the barons
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The Barons

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The Barons. Among the Hidden Chapters 6 - 9. Vocabulary – On your own, d efine the following words while I take attendance. Write it down in your journal or where you take notes. Tentatively – adverb Apparatus – noun Be prepared to share. Mini-Lesson: Conflict.

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the barons

The Barons

Among the Hidden Chapters 6 - 9

Vocabulary – On your own, define the following words while I take attendance. Write it down in your journal or where you take notes.
  • Tentatively – adverb
  • Apparatus – noun
  • Be prepared to share.
mini lesson conflict
Mini-Lesson: Conflict
  • Internal conflict is a problem that occurs within the character (protagonist.) They have to make some decision or make a choice. They are torn between two or more options.
  • External conflict is a problem that occurs outside of the character (protagonist.) They have a problem with another character, their environment, or with society.
  • Who is the protagonist in this story?
learning target
Learning Target
  • Find evidence in the book to support the theme “Never lose hope.”
  • TSWBAT read a page and find a sentence or two which supports the theme.
  • TSWBAT write down/list key words and phrases that show encouragement or hope from the story.
read chapters 6 9
Read chapters 6 - 9
  • Sit up
  • Lean forward (book open on your desk)
  • Activate your thinking
  • Notice!
  • Track the words on the page
internal or external
Internal or External?
  • How might the Barons be an internal conflict for Luke?
  • How might the Barons be an external conflict for Luke?
  • The truth about life that is revealed in a story or poem.
  • The theme should make sense whether you are 4 or 94. Everyone no matter what stage of life they are in should be able to learn from it.
  • A theme that occurs in this story is “Never lose hope.”
  • What does “Never lose hope” mean?
theme never lose hope
Theme: Never lose hope
  • Never lose hope is a lesson that can be taught to anyone. We could all find ways to relate to this theme.
  • You will be collecting passages ( passages are 1 – 2 sentences you find in the story) throughout this novel to write a paragraph about the theme of the story.
  • In chapters 1 – 5, a quote that supports that this is a possible theme is found on page 18 and 19. Write the following page #s and passage which shows “Never lose hope:”
  • Page 18 and 19: “You’re a trooper,” she said. “I knew you’d hold up all right.”
  • Why does this quote show the theme “Never lose hope?”
  • What words or phrases shows us the theme?
turn to page 44
Turn to page 44
  • What kind of words would tell us to “Never lose hope?” What would you say to someone if you wanted them to know they should “Never lose hope?”
  • Read page 44 in Among the Hidden.
  • Read closely looking for words that would show “Never lose hope.”
  • Find a passage that you feel supports the theme.
think pair share
  • With a partner, share your passage and why you feel it shows “Never lose hope.”
  • Listen to your partner as they share their passage and their reasons why it shows “Never lose hope.”