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dprinhk 2010. Wisdom of Emotions & Dzogchen Meditation 情緒與大圓滿禪修. 3 – 26 - 28, 2010 Friday to Sunday 星 期 五 至 曰 地 點 : 嘉道理研究所 - 新界元朗石崗林錦路 Venue : The Kadoorie Institute Lam Kam Rd., Shek Kong, N. T. Thank you all for participating in the retreat,

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Dprinhk 2010

Wisdom of Emotions &

Dzogchen Meditation


3 – 26 - 28, 2010

Friday to Sunday 星期五至曰

地點 : 嘉道理研究所 - 新界元朗石崗林錦路

Venue : The Kadoorie Institute Lam Kam Rd., Shek Kong, N. T.

Thank you all

for participating in the retreat,

just want to share this with all of you ……….

you are welcome to share this

presentation with your friends …..

Reminder :

The Voice Recordings of the teachings and Lujong are just for participants ONLY

Message from rinpoche
message from rinpoche

May we have the courage and wisdom to embark on the path of genuine dharma wholeheartedly.

May you all have good health, success in your virtuous works, and happiness.

May we all meet together in the true mandala of rigpa beyond time.

Shifting watermoon by the dzogchen ponlop rinpoche
shifting watermoon by the dzogchen ponlop rinpoche

Who Are You ?

You are so familiar

Yet no one knows who you really are

Are you not called “thoughts” by some ?

Are you really there – or simply my delusion ?

Are you not taught to be the true

wisdom mind ?

What a beautiful world this could be

If only I could see through this mind

Well, it doesn’t matter

Because I don’t exist without you !

“Who am I” – is perhaps the right question

After all, I’m just one of your many manifestations !

You are so creative

And your tricks are so original

Look at your magic

So deceptive, real and endless.

You are a great storyteller

So dramatic, colorful, and emotional

I love your stories

But do you realize that you’re telling them over and over and over ?

You are such a dreamer

And you’re tirelessly so passionate

For your dream characters and the world

But do you see that you’re just dreaming ?

dpr Denny’s Tokyo February 7, 2006

Selected songs of realization
Selected Songs of Realization開悟之歌選集












Selected songs of realization five perfections of the definitive meaning songbook p 76
Selected Songs of Realization開悟之歌選集Five Perfections of the Definitive Meaning (Songbook P.76)

The support is the three precious jewels

They’re present primordially

Perfect in natural awareness

I don’t need to supplicate them

I am the blissful yogi

Ain’t doing no recitation!

The yidams, bestowers of siddhis

Both common and supreme

Are not something you can create

They’re perfect within clear light mind

So I do not need to practice

The deity’s creation stage

I am the blissful yogi

My own body is the diety!

The host of sky flying dakinis

Who clear bad conditions away

Are perfect in natural being

No need to offer them dorma

This blissful yogi is resting

In six consciousnesses so relaxed!

This demon who causes such problems

This demon is just my own thoughts

Are appearances of ghosts and goblins

Are perfect within Dharamta

I don’t need to do wrathful pujas

I don’t need to make all that noise

I am the blissful yogi

My thoughts shine as Dharmakaya!

All conventions in scriptures and logic

Are perfect when I taste clear light

And so I do not need to study

In a conventional way

I am the blissful yogi

My texts are whatever appears!

Composed by Milarepa

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated by the Dzogchen Ponlop, Rinpoche, and Ari Goldfield, December 26, 1999

Selected songs of realization1
Selected Songs of Realization開悟之歌選集

For those who want to order,

welcome to email [email protected] .

Message from gloria
message from gloria

Dear brothers and sisters,

Mind and body are inseparable. Work on the mind through your body; and work on the body through your mind. These two are the abundant treasuries that were born with you; you cannot find such great joy of re-discovering these two jewels from worldly fame and gain, not even from someone you thought who loves you. There's no need to seek for the true nature of life from outer world. I'm working on it together with you all.

With lots of prayers,

Gloria Sherabdrolma Chiang




Nitartha Summer Institute

Students from Hong Kong are invited to participate in A Summer Immersion Program In Buddhist Studies, in the United States with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Two weeks or one month

On the Campus of Western Washington University

Near the cities of Seattle and Vancouver, BC.

July 17– August 14, 2010

Session I : July 17 – July 31

Session II : August 1 – August 14

Under the direction of The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

For detail information, please refer to following pages or email [email protected] for PDF version

Register by May31, 2010 www.nitarthainstitute.org Telephone: 206-947-6018

Email: [email protected]

Messages from participants
……..messages from participants

Dear Organizers,I had a long trip and finally get home last night. Would like toaddress my thankfulness to all of you who prepared such a greatretreat for us. I enjoyed my stay in the retreat and have learnt a lot from Rinpoche. This is an auspicious connection and I hope you will have annual retreat like this to benefit more people in the future.

best regards,Szu-yin

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for organizing the wonderful retreats for us, you provide us a unforgotten time with Rincpoche and all of you. Thanks again and hope to join your activities again.



Messages from participants1
……..messages from participants






Dear friends,

Thank you for such a wonderful retreat!We all loved Rinpoche's brilliant teachings and playful presence, andare so grateful for your efforts in bringing him to usWe will keep requesting him to return

with mettaElizabeth

Messages from dpr s lucky students
messages from dpr’s lucky students

Wandering mind...

Monkey mind....

Never mind!

Fresh mind....

Clarity mind...

Master's mind!

Devotional mind...

Full of blessings,

Celebrating minds in

Union and Bliss!

Messages from dpr s lucky students1

May our Guru be with us always!!

May his teaching and blessing reaches us all!

May his compassion heart lifts our mind

and changes our action!

May his wisdom and insight

spread out to this needy world!

messages from dpr’s lucky students

Messages from dpr s lucky students2
messages from dpr’s lucky students

With the inspiring teaching from DPR, serene surroundings and wonderful participants , we have all experienced an " Enlightened" weekend that enriches our body and soul.

The whole retreat floated so smoothly and effortlessly.

The weather condition was so perfect that echoed profoundly with our brightened mind.

Our minds meet together through the direction of our most beloved teacher and Guru, DPR.

Our hearts filled with joy and enriched with the Dharma music.

Our bodies and minds became "One" and "Inseparable" through the practice of Lujong.

It is just wonderful.

Messages from nalandabodhi asia
……..messages from nalandabodhi asia







Dear Dharma Friends, 

Thank you very much for participating in Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche's March to April programs in Hong Kong. They couldn't have been successfully completed without  your glorious support & participation.  

May we dedicate all the generated merits toward the cause of letting wisdom, joy, and loving kindness flourish without limit.  

May Ponlop Rinpoche swiftly return to Hong Kong & we can once again experience the great joy of receiving the genuine dharma with in his presence.  

With Metta ……

Nalandabodhi Asia 

Dedication by khenpo tsultrim gyamtso rinpoche
Dedicationby Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche

All you sentient beings

I have a good or bad connection with

As soon as you have left this confused dimension

May you be born in the west in Sukhavati

And once you’re born there,

Complete the bhumis and the paths.

Longevity supplication for the dzogchen ponlop rinpoche
Longevity Supplication for The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

The vital essence of the ocean of scriptures

in Samantabhadra’s vehicle

Is the heart of luminous definitive meaning.

You fly the victory banner of this great

Tradition’s teachings throughout the

Reaches of space.

Glorious, supreme guru, may you always remain.

In response to the request for a longevity supplication for

The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche made by his faithful students,

The Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje, composed this in Sarnath.

May it be virtuous.

(January 16, 2008)