the raiders
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The Raiders….

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The Raiders…. By the amazing Erik :P:P:P. The start….

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the raiders

The Raiders….

By the amazing Erik :P:P:P

the start
The start…

As you run up to the town of Al-Hasa you run up to the walls around the town you notice. That there are people with guns in the town but they to see you. You want to run but you see explosions and hear gun fire you notice a guard just above you. You scream and he falls off of the tower and runs away.

Enter the town ._.

Or run away for the hills


You enter the town slowly with a grenade in hand. You see a sniper in the tower. And also a bunch more guards around the sides of

The tower. You think there must be something in there that must be important. Maybe money or gold you sneak towards the tower but the sniper sees you…


They chase you down into the ravine but you manage to escape. But just barley. You see more in to the ravine. So you go uh oh and try to climb out of it but you just make it out of the ravine. you run to the bridge separating the rock from the grass side the grass side has a old mansion in it. You decide to run there for shelter so you try to jump the bridge but miss the jump.


You barley hang on for your life but the soldiers are climbing up. You manage to climb up to run for the mansion. It is all dark but you manage to see in it. You are scared but you are also brave. But then you hear more gun fire and explosion. you get shot but lucky for you your phone absorbs the shot. You run away screaming for it and lose them in the fog


Deep in the fog you get lost but the soldiers aren\'t giving up. Because you stole there sniper it wasn\'t that big so how would they notice but you then notice. That it’s smoking and stuff so they can see you. So you run for your life in the other direction.


But then you drop it and drop into a ravine. Then you see more raiders coming at you. But then you happen to find a grappling hook and grapple the bridge. As you hold onto it you think isn\'t it risky? It is risky but the fog blocked their view at you. You are happy that they don\'t see you anymore…


You are happy about surviving but you aren\'t happy about all the guys that died… but with the grappling hook. You can now enter the mansion or AL-HASA. You decide to go to Al HASA and for your luck its empty so you decide to grab the sniper in the tower… Then you wonder why they all went after you.


You then think… why did they come after me anyway. Now you see them all sprinting back to the town so you climb to the top of the sniper tower… they don’t see you but you are happy that you haven\'t died yet they activated a trap and most of them fell into a pit and got stuck


Go here if you duck and hide.

Watch what happens.


And then the other ones didn’t get stuck so they went in the secret entrance around the back wall gate. And then you shoot at these targets to close the gates around back but you didn’t know that did anything until you heard German voices saying “Oh no”

the end

Go back to the start c:


You start to run for a bridge near by but you notice it is partly destroyed. So you go for a jump over it but it’s a bit to far you manage to pull yourself up but… there is a guy with a knife trying to attack you.


The guy seems really scary he looks like he wants to kill you but you hold onto a vine under the bridge so he doesn’t see you…

Stay down there?

Run away or hold on?


You stay down there and wait but the vine snaps! And you start falling and you are scared and screaming. But you grab another vine and land safely on the ground.


But then you go all blurry and you vision is messed up. You hear a strange voice talking all strange like all weird the voice says “He==o t**s is #(^$^#&^

Follow the voice?

Or don’t follow it?


You walk closer and closer BUT… You are never seen again because you were taken by the hidden…

Or were you?

Die but get restarted c:


You go like a ninja and start fighting the random voice and you say “why...” and then you start battling and stuff c: but you can’t seem to hurt him. He now goes Hehehe and you run away from him now cause your scared.

Go to the link now…

the end1

You were never seen again after that c:


And then… NIET he grabs you and takes you prisoner. You regret ever coming here. and you are never seen again or are you?

Do you punch the general?

Scream YOLO and attack them all


You YOLO them all while you run away in the other direction And go yay :D I did it and you run in the direction you came from but you never actually thought you\'d miss home so much. You found home. :D

For the good ending go to the link c:


The end c: and you all eat ham and THE END FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Start over c:

the end2

You beat Mr. story for the good ending :D it was a really bad story but don’t HATE C:

THE } {

Go back to the start c: