Providing housing space to eradicate slums
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Providing housing space to eradicate slums PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DIASPORA HOMES (K) Ltd. By ERNEST KAMAU Email [email protected] Tel 254 20 445 4224/5 Nairobi, Kenya. Providing housing space to eradicate slums. DIASPORA HOMES Goals.

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Providing housing space to eradicate slums

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Providing housing space to eradicate slums


By ERNEST KAMAU Email [email protected] Tel 254 20 445 4224/5 Nairobi, Kenya

Providing housing space to eradicate slums

Diaspora homes goals


  • Bring Investors & Professionals together to build 20,000 houses and apartments in the next 5 years an estimated Kshs 100 billion/$1.5 billion dollars.

  • Build housing space to eradicate slums.

  • Create well planned estates with water supply, waste recycling systems and meet high environmental standards.

  • Take care of orphans by providing housing space donations.

  • Create employment.

  • Ensure a good return to financiers and investors.

Primary product a good house


Kenya today

Kenya Today

  • Kenya area: 582 650 sq km

  • Population: 37 million. Projected to be 50 million by 2015.

  • More than 15 million people live in slums or sub-standard houses.

  • 3 million new homes are required to eradicate slums.

  • Kenya Economy is growing at about 6% & will grow at about 10%, 2010.

  • Gross Domestic Product 2007 was about Kshs 3 Trillion/$50 billion dollars.

  • With the growth rate the GDP will increase to Kshs 5 trillion by 2012.

  • New homes and infrastructure development will contribute about Kshs 1 trillion/$200 billion dollars.

  • The goal of Kenya government is to see 150,000 new homes built every year.

Can slums be eradicated

Can Slums be Eradicated?


If 150,000 houses every year is met for the next 20 years.

What is diaspora homes role

What is Diaspora Homes role?

Organize the building of part of the 3 million houses needed to change the picture of slums to apartment complexes and houses all over the Kenya.

Diaspora homes projects

Diaspora Homes Projects

My coming to WPI last year opened my mind to New thinking.

Today there are:

  • 3 pieces of land that could result into well developed 3/4/5 bedroom houses in a Gated Community Estate.

  • 2 pieces of land that could result to well established settlements outside Nairobi City

Project 1

Project: 1

Land:53 acres in Kiambu Nairobi Region.

Product: 150 houses of about 3,000 sq ft

Estimated Investment:Kshs 1.2 billion/$20 million.

Picture of 53 acres land

Picture of 53 acres Land.

Project 2

Project 2

Land:70 acres in Runda region close to the American Embassy.

Product:200 houses of about 3,500 sq ft

Estimated Total Investment:Kshs 2 billion/$30 million

Picture of 70 acre land

Picture of 70 Acre Land.

Project 3

Project 3

Land:127 Acres close to the Windsor hotel and golf club.

Product:300 houses of about 3,500 sq ft

Estimated Total Investment:Kshs 4 billion/$65 million

Project 4

Project 4

Land:12 Acres in a small town 30 Km/20 miles from Nairobi.


40 houses of about 600 sq ft

Shopping Complex

Technical High School

Estimated Total Investment:Kshs 120 million/ $2 million.

Project 5

Project 5

Land:5 Acres in a town 10 Km/7m from Nairobi city.

Products:120 apartments of about 800 sq ft - 1100 sq ft

Shopping Complex

Light industrial/Commercial space

Estimated Total Investment: Kshs 300 million/ $5 Million.

Can you join us

Can you join us?

Yes! Through investing

  • Technology Equipment that will be needed to build high-rise buildings and roads.

  • Professional Expertise

  • Finances

Diaspora homes business projections

DIASPORA HOMES Business Projections

Based on when housing projects ground break

2009: 250 houses Est Kshs 2 billion = $30 million

2010: 1,000 houses Est Kshs 5 billion = $75 million

2011: 3,000 houses Est Kshs 10 billion = $160 million

2012: 5,000 houses Est Kshs 15 billion = $240 million

2013: 10,000 houses Est Kshs 30 billion = $480 million

Note we will start with upscale houses then concentrate more on high-rise apartments from 2010.

Nairobi is save for investments

Nairobi is save for investments.

Nairobi is one of the fastest growing cities in africa with a population of about 3 5 million today

Nairobi is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa with a population of about 3.5 million today.



Where Kenya goes East and Central Africa follows.

I hope you will partner and get a good return in this growing economies.

Thank you

A house built is a Slum Destroyed!



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