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Natural Ways To Stop Constipation And Excessive Gas In Men And Women

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Natural Ways To Stop Constipation And Excessive Gas In Men And Women - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This powerpoint presentation describes about natural ways to stop constipation and excessive gas in men and women.

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Natural Ways To Stop Constipation

Intestinal gas can be highly embarrassing and annoying and this is a problem experienced by many people on a regular basis. Perhaps, bloating, gas and constipation are some of the important health concerns faced by many men and women in their middle age. Particularly, these are complaints stated by many people from the Western world. Reports state that humans expel gas for at least 14 times in a day.


Natural Ways To Stop Constipation

This adds to nearly 4 pints of air, but what if an individual experiences excess gas and constipation issues? It is important that to stop excessive gas and constipation, he/she should take some safe steps that will not bring ill-effects to the overall health.


Arozyme Capsules

Arozyme capsules:

For individuals looking for natural ways to stop constipation, the herbal remedies called as Arozyme capsules can bring safe and effective results.


Arozyme Capsules

This capsule contains effective herbal ingredients that are known for the effective digestive properties and these digestive herbs along with other complementary herbs will help with maintaining the natural pH level in the stomach in such a way that healthy digestion of different types of foods will happen. Without any ill-effects of harsh laxatives, these capsules will facilitate proper bowel movement by addressing constipation.


Ingredients Of Arozyme Capsules

These capsules will help with prevention of indigestion, stomach ache, hyperacidity and gassiness in a natural manner.

Effective ingredients: To stop excessive gas and also to address constipation and related issues, the following ingredients are part of Arozyme capsules:

Haritaki: The main purpose behind the addition of haritaki when it comes to natural ways to stop constipation is that it can act as a mild laxative.


Ingredients Of Arozyme Capsules

In addition, haritaki also has purgative, astringent and laxative properties. In addition, it can also act as a rejuvenator. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help with reducing swelling and stomach caused due to excessive gas and it can also act as a cleanser. It is effective in addressing different types of gastrointestinal ailments. Due to its cleansing properties, it will help with effective elimination of wastes from the body.


Ingredients Of Arozyme Capsules

Pudina: To stop excessive gas, pudina is generally a recommended herb due to its effectiveness in improving digestion. In addition, it can bring a soothing effect on the stomach to address issues related to excess gas. It is also stated to be an effective remedy for nausea and headache. These problems occur due to excessive gas in some individuals.


Ingredients Of Arozyme Capsules

Hing: When it comes to natural ways to stop constipation, hing can play an indispensable part. The reason is that it can address stomach irritation, pain, and other stomach ailments. It is known for its effective digestive properties and it can bring a soothing effect on the stomach. It is also effective in addressing menstrual problems and pain in women.


Ingredients Of Arozyme Capsules

Dikamali: To stop excessive gas, Dikamali is also a part of Arozyme capsules. It is a kapha and vata suppressant and it is better known for its anti-wormal properties. As it is anti-infective, it can address infections in the stomach that leads to gas and constipation.


Arozyme Capsules

There are many other ingredients in Arozyme capsules that are safe. So, individuals looking for safe and natural ways to stop constipation can rely on these capsules.


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