Government of madhya pradesh department of agriculture
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Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture. Agro Climatic Zones in Madhya Pradesh. Land use classification. Unit – Lakh ha. Cropped area & Cropping intensity. Unit – Lakh ha. Notable contribution of state in National Agriculture Production. Objectives.

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Government of madhya pradesh department of agriculture
Government ofMadhya PradeshDepartment of Agriculture

Secretary Agriculture

Land use classification
Land use classification

Unit – Lakh ha.

Secretary Agriculture

Cropped area cropping intensity
Cropped area & Cropping intensity

Unit – Lakh ha.

Secretary Agriculture


Objectives Production

Increasing the Agriculture productivity & production to double the farm income in 5 years.

Create more employment opportunities and to convert present Marginal employment into full employment by raising productivity

To help small & marginal farmers in particular.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions Production

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions Production

  • Agro-climatic zone wise planning.

  • Increasing the production in 5 years by implementing following programmes:-

    • Convergence demonstration for doubling farm incomes in irrigated and rainfed areas, in each district.

    • Bringing additional culturable fallow and ravine land under cultivation & horticulture.

    • Intensive tank-bed cultivation in Rabi.

    • Promotion of agro processing industries.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions contd
New interventions contd Production

Increasing the production…..

  • Soil water management through institutional credit.

  • Enhancing seed replacement rate.

  • Balanced application of chemical & organic nutrients based in soil tests

  • Revamping cooperative credit and restoring the health of cooperative institution.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions contd Production

Increasing the production…..

  • Introducing agriculture including horticulture and animal husbandry as a compulsory subject in middle schools.

  • Promotion of organic farming.

  • Enhancing per ha. use of fertiliser.

  • Judicious use of available water.

  • Intercropping of Horticulture crops.

  • New nurseries in private sector.

  • Medicinal crops & floriculture in each district.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions contd1
New interventions contd Production

Increasing the production…..

  • Massive seed production programme involving the Seed Grower Co-operative Societies.

  • 20% increase in distribution of machinery & implements

  • Leasing out of large chunks of ravine land for horticulture use.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions contd2
New interventions contd Production

  • Promotion to cultivation of Durum wheat.

  • Increasing production of quality plants of horticulture especially through Private Nurseries.

  • Increasing milk production through breed improvement & induction of high yielding milk cattle.

  • Better enforcement of Insecticide Act, Seed Act & Fertiliser Control Order to ensure quality of inputs.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions Production

  • Integrated approach for doubling food production and farm income by contact village concept -

    • Out of 52,000 villages in state 15,000 villages are identified as contact village in 2004 -05.

    • 2 villages will be adopted by each village extension worker(VLW).

    • Capacity building of key communicators in the village (Kisan Bandhu & Kisan Saheli)

    • Involvement of ‘Kisan Bandhu’ & ‘Kisan Saheli’ in extention activity as well as in establishing agri clinic & agribusiness centres.

    • Extension training through SatCom.

Secretary Agriculture

New interventions Production

  • Agri. Export Zone

    - 3 AEZs sanctioned – 1. Potato/Onion/ Garlic

    2. Seed spices

    3. Wheat

  • Agro processing industries

    - M.P. Agro. nominated as nodal agency

    - Agro processing is earmarked as thrust sector in new industrial policy.

    - Possibility of more than 1000 Agro industries in the state, promoting entrpreneurs.

Secretary Agriculture

Agriculture Marketing reforms Production

  • Single Licence

    • ITC Soya Chaupal a success story

  • Contract farming

  • Establishment of soil-testing laboratory in Mandi yard

    • Soil sample collection centers in mandis tied up with Kisan Bandhus.

  • Farmer Road Fund

  • Agricultural Research & Infrastructure Development Fund

  • E-Agricultural Marketing -‘ EKVI ‘

Secretary Agriculture

Agriculture Research Production

  • Development of new high yielding & disease resistant varieties of field crops as well as vegetables.

  • Production of nucleus and breeder seed production.

  • Integrated nutrient management.

  • Integrated pest management.

  • Post harvest processing and value addition.

Secretary Agriculture

Strategey for improving crop productivity Production

Secretary Agriculture

Issues Production

Secretary Agriculture

Shortage of fertilisers for rabi 2004 05
Shortage of Fertilisers for Rabi 2004-05 Production

  • Shortage of DAP

    • Requirement 4.0 Lakh Tonnes

    • Availability 2.6 Lakh Tonnes

    • Required Additional Supply 1.4 Lakh Tonnes

  • The production of SSP by the manufacturers in MP has reduced due to non availability of Rock Phosphate

  • Shortage of SSP

    • Required Additional Supply 1.1 Lakh Tonnes

Secretary Agriculture

Macro management Production

  • 24 Schemes of 5 Departments included.

  • 63.19 Crores proposal submitted to GOI.

  • Sanctioned only worth Rs 45.00 crores against the expenditure in 2002-03 Rs.49.19 and 2003-04 Rs 31.67 (because release was only 34.50 crores

  • Additional funds required Rs. 15.00 crores (NWDPRA 5 crores, Augumentation of ground water 5 crores and RVP 5 crores).

Secretary Agriculture

More funds for ISOPOM Production

Proposal for Rs. 57.21 crores submitted by state.

Sanctioned only Rs. 14.25 crores.

State is highest pulses, oilseeds & maize producer in the country.

Huge potential exists for maize & pulses production

Hence additional funds Rs.20 crores. required for this programme.

(Rs. 17.50 crores for oilseeds and 2.50 crores for pulses.)

Secretary Agriculture

National Agriculture Insurance scheme Production

  • Scheme already under implementation since 1999.

  • State Govt. decided to reduced the unit of insurance from “Tehsil” to “Patwari Halka”

  • Proposal sent to GOI for permission as desired by AIC on 17th Jan, 2003.

  • Even after reminding on 18th June.2003, 23rd March 2004 & 21st April 2004 respectively the permission is still awaited from ministry.

  • It is learnt that technical issues like number & supervision of crop cut expts by NSSO are there, for which the intervention of ESA was sought but permission is still awaited.

Secretary Agriculture

Other issues related to NAIS Production

  • State Govt. sent the suggestions for improvement in procedural aspects. They may be taken into consideration. They were related to:

    • Delay in calculation of claims.

    • Allowance of small area estimation approach for yield estimation.

    • Opening of account in commercial banks for non-loanee farmers.

    • Powers of deciding local issues to State Level Consultative Committee.

Secretary Agriculture

Issues in Horticulture Production

National Horticulture mission in Madhya Pradesh

Project submitted 18-8-04 to GOI through letter no.B-7/3/04/14-2

Total amount Rs 499.14 crs

Activities included

On farm development

New Plantation

Rain fed horticulture

Vegetable spices, Floriculture, Area expansion

Drip irrigation

Research support.

Institutional development

Post Harvest

Secretary Agriculture

Issues Production

  • Realse of funds for Jatropa cultivation.

    Request letter from APC send to Secretary A & C, GOI and ED NOVOD Board for release of Rs. 5 crs for the year 2004- 05.

Secretary Agriculture

Issues in Agriculture University Production

Project Proposals send from Vice Chancellor/DRS to DG & DDG Hort., ICAR New Delhi

  • Proposal for establishment of dry land horticulture research station at Garakota dist Sagar.

  • Project proposal for sanction of AICRP sub centre on garlic, fenugreek and coriander.

  • Continuation of the AICRP on medicinal & aromatic plant centre at Indore.

  • Proposal for establishing the Krishi Vigyan Kendra in 16 district.

Secretary Agriculture

Crop wise performance during Production


Secretary Agriculture

Cropwise performance during Kharif-2004 Production

Secretary Agriculture

Cropwise performance during Kharif-2004 Production

Secretary Agriculture

Quality control status Production

Unit in No.

1- Court Cases filed by the Department Directly in the court

Secretary Agriculture

Constraints in meeting the desired result Production

Secretary Agriculture

Reason for less production Production

  • Delayed sowing nearly 27% area. (paddy & soybean).

  • Delayed transplantation of paddy in about 3.00 lakh ha. area of Balaghat, Seoni, Katni, Rewa, Shahdol & Sidhi districts.

  • About 1 lakh ha. area of paddy could not be sown.

  • Damage to crops by excessive rains in Jhabua & Khargone. (maize, jowar & cotton).

  • About 1 lakh ha. area of soybean has been completely damaged by pests & insects in 8 districts of the state. Total area affected is 9.35 lakh ha.

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi programme 2004-05 Production

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi Programme 2004-05 Production

Secretary Agriculture

Achievement of Rabi 2003-04 & Target for 2004-05 Production

Area : lakh Hect, Prod: Lakh Tonnes, Yield :Kg/ Hect

Secretary Agriculture

Achievement of Rabi 2003-04 & target for 2004-05 Production

Area : lakh Hect, Prod: Lakh Tonnes, Yield :Kg/ Hect

Secretary Agriculture

Seeds Demand, Target & Availability Rabi 2004-05 Production

Qty. in Qtls.

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi strategy Production

  • Area expansion

    • 92.2 lakh Ha 2004-05

    • 84.18 lakh Ha 2003-04

  • Seed Distribution Programme increased-

    • 4.52 Lakh Qtls 2004-05

    • 3.4 Lakh Qtls 2003-04

  • Fertiliser Distribution Increased-

    • 7.8 Lakh MT (NPK) 2004-05

    • 6.8 Lakh MT (NPK) 2003-04

  • Emphasis on low water requiring crops like Gram, Mustard.

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi strategy Production

  • More thrust on Durum wheat-

    • Increase in area

    • Variety replacement.

    • Marketing through Agri-Export Zone.

  • Encourage larger use of Bio-fertilisers & Seed Treatment Materials-

    • Incentive scheme for marketing through Kisan bandhus and Kisan Sahelis

  • Efficient water management through micro irrigation methods.

Secretary Agriculture

Rabi strategy
Rabi strategy Production

  • Increased Seed replacement Programme for Wheat & Gram

    • 15,000 contact villages F-2 seed of Wheat & Gram for 5% area to each farmer in Rabi.

    • Rabi 2005-06 100% seed replacement in these villages

Secretary Agriculture

T h a n k s

T H A N K S Production

Secretary Agriculture