Holy oil water the economics of a theocratic nation
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Holy Oil & Water: The Economics of a Theocratic Nation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Holy Oil & Water: The Economics of a Theocratic Nation. Presented by: Johanna Murphy. “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland. Decades of conflict between Pakistan & India. Conflict between Israel & Hezbollah. The Taliban rule in Afghanistan. The Problem.

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Holy oil water the economics of a theocratic nation

Holy Oil & Water: The Economics of a Theocratic Nation

Presented by: Johanna Murphy

“The Troubles” in Northern Ireland

Decades of conflict between Pakistan & India

Conflict between Israel & Hezbollah

The Taliban rule in Afghanistan

The problem
The Problem

A theocratic nation will not hold a strong position in a liberal international political economy

What is theocracy
What is Theocracy?

  • Theocracy as “a mode of governance prioritizing a religious conception of the good that is strict and comprehensive in its range of teachings.”

Liberal economic system
Liberal Economic System

  • Purpose of economic activity is to enrich individuals & the state should play a very small role in the economic system

Strong position in global economy
Strong Position in Global Economy

Organization whose role includes administering trade agreements, providing a forum for trade negotiations, helping governments settle trade disputes, & reviewing national trade policies.

Relationship between oil demand

and Iranian GDP

I individual level
I. Individual Level

  • If a developing nation’s leader places adherence to religious practice above all other goals including prosperity…

Ayatollah Khomeini

Ii domestic level
II. Domestic Level

  • If a developing nation’s economy is state controlled…

Iranian economic sectors
Iranian Economic Sectors

State Sector

Private Sector

All large-scale & mother industries

Foreign trade

Major minerals



Power generation

Dams & large-scale irrigation networks

Radio & television


Telegraph & telephone services






Animal husbandry



All these will be publicly owned & administered

by the state

Services that supplement the economic activities

of the state

Iii international level
III. International Level

  • If a developing nation is a radical theocracy operating in an open, global market environment…