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Albanian metadata albmeta
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Albanian metadata albmeta

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009


Prepared by

INSTAT Working Group

The mission of instat


INSTAT’ s mission is to produce objective, impartial, reliable, professional independence, relevance, transparence and timely statistics that help the user to judge on the developments of the transformation processes in our country.

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

The vision of instat

The vision of INSTAT

As only used statistics are useful statistics, INSTAT strives to become :

the major source of statistical information providing decision makers, research and education in Albania

in the international community with relevant, reliable and comparable statistical information.

with a learning attitude and systematic network for marketing and disseminating statistical information making use of modern networking structures and information technology

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Instat s structure 2009

INSTAT’s structure 2009

General Director

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Metadata strategy

Metadata strategy

Collection of information about the data collected in an application or database.

Decide how meta data would be used in the organization

Decide who would use what meta data and why

Develop map for managing statistical information from different sources

Improve the quality of statistics produced

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Purpose of metadata

Purpose of metadata

The main purpose of statistical metadata is to inform users of statistical data about:

which statistical data are available

where to find and how to retrieve certain statistical data that they need

how to interpret statistical data, once they are available

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Current situation

Current situation

Implementation a metadata model based on Official Statistical Program (PSZ).

At that moment the SCBDOC was considering as the only suitable model to be used as a template.

INSTAT has made some successful pilots for metadata based on Official Statistics Program (PSZ).

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Current situation cont 1

Current situation (cont 1)

From statistical point of view:

INSTAT has made some successful pilots based on Official Statistical Program (PSZ).

The first one was prepared for Business Statistics activities as well as: SBS, STS-survey, STS-building permits, Foreign trade statistics, Tourism statistics, Transport statistics

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Current situation cont 2

Current situation (cont 2)

From IT point of view:

IT sector has developed the AlbMeta application which is a application used for describing a physical database for a micro data register. The development tools used are all from Microsoft: SQL Server 2005 and Visual Basic.NET.

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Psz organization

PSZ organization

0 General information

0.1Policy area

0.2Domain of interest

0.3Part of Official Statistics of Albania

0.4Responsible person


0.6Mandatory duty to supply data to the survey

0.7Confidentiality and processing rules for personal data

0.8Appraisal and disposal rules

0.9EU regulations

0.10Objectives and background

0.11Use of the statistics

0.12Design and implementation

0.13Planned modifications in future surveys

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Psz organization1

PSZ organization

1 Contents outline

1.1 Observation parameters

1.2Statistical target parameters

1.3Output: statistics and micro data

1.4Documentation and metadata

2 Data collection

2.1Frame and frame procedures

2.2Sampling procedures

2.3Measurement instruments

2.4Data collection procedures

2.5Data preparation

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Psz organization cont

PSZ organization (cont)

3Final observation registers

3.1Production versions

3.2Long-term (archive, terminal) storage versions

3.3Experiences from the latest survey round

4Statistical processing and presentation

4.1Estimation: assumptions and calculation formulas

4.2Presentation procedures

5Data processing system

6Log file

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Cost and benefits

Cost and Benefits


Hard work for describing the PSZ

Hard work between IT staff and statistician

Every thing is done parallel with daily work


Hopefully produced statistics in standard way and process oriented way

To be more efficient

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Implementation strategy

Implementation strategy

One important aspect is to develop a system for documentation of micro data that has an improved functionality and higher quality of the content of current AlbMeta.

The system is going to work together with other parts of the metadata system.

The system will:

Provide an overview of metadata for the micro data.

Provide information for evaluating the possibilities for matching data from different surveys or other sources.

Operate as a tool for increased standardisation and harmonisation and therefore give better possibilities for data coordination.

Provide a better support for documenting so that the overall quality of the documentations can be increased.

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Practical work

Practical work

The system is going to be an important tool for a large part of Institute of Statistics.

Therefore user groups consisting of interested persons were tied to the project from the beginning.

The user groups were categorised in statisticians, methodologists and system developers.

These groups took an active part in developing the content and functionality of the system in order to be a useful tool for them in their practical work.

Other requirements have also been collected by the project group and taken into account when developing the system.

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Project organisation

Project Organisation

The metadata group is composed from the IT, Business Statistics, Methodology and Business Register staff and LTC from Statistics Sweden.

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Metadata sources

Metadata sources

The main sources that Institute of Statistics used for collecting and producing the statistical data are:

Statistical surveys

Administrative sources.

The metadata is organizing in direction of those two main sources. For the moment there is no real data in the database system.

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Metadata used

Metadata used

The only metadata managed at this stage is for the developing and designing phase. The project is planning to introduce PC Axis as a dissemination tool from a macro database.

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Psz application

PSZ application

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Albmeta application

AlbMeta application

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

Thank you for your attention

Thank you for your attention!

Lisbone, 11-13 March 2009

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