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Sinaloa Mexican State

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Sinaloa Mexican State - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Miranda Muñoz. Sinaloa Mexican State. Geography Interesting Things Sinaloa Information. Sinaloa. Geography. Interesting Things. Sinaloa Information. Click on any picture to go to a category. Sinaloa is on the Western side of Mexico.

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  • Interesting Things
  • Sinaloa Information


Interesting Things

Sinaloa Information

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Sinaloa is on the Western side of Mexico.

  • It is located along the Eastern side of the Gulf of California.
  • In the middle of Sinaloa, the Western Sierra Madres stand up tall.
  • The Western Sierra Madre is a mountain range that runs North to South in Western Mexico.


interesting things about sinaloa

Food from Sinaloa

  • Dances in Sinaloa
  • Interesting Places
Interesting Things About Sinaloa

Food from Sinaloa

Dances in Sinaloa

Interesting Places


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food from sinaloa
Food from Sinaloa
  • Ingredients for Mochomos:
  • Water to cover
  • 1 Poblano chile (seeded)
  • 2 lb rump steak, with some fat on
  • ½ lb sliced white onion
  • 1 ½ tb sea salt
  • Lard
  • More lard

Mochomos is a very common dish. It is made of dried meat and seasoned with only salt and onions.

Seafood is also very popular. Shrimp is the most popular kind of seafood in Sinaloa.


dances in sinaloa
Dances in Sinaloa
  • Dances in Sinaloa include El Toro Mambo, El Galo, and El Sinaloense.
  • In these dances, dancers move their brightly colored dresses to the beat of the music.
  • These dances are shown in celebrations such as El Carnaval.


interesting places

The Port City of Mazatlan

Interesting Places

The Capital City, Culiacan

  • Mazatlan is a port where seafood is brought into the state. From here tourists can eat delicious seafood and look at the amazing view.
  • The capital city, Culiacan, is placed perfectly between the mountains and the Gulf of California.


sinaloa information
Sinaloa Information

US Says Mexico Racetrack Has Sinaloa Cartel Ties.

The governor of Sinaloa is Mario Lopez Valdez.

The news in Sinaloa is not very good. Over 70 people were arrested. An illegal drug cartel is going against the Sinaloa laws and is covering a lot of land.

This is the flag of Sinaloa.


The origin of this name comes from the Cahita language. It is a mix of the words “sina” which means thorny plant and “lobola” which means rounded.