Katie s trunk
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Katie’s Trunk. Vocabulary. arming. providing with weapons. verb. The attendant was arming the knight with protection and weapons. Arming himself with the proper swords, Zorro set out to fight the enemy. arming. My favorite transformer is _____ with a ____________. Drilling verb.

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Katie s trunk

Katie’s Trunk



  • providing with weapons.

  • verb

The attendant was arming the knight with protection and weapons.


Arming himself with the proper swords, Zorro set out to fight the enemy.


My favorite transformer is _____

with a ____________.

Drilling verb
Drilling fight the enemy.verb

  • Doing exercises to become efficient soldiers

  • Drilling in closed ranks better prepared the men for battle.

drilling fight the enemy.

  • Part of the army’s weekly routine was drilling for a gas attack.

Unscramble the words to make a sentence.

attack. prepared The an army spent for three drilling days to be

The army spent three days drilling to be prepared for an attack.

Fierce adjective
Fierce fight the enemy.adjective


Don’t pet a fierce cat.

fierce fight the enemy.

I met my neighbor’s fierce cat when I stepped on his favorite toy.

Abby’s cat gave me a ________ look when _______________________.

Just adjective
Just fight the enemy.adjective

  • Honorable and fair

I believe the trial for Michael Jackson’s doctor was just.

just fight the enemy.

  • Super Heroes fight so that all people are treated fairly and just.

Unscramble the words to make a sentence.

Joker Superman just who was respectful fought or the not.

Superman fought the Joker who was not just or respectful.

Kin noun
Kin fight the enemy.noun

  • People related by blood or marriage

Spending time with kin at family reunions are my best memories.

kin fight the enemy.

  • All of my kin gathered around the table for Thanksgiving.

My favorite ___ to spend time with is my ________.

Peered verb
Peered fight the enemy.verb

  • Looked at with concentration

  • The optometrist peered into my eye during the examination.

peered fight the enemy.

  • I invented an instrument to peer into dark caves during animal observations.

Using the binoculars I __________ at the ___________ across the ____________.

Rebels noun
Rebels fight the enemy.noun

  • People who oppose or defy the government that exists

The colonists were rebels that opposed the British government.

rebels fight the enemy.

  • The rebels wanted the laws changed and were willing to fight for justice.

Unscramble the words and make a complete sentence.

Capital building. Rebels, into Sacramento, took over and marched, The, the.

The rebels marched into Sacramento and took over the Capital building.

Skirmish noun
Skirmish fight the enemy.noun

  • A small, short fight between enemies

  • The coaches were separated during a brief skirmish after the game.

skirmish fight the enemy.

  • The men are digging a line of defense for the next skirmish with the enemy.

Unscramble the words to make a complete sentence.

Rebels. soldiers away the skirmish short after galloped a with The

The soldiers galloped away after a short skirmish with the rebels.

Skittish adjective
Skittish fight the enemy.adjective

  • Nervous and jumpy

The horse was skittish during the thunder storm.

skittish fight the enemy.

  • There can’t be a skittish horse pulling the Queen’s carriage.

My pet _____ is ______ whenever ________________.