Requirement4.0 Lakh Tonnes

    • Availability2.6 Lakh Tonnes

    • Required Additional Supply 1.4 Lakh Tonnes

  • The production of SSP by the manufacturers in MP has reduced due to non availability of Rock Phosphate

  • Shortage of SSP

    • Required Additional Supply1.1 Lakh Tonnes

Secretary Agriculture

Macro management

  • 24 Schemes of 5 Departments included.

  • 63.19 Crores proposal submitted to GOI.

  • Sanctioned only worth Rs 45.00 crores against the expenditure in 2002-03 Rs.49.19 and 2003-04 Rs 31.67 (because release was only 34.50 crores

  • Additional funds required Rs. 15.00 crores (NWDPRA 5 crores, Augumentation of ground water 5 crores and RVP 5 crores).

Secretary Agriculture

More funds for ISOPOM

Proposal for Rs. 57.21 crores submitted by state.

Sanctioned only Rs. 14.25 crores.

State is highest pulses, oilseeds & maize producer in the country.

Huge potential exists for maize & pulses production

Hence additional funds Rs.20 crores. required for this programme.

(Rs. 17.50 crores for oilseeds and 2.50 crores for pulses.)

Secretary Agriculture

National Agriculture Insurance scheme

  • Scheme already under implementation since 1999.

  • State Govt. decided to reduced the unit of insurance from “Tehsil” to “Patwari Halka”

  • Proposal sent to GOI for permission as desired by AIC on 17th Jan, 2003.

  • Even after reminding on 18th June.2003, 23rd March 2004 & 21st April 2004 respectively the permission is still awaited from ministry.

  • It is learnt that technical issues like number & supervision of crop cut expts by NSSO are there, for which the intervention of ESA was sought but permission is still awaited.

Secretary Agriculture

Other issues related to NAIS

  • State Govt. sent the suggestions for improvement in procedural aspects. They may be taken into consideration. They were related to:

    • Delay in calculation of claims.

    • Allowance of small area estimation approach for yield estimation.

    • Opening of account in commercial banks for non-loanee farmers.

    • Powers of deciding local issues to State Level Consultative Committee.

Secretary Agriculture

Issues in Horticulture

National Horticulture mission in Madhya Pradesh

Project submitted 18-8-04 to GOI through letter no.B-7/3/04/14-2

Total amount Rs 499.14 crs

Activities included

On farm development

New Plantation

Rain fed horticulture

Vegetable spices, Floriculture, Area expansion

Drip irrigation

Research support.

Institutional development

Post Harvest

Secretary Agriculture


  • Realse of funds for Jatropa cultivation.

    Request letter from APC send to Secretary A & C, GOI and ED NOVOD Board for release of Rs. 5 crs for the year 2004- 05.

Secretary Agriculture

Issues in Agriculture University

Project Proposals send from Vice Chancellor/DRS to DG & DDG Hort., ICAR New Delhi

  • Proposal for establishment of dry land horticulture research station at Garakota dist Sagar.

  • Project proposal for sanction of AICRP sub centre on garlic, fenugreek and coriander.

  • Continuation of the AICRP on medicinal & aromatic plant centre at Indore.

  • Proposal for establishing the Krishi Vigyan Kendra in 16 district.

Secretary Agriculture

Crop wise performance during


Secretary Agriculture

Cropwise performance during Kharif-2004

Secretary Agriculture

Cropwise performance during Kharif-2004

Secretary Agriculture

Quality control status

Unit in No.

1- Court Cases filed by the Department Directly in the court

Secretary Agriculture

Constraints in meeting the desired result

Secretary Agriculture

Reason for less production

  • Delayed sowing nearly 27% area. (paddy & soybean).

  • Delayed transplantation of paddy in about 3.00 lakh ha. area of Balaghat, Seoni, Katni, Rewa, Shahdol & Sidhi districts.

  • About 1 lakh ha. area of paddy could not be sown.

  • Damage to crops by excessive rains in Jhabua & Khargone. (maize, jowar & cotton).

  • About 1 lakh ha. area of soybean has been completely damaged by pests & insects in 8 districts of the state. Total area affected is 9.35 lakh ha.

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi programme 2004-05

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi Programme 2004-05

Secretary Agriculture

Achievement of Rabi 2003-04 & Target for 2004-05

Area : lakh Hect, Prod: Lakh Tonnes, Yield :Kg/ Hect

Secretary Agriculture

Achievement of Rabi 2003-04 & target for 2004-05

Area : lakh Hect, Prod: Lakh Tonnes, Yield :Kg/ Hect

Secretary Agriculture

Seeds Demand, Target & Availability Rabi 2004-05

Qty. in Qtls.

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi strategy

  • Area expansion

    • 92.2 lakh Ha 2004-05

    • 84.18 lakh Ha2003-04

  • Seed Distribution Programme increased-

    • 4.52 Lakh Qtls2004-05

    • 3.4Lakh Qtls2003-04

  • Fertiliser Distribution Increased-

    • 7.8 Lakh MT (NPK)2004-05

    • 6.8 Lakh MT (NPK)2003-04

  • Emphasis on low water requiring crops like Gram, Mustard.

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi strategy

  • More thrust on Durum wheat-

    • Increase in area

    • Variety replacement.

    • Marketing through Agri-Export Zone.

  • Encourage larger use of Bio-fertilisers & Seed Treatment Materials-

    • Incentive scheme for marketing through Kisan bandhus and Kisan Sahelis

  • Efficient water management through micro irrigation methods.

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi strategy

  • Increased Seed replacement Programme for Wheat & Gram

    • 15,000 contact villages F-2 seed of Wheat & Gram for 5% area to each farmer in Rabi.

    • Rabi 2005-06 100% seed replacement in these villages

Secretary Agriculture


Secretary Agriculture

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