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Ancient Egypt. Mr. Pagliaro Seymour High School. A View of Egypt by Satellite. Mediterranean Sea. Nile Delta. Kehmet: Nile River. Lower Egypt. Deshret : Sahara Desert. Sinai Peninsula. Upper Egypt. Nubian Desert. Red Sea. Fertile Nile Valley. Annual Flooding.

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Ancient Egypt

Mr. Pagliaro

Seymour High School

A View of Egypt by Satellite

Mediterranean Sea

Nile Delta

Kehmet: Nile River

Lower Egypt


Sahara Desert



Upper Egypt



Red Sea

Egypt gift of the nile

Annual Flooding

Egypt: Gift of the Nile

Papyrus  Paper

Hieratic Scroll Piece

Papyrus Plant

Hieroglyphics alphabet
Hieroglyphics “Alphabet”

24 “letters” + 700 phonetic symbols

Egyptian Math & Draftsmanship

What number is this?

Egyptian creation myth
Egyptian Creation Myth

The Gods & Goddesses Nut (Sky), Geb (Earth), their children Osiris (The Nile, the afterlife) and Isis (magic), and the God Thoth (Knowledge) and Goddess Maat (Truth & Justice) who aided their birth against the will of Ra.

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses:“The Sacred ‘Trinity’”

Osiris Isis Horus

Preparations for the Underworld

ANUBIS weighs the dead person’s heart against a feather.

Priests protected your KA, or soul-spirit

Materials Used in Mummification

1. Linen 6. Natron2. Sawdust 7. Onion3. Lichen 8. Nile Mud4. Beeswax 9. Linen Pads5. Resin 10. Frankinsense

Egyptian Mummies

Ramses II1279-1212 B. C.

Seti I1291-1278 B. C.

Queen Tiye, wife of Amenhotep II1210-1200 B. C.

Journey to the Underworld

The dead travel on the “Solar Bark.”

A boat for the journey is provided for a dead pharaoh in his tomb.

Shabtis: The Pharaoh’s Servants in the Afterlife

Preparation for the Afterlife

Egyptian book of the dead
Egyptian Book of the Dead

The final judgment
The Final Judgment

Ammut: Devourer of Souls

Anubis Horus Osiris

Narmer palette
Narmer Palette

Old kingdom
Old Kingdom

  • Pharaoh = king & god

    • Complete power

    • Owned everything

    • Ruled w/ help of Viziers

  • Only nobility were mummified

  • Old Kingdom = Period of Pyramid Building

Ancient Egyptian Housing

Middle Class Homes

Peasant Homes

Stepped Pyramid at Saqqara

Built for Pharaoh Djoser(Zo-zer) by the vizier Imhotep

Stacked mastabas

Plan of the Great Pyramid of Khufu

The Great Pyramid is over 81 times as tall as Mr. Pags.

480.6 feet

Nearly 6 feet

Removal of the hyksos
Removal of the Hyksos


Queen Ahotep

Kamose-brother of Ahmose

Some famous egyptian pharaohs
Some Famous Egyptian Pharaohs

Tutankhamen1336-1327 B. C.

Thutmose III1504-1450 B. C.

Ramses II1279-1212 B. C.

1 st tomb
1st Tomb

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

1473-1458 B. C.


1st female ruler



Trade with Nubia & Punt

Thutmose iii
Thutmose III

“Erase” Hatshepsut

Expand trade w/ Nubia

Created an empire


Entire Nile Valley



Ankhenaten first monotheist
Ankhenaten: First Monotheist?

Amenhotep IV

1352-1336 B. C.

Queen nefertiti

Archaeologist howard carter 1922
Archaeologist, Howard Carter (1922)

Ramses ii 1300s bc 1212 bc
Ramses II: 1300s BC-1212 BC

AKA Ozmandias

Ruled 66 years

Died around age 90

44-56 sons and 40-44 daughters

Egypt’s largest size as empire

Pharaoh from Bible?

Ramses ii
Ramses II

Battle of Kadesh

Abu simbel monument to ramses ii
Abu Simbel:Monument to Ramses II

Routes of the sea peoples
Routes of the “Sea Peoples”

Invasion c. 1100 BC

Nubian kushite kingdom
Nubian/Kushite Kingdom

Moved to Meroe

Modern Sudan

Traditional Egyptian civ. moved south

What happened in lower egypt
What happened in Lower Egypt?

From 1085-33 BC, invaded by-